Commitment & Dedication....

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Its a story of a aprt of my life which is very close to my heart...

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012





Commitment or Dedication, its just a simple word but the meaning is not definitely that simple.Today I want to tell you all my story,its not a love story per se but somewhat a fusion of every feeling that exists in a girl & also the role of commitment in this story.


I am Bipasha…I grew up in middle class Bengali famiy.Since when I was a liitle girl I was told to be responsible,dedicated,caring towards my family & not to have extreme demands (mostly it were toys at that age..!!).So it was no surprise that I grew up as a quiet,coy and a dedicated girl who listens to everyone.When you abide by  a certain lifestyle for a very long time,somewhere in the line it has become a part of your persona.Same thing happened with me also. I never thought about my dreams & what I wanted to do with my life.That was never a option.But I was not  forlorn or gloomy about that.I just accepted the life as it was. Then he came into my life.Just like the first rain of the season which drains away the whole heat & pollution makes everything looks fresh, he just sweeped me off my feet & god it was a such refreshing emotion.My whole life was swapping infront of my eyes & I was becoming a girl who was alien to myself.That whole butterfly in stomach,weak in knee,heartbeat going faster- the whole idea of love which I was only read in the books or seen in the movies was coming true.I was in the top of the world because of him & nothing else seemed to matter in life.


But unlike the books or movies,my story didn’t have a ‘happily ever after’.Though with the time our love grew stonger than ever but with some inevitable circumstances I came to face the crucial question of my lilfe.Love or family? However in the most occasions the family pictured as a baddie,my family was nothing like sort of like that.They were very supportive & not compel me to do anything in their favour. But it was me who ultimately choose my family over him,I had my fair share of reasons & he understood me. Undeniably I cried for months for my decision but it was that decision that made me who I am today.That episode taught me the worth of family & most of  the value of commitment in life.Sometimes its not just about you but the people who care about & you have to make certain choice to keep the equilibrium or stability in your family,no matter what is price.Those days will always be a imperative or significant part of me but commitment towards family is more important in life & its upto us to choose the priority of our life & every action comes with a price & we have to decide whether we are ready to pay that.


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