Opportunites Missed

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I guess this was made for the simple fact that I was having a bad day and was rather disappointed in myself for missing so many things that had gone on right in front of me.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



Opportunities Missed


The coldness is like a shock of electricity, chilling to the bone,

Looking up, there, the dark clouds grow more and more black, the thunder makes noises, noises like a loud groan,

Suddenly they open up and down pours the darkest of the rain,

As it hits you, all you can feel is pain,

As if in slow motion you look around, no shelter in sight, the rain not slowing down,

The water seems to be rising, making you feel as if you’ll soon drown,

Suddenly you begin to run, not knowing where your feet will take you,

You look up.. There! A spot in the clouds you can see through!

It seems so far, yet you have so much hope,

Soon it begins to close, and your hope is lost and all you can do is mope,

Sadly, while you mope and cry in the rain, you miss all the other chances you are given to escape this dark world filled with sadness,

As the saying goes , “As one door closes another one opens,” yet you were too occupied, to get out of this badness.

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