Why do you weep?

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The story of a man waiting for the world to end, and his life unfolding before him.

Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012




Samuel remembered a better life a long time ago. A time where the sun shone upon his young body as he sat in the grass. It all changed when the man came, now he was sitting in an empty dark room, waiting for the world to end. The man had once walked in on him and asked, “Samuel, why do you weep?” Samuel didn’t answer the man. The man would stand, a large and grotesque figure, a man Samuel hated for his cruelty, and loved for his mind. The man had told him the day we’d all die, the man had put him to the side and shouted in his ear. The day we would die. And as the man on a monthly basis would bring a woman and slay her in front of Samuel, as they wept. He would ask. “Why do you weep.” They didn’t answer the man. He’d shrug it aside and slowly set out his ending tools and rid their souls of the spherical mound we call earth. Samuel sat there, the curtains closed, waiting for the world to end. “What are you waiting for Samuel?” Helena’s voice asked him, she was gone now, but her voice stayed with him, asking him what he was waiting for. “I’m waiting for Daniel.” Samuel answered Helena’s voice. But she kept asking. The man had told him Daniel would come and end us all. Rid us of this spherical mound we call earth.  The air was chilled. Five more minutes, Samuel told himself. “Don’t believe the man.” The voice of Helena told him. Daniel would come and take our souls. We would have no worries, Samuel smiled as he thought to himself. He had loved Helena as his mother, she had never met the man, well formally. Now he didn’t listen to Helena, or her husband, Holden. Now he would sit remembering  being beaten and tortured by the man. The man he had loved and hated, oh what a man he was. Now he sat remembering when he first met Helena, she had asked him. “Why are you crying?” That was when he had met her. Holden followed closely, a tall strong man. Like the heroes in movies, like John Wayne. Samuel didn’t remember his real mother much, he was six when he had been taken by the man. When he was sitting in the park in his mother’s arms. When the man grabbed her, he had grabbed Samuel as well. They were taken into a car and driven to the house. The man didn’t know what to do with the boy, so he decided to keep him. He had asked him his name. When Samuel didn’t answer the man told him, “I shall call you my own name, Samuel.” The man had told him. Then he gently asked, “My dear boy, why on earth do you weep?” The same thing he had asked Samuels mother as he slit her throat. Now Samuel waited for Daniel, to take his soul to a place, he didn’t know if it would be better or worse. Yet he didn’t care. For the man was gone, he had thought problems were over, now he thought his life was over, he had nothing to live for. “You do have a reason to live.” Helena’s voice told him. “Yes, I live for the moment that Daniel takes me.” Samuel told the voice. She didn’t mean that, but she didn’t have to tell him, simply because he knew. He opened the curtains slightly to watch as a bird flew through the sky, not knowing the world would end. Not knowing that Daniel would kill every one of us. “Oh Samuel, why do you weep?” Helena’s voice asked him. Samuel hadn’t noticed the sorrow dripping down his eyes. Helena was taken by the man. The man was taken by Holden, it was simple yet so complicated. None of it worked but all of it did at the same time. Samuel walked towards the kitchen, thinking. “I wouldn’t want to die hungry.” It made him laugh thinking about that. He heard a knock on the door. “Could this be Daniel?” Samuel thought,  “No, it’s too early.” He said to himself. Helena had taught him bravery in words. Holden had taught him in actions. Brave Holden, bold Holden, Holden the hero, Holden the divine avenger. Holden is a police man, well last time Samuel checked he was. Last time Samuel saw Holden was when Holden had killed the man with his bare hands. The man had been stronger, but Holden was virtuous and did it out of love for Helena. Holden’s love for Helena had become hate for the man. The man was particularly angry at Helena. As he had held his knife so close to her face, she was the first women who did not weep tears of fear. She had shown the greatest strength, the strength that stopped her from showing the man she was scared. Of course she felt fear, everyone did, but she had the strength to control it. As Samuel opened the refrigerator its chills overcame his body. There was nothing inside. The man had died yesterday, Samuel had pulled his body into the basement, where all the bodies were kept. Samuel remembered the first time he had met Helena and Holden. The man was at work, like most days. Samuel got out of his cage because he had figured out how to use a bobby pin, and there was one lying on the floor. He borrowed the man’s clothes, and went outside to see the sun for the first time in years. As he walked through the sun baked streets watching the faces around him, the grass was green as he had remembered it. As he saw it all, he wept. That’s when Helena asked him why he was crying, Holden was close behind. They took him to a resteraunt as they felt pity for him. It was the greatest food he ever had, and every day he would meet them when the man went to work. The man had told Samuel that Daniel was the greatest warrior to live, Daniel the destroyer, Daniel the creator. Daniel the divine warrior. Daniel the man who was chiselled from the glory of the universe. Daniel the man who’d destroy us all, then build us up again. Samuel sat and waited. Two more minutes said the man’s 109 year old clock. Hanging proudly on the wall that had surrounded a room that had seen so much blood. The blood of so many young women, and then finally that of their killer. The man had followed Samuel, he had suspected Samuel was going outside. When he saw Helena his lust for her grew. And as he saw Holden, so did his need to slay Helena. He took her when the strong and bold Holden was not in presence. He took her to his house and tried to make her sorry for teaching Samuel. She didn’t weep. That’s what Samuel admired most. Sorrow shook Samuels bones as the man killed Helena. Holden the hero found out soon enough, Samuel watched from his cage as Holden fought the man in a battle that shook Samuels mind. Samuel watched as the man’s life was strangled out of him by the hands of Holden, the holy hands of Holden, Holden who had lost his lover, Holden who had freed Samuel from his cage. As Holden had stood over the man’s body, Samuel asked him. “Holden, why do you weep.” Holden broke the cage open and left never to be seen by Samuel again. Now Samuel waited, for the coming of Daniel, for Daniel to free him from another cage, from the cage of life. There was one minute till Daniels arrival. All those people outside didn’t know their fate. He could hear Daniels steps in his head. “Your death is nothing to live for.” Helena’s voice said to him. Samuel asked her where Holden was. She told him she knew as much as he did, because she was inside Samuel. She may have been dead, but her soul had been brought to the poor and confused Samuel. The man had kept Samuel for eighteen years, eighteen years trapped in the mind of the man. Samuel only started living again when he was found by Holden and Helena. The teachers, Samuels saviours. The time of Daniels approach was coming. Samuel waited,  and waited, and waited. Daniel didn’t come, Samuels life had lead up to this. That’s when he realized living to die was not the way to live at all. Helena had told him but he hadn’t listened. He heard her weeping, weeping happily. He finally asked her “Helena, why do you weep?”


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