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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Iris Addams always found it hard to fit in and belong, especially when she doesnt know who she truly is. That is until she meets Kaden Evers the quarterback at her new school, there's something about him that get's Iris to blush, smile and laugh. Things she never thought she was capable of. But when one night changes everything, who's the one in need of help? The lost punk girl? Or the popular high school quarterback?

Iris stepped out onto the pavement into the damp morning fog that crept up slowly, making everything a hazy grey. She took a deep breath in sending shivers down her spine then zipped up her jet black jacket to cover her bare neck from the icy breeze. She continued to walk along the footpath shuffling her feet carelessly, lifting her hood over her head and jamming her ears with headphones simultaneously. This was her way of blocking out the world and making one of her own, one where only she existed. Iris was staring down at her feet as she paced down the street towards her school when a single droplet of rain fell onto her uncovered hand. She looked up at the unwelcoming dark clouds that hung above, exposing her warm face to the bitter weather. As soon as her emerald green eyes met the clouds, a clash of thunder roared and rain began to stream from the sky like a fountain. Iris let out a deep sigh and carried on walking, fastening up her pace. She stopped just outside the school gate looking intently beyond the fences, wondering if it will be any different this time around. A groan escaped from her throat as she let her eyes wander through the school yard studying the type of people that she will be tormented by. It was inevitable that Iris was going to be scrutinized and judged as if she wasn’t a real person. Still, knowing all this, Iris took a step though the gates and into the place where she would be spending the next 10 months.
The large glass doors closed with a thud behind Iris as she walked into the office. She froze on the spot as the sound echoed throughout the hallways. Students mocking eyes followed Iris as she made her way to the desk on her right. The office lady handed Iris a map of the school and her timetable, wishing her luck as Iris turned her back and made her way up the stairs. By the time Iris found her locker it was already 9 o’clock. Iris hastily exchanged her books from her bag to her locker, leaving her English in her bag as she shut her locker and made her way to class. “Great, give a new kid a map with no numbers on the rooms. That ought to help.” Iris muttered to herself out loud.
“You’re new here huh?” A voice called out from behind her. Iris spun around on her heels to find a tall guy standing against the locker she just left behind. He had wavy black hair that fell effortlessly over his face, just under his brow. His sapphire blue eyes gleamed under the florescent lights in the hallway as he looked up at Iris.
“Damn! Just when I thought people wouldn’t notice. What gave it away?” Iris asked sarcastically. She’d been to plenty of schools before and heard the same line time and time again, as soon as they realised how weird their ‘new meat’ was, the torments began.
“Well...there’s the fact that I’ve never seen you around here before, and then there’s the fact that I overheard you say you were new when you were talking to yourself” He answered Iris with a sly tone to his voice, followed by a crooked smile. Iris stood unmoving, heart racing as he made his way over to her. She could see the outline of his muscles through the thin cotton that clung to his chest. She struggled to tear her eyes away from his body as he closed the distance between them. But as soon as her eyes broke free from his torso, she peered up and got lost in his deep blue gaze, his expression full of confidence, arrogance...and something else she couldn’t quite put her finger on. She knew she was staring in awe when he smirked at her and cleared his throat. “The name’s Kaden. Kaden Evers.” He said in a husky voice.
“Sorry. Uhh I’m Iris. Iris Addams.” She said in a sweet, low voice. Her cheeks began to turn red as she felt her face heat up. ‘What the hell is wrong with me? I never blush!’ she thought to herself.
“Nice to meet ya Addams.” Kaden said in a kind tone. “So, what class are you meant to be falling asleep in at the moment?” Kaden asked Iris as he chuckled to himself.
“Umm, English I think” she answered confused.
“May I?” Kaden asked as he held his hand out for her timetable. Iris nodded and handed him the folded up piece of paper, still amazed at how polite, kind and incredibly gorgeous this guy was. “Yeah, well you do have English, but luckily for you Mr. West is away for the week. So looks like you have a free” he told Iris as he flashed a brilliant smile that showed his pearly white teeth. “You must be a hell of as lucky person there Addams”
‘Oh my god, he has a nickname for me!’ her heart almost jumped out of her skin.
“And why’s that?” she asked a little puzzled.
“Because, beautiful, it just so happens that I’m in your English class, which means I have a free as well.” He told her thrilled. ‘Beautiful? Did he just call me beautiful!?’ “So, want to hang out? Maybe I can give you a tour of the school, if you’d like?” he asked questionably.
“You sure? Because if you want to go hang with your friends or something, I’m sure I’ll be fine on my own” she said uncertain.
“Haha, nah believe me babe, with the crazy, hormonal teenage guys running around this place, you won’t be fine. He chuckled, the smile still planted on his face.
“I’m not sure what you mean” she said confused, “but just so you know I’m not much fun, so don’t say I didn’t warn you” she laughed out loud to herself.
“I highly doubt that” he said. Iris heard just a slight hint of mischief in the way he said it. Iris laughed and smiled a real laugh and smile as well, one that was natural and not forced like her usual ones. Her bright green eyes lit up as her mouth lifted up on both sides revealing perfectly straight, white teeth, something no one’s seen in a very long time. Not even Iris.
Kadens hand lightly brushed across Iris’ as they walked across the oval, sending Goosebumps throughout her body. Iris bit her lip and looked away embarrassed. “So, you liking it here Addams?” Kaden asked Iris.
“Umm, it’s okay.” She replied bluntly. “How about you, do you like it here?” she asked, making conversation.
“Well, it’s a lot better now,” he said smiling, then looking down guiltily. “But, ahh it could be better...” he added shyly.
“Yeah, how?” Iris asked. Her heart racing under the delicate material of her shirt, ready to burst out at any second. Kaden looked up at Iris, eyes gleaming with eagerness, as he took at step towards Iris. She could feel his breath on her lips as he inched in closer. Iris could feel her blood pulsating through her veins, waiting in anticipation. Kadens hand cupped Iris’ cheek as he leaned his head down, getting closer by the second. Iris stood on her tippy toes and wrapped her arms around his neck as Kaden finally closed the gap between them. Kadens hands moved down to her waist and pulled her close to him roughly. His lips softly met Iris’, moving in sync as his tongue slid across her bottom lip begging for entrance, she gave in and parted her lips as their tongues gracefully and passionately caressed each others. Reluctantly pulling away, breaking the energy that moved between them and resting his forehead against hers, looking deeply into her brilliant green eyes, “That’s how” he whispered breathless.
“WOOH GO EVERS!!!” a loud chorus of voices began shouting in excitement. Iris looked around to see a group of tall, muscularly looking guys walking over to where she and Kaden were standing, holding each other, fingers entwined. Kaden gripped Iris’ hand tightly as the boys huddled around them. Iris suddenly looked worried as she examined the group, her heart started to race, but it wasn’t because of Kadens touch. “Hey Evers, what’s going on man?” one of the guys asked, a wide smile spread across his face.
“Hey bud, I was just showing Iris here around the school, what are you guys doing?” Kaden replied friendly. Iris loosened her hold on Kaden as a wave of calm took over her body.
“Is that so? Well we were just on our way to grab a bite to eat. You two wanna join?” he asked welcoming. Kaden looked at Iris for her decision, she just smiled and nodded. How could she refuse breakfast with 4 hot guys, including Kaden?
It’s been 4 months since Iris attended her first day of her new school. 4 months since her first encounter with Kaden Evers, the schools quarterback, the guy that every girl yearned for. 4 months since that kiss, and Kaden and Iris were still madly in love. Kaden had asked Iris out on the car ride back from breakfast, she couldn’t reject an offer so amazing.
Iris decided to ditch her black attire and replace it with short colourful dresses and heals, accompanied by blonde highlights. Although she still looked incredible, Kaden liked the old Iris better, the one he fell in love with, not only for her bright smile and luminous gaze, but for her unique sense of self. She didn’t care what people thought of her, until she met him. It began around the second month, he noticed she stared coming to school without her iPod and wore less makeup.
“Good morning gorgeous” Kaden complimented Iris as he gently pushed her against her locker, hands on either side of her face as they shared one of their tender kisses. Iris giggled at his statement, feeling her cheeks turn crimson. “So, you still coming to Matt’s party tonight?” Kaden asked eagerly.
“Yeah, of course I am. Well only if you are that is” she asked blushing again.
“Absolutely babe. So I’ll pick you up around 8 then?” she asked grinning.
“Sounds good, I gotta get to class, I’ll call you later” Iris replied quickly and with one last kiss, she was gone.
Iris called Kaden just before 8 and told him she was running late and she would meet him there. He agreed and drove to the party alone. Kaden stood in the kitchen swigging on a can of coke, since he doesn’t drink alcohol. He eyed the door eagerly waiting for Iris to walk through it. He finished the remainder of his coke and wandered around the house, looking for Matt.
Iris stumbled through the door of Matt’s house, already intoxicated, due to the pre drinks she held at her house with some of the other girls from school. Iris watched as the room spun around her making her dizzy and nauseous. She staggered up the stairs to find an empty room, just so she could like down for a little bit and gain some more energy.
Kaden walked back to the front of the house and found some of Iris’ friends laughing hysterically to each other, eyes blood shot, obviously they had been drinking. After searching the house, he wandered up stairs in hope of finding Iris.
“Oh hey Matty! Happy birthday!” Iris beamed when Matt walked out of the room’s ensuite.
“Thanks Iris” he smiled back.
“I ahh, I didn’t get you a present. I’m sorry” she said pouting
“It’s cool” he laughed back
“No! It’s not. I really wanted to get you something, but I forgot. So how about just a birthday kiss instead?” she asked, excitement rising in her tone.
“Iris I don’t think that’s such a good ide.....” before he could protest any further Iris’ lips were already locked onto his, her fingers twisting and pulling at his hair. He couldn’t resist any longer, he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close, leaving his hands on the small of her back.
“Iris!” Kaden shouted throughout the halls still trying drastically to find Iris and hold her in his arms. Kaden went to Matt’s bedroom in hope she’d be passed out on the bed or using the bathroom, but when he opened the door he couldn’t believe his eyes. Iris and Matt, lips roughly kissing one and other as their hands wander across each other’s bodies. “Iris” he barely whispered. Matt stopped and looked up at Kaden, eyes widening as he realised what Kaden just witnessed. Iris turned around equally shocked as she tried apologizing and denying what happened. Kaden ran down the stairs tears threatening to escape his eyes. “Kaden I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I was doing!” she pleaded with him.
“Just forget it Iris, what’s done is done. You broke my heart and made me look like a fool in front of everyone!” Kaden yelled back, trying so hard to contain his anger.
“But Kaden, I love you...” she sobbed.
“I wish I could believe that, I really do, but I just can’t. I’m sorry Iris.” And with that, Kaden left Iris standing there in the rain, tears streaming from her eyes.
By the time Iris arrived home she had sobered up. She ran up the stairs into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Blonde hair, bright clothes, lightly applied makeup. This wasn’t her, the girl she saw staring back at her was a stranger. Tears began to fall across her cheeks again as she thought about Kaden. She screamed to herself and through her fist at the mirror causing it to break into pieces scattering across the basin. Iris looked down at the sharp pieces of mirror weighing up her options.
Kaden didn’t even bother going home, he knew where he was heading, and no one could stop him. He parked his car in the lot and walked around past the oval to the back of the school. She took in a deep sigh as he climbed the ladder to the roof of the school building.
Iris screamed to herself again as she pushed the shattered mirror pieces off the sink with infuriated force. She wasn’t angry at Kaden, but at herself. For kissing Matt, for changing her style and who she was, for not showing her love for Kaden as much as she should have. He was her life, without him she was nothing. She didn’t exist before he came along. So what would she do when he was gone?
The cold winter breeze whipped around Kadens head fiercely as he looked down from the top of the building. He took a deep sigh as he took a step forward and put one foot on the edge, followed in suite by the other foot. He reached in his pocket and grabbed his mobile. He sent a quick message then shoved it back in his jeans. He looked up and closed his eyes as he took in the bitter breeze and the damp smell of rain in the air. A tear fell from his eyes as he whispered ‘I love you Iris’ and took the last step off the building.
The car screeched as it came to a sudden halt outside Kadens house. Iris rushed to the door knocking anxiously for it to open. Kadens mother opened the door looking tired and confused. “Iris sweetie. What are you doing here this late?” she asked drained.
“Sorry to bother you Mrs. Evers, but is Kaden home? She asked panic rising in her voice.
“No, afraid his not. I thought he was at Matthews’s party with you?” she asked dazed and confused.
“So he didn’t come home?” she asked as she froze on the spot.
“No. Is everything okay Iris?” she asked worryingly
“Umm...yeah, everything’s fine” she replied with a weak smile “sorry for waking you goodnight Mrs. Evers.” She said as she ran back to her car and drove off, not knowing where to go. She pulled her phone out of her purse and was about to call Kaden when she saw she had 1 unread message from Kaden...’I’m sorry. I love you. Know that xx’.
A single purple Iris lay on the ground, as she blew a kiss goodbye and stood up, walking away. Leaving behind only a flower, to represent her undying love for Kaden. She made her way out of the cemetery, constantly looking back, at what might have been.
Iris walked along the pathway, black hoddie over her dark brown hair and headphones in ears, as she walked to school. A new school, new town, new view on life. Don’t take things for granted.

Submitted: September 08, 2010

© Copyright 2022 aussie girl. All rights reserved.

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