Once I Crack... RUN

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When a kid cracks from being bullied he comes back to kill his tormenters.

Submitted: October 09, 2010

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Submitted: October 09, 2010




When Jack wasin high school he was bullied. He was short and nerdy. No one knew that ten years from now he'd come back to take his revenge.


The first person that would torment him was Bill. Bill was a jock, all the girls loved him. Whenever he saw Jack he'd take his football and throw it at Jack. Once, it hit jack in the back of the head and Jack flew to the ground, he landed squarely on his face and broke his nose. It shattered and blood gushed everywhere. Everyone screamed and scattered. The second person that would pick on him was Alex. Alex was the tallest kid in school, standing at 6'8. He would smash into Jack and throw his books on the ground. He took Jack once and put him in the trash. The trash can had vomit from a kid who puked on his mid-term. The other two was a couple. Amanda and Kevin. Kevin would steal stuff from Jacks bag and Amanda would slap Jack for no reason. People hated him, but these were the only ones that did anything cruel to him. Then there was Jordan, he would hang out with Jack and do stuff with him, incase he ever cracked.


Jack pulled up in his red volvo and killed the engine. He was in a drive way. The house was litlle, but good enough. In Jacks right hand was a folded paper, he unfolded it as he unstrapped and read it. It was an adress and there was a name on it. The name was Bill. Jack crumpled up the paper and threw it on the ground. He looked to the passengers seat and there was a towel, folded up in it. He unfolded it carefully, and smiled. In it was a knife. He steped out of the car and started to walk towards the back yard. The back door was open and he stepped into the house, quietly. He appeared in the kitchen and placed the knife on the counter. He produced from his pocket, a folded slip of paper. He set it down on the counter and grabbed the knife again. Room by room, Jack checked in them, looking for Bill. The last room on the right he found Bill, in bed sleeping. Jack walked over to the bed and towered over Bill. From highschool, Jack grew to be 6'3. He was muscular now. He grabbed a pillow that fell onto the floor and shoved it onto Bill's face. Bill started to shake and push but Jack was stronger. Jack to the knife in one hand, held the pillow in the other and started to stab Bill, through the pillow. Bloody feathers were flying around everywhere. Bill stopped kicking, as Jack rose the knife and brought it down, the fourth time. Jack was panting, as he threw the pillow onto the floor. Bills face was rearranged. One of his eyes was gone, and his nose was sliced in two. His throat was ripped iopen and his tounge was on the pillow next to him, a pool of blood in his mouth. Jack tilted Bill's head and the pool of blood spilled, staining the pillow and sheets next to him. Jack smiled as he walked out of the room and dialed 9-1-1.

"Yeah, I just killed someone."  Jack said, dropping the phone and crushing it under his foot. He walked out of the front door leaving it open, started his car and strapped in. In the distance he heard sirens staring. He opened his glove box and grabbed out another folded sheet of paper. Another address. Another name. He drove towards the new house.


Jordan, the town sheireff, was the first to show up to the house. He got out of the police car and grabbed his gun. As he walked into the house, a foul stench hit him. He walked towards it. In the room he found Bill lying there... dead. He called out to the others and they came in. A husky male came up to him and handed him a folded sheet of paper.

"Found it in the kitchen."  The man said, walking away. Jordan opened it and his mouth dropped.


Hello, Jordan. Think I was gone? I took a... vacation? In the ward for a few

years. Acted like I was becoming sane again. They let me go.

So you know by now that I killed Bill and that im going to get

the others that gave me hell in highschool. Ill give you a hint.




Can you guess who im going for? Good luck. You'll need it.


Jordan dropped the note and ran to the car, he knew who Jack was going for.


Alex was awak, he was in the living room watching football reruns at two in the morning. Jack had to park a few blocks away. In Jacks pocket was another note. Jack got to the door and knocked on it. Alex got up and walked to the door. When he opened it, Jack collided into him, knocking him to the floor.

"Remember me?"  Jack screamed, bashing Alex's nose to the right. He hit his nose again, to the left and a loud crack rang out. His nose was broken. Alex punched Jack in the forehead and Jack fell back. Alex got up and ran towards the back door, he opened it and began running. As he ran, it began to pour. Jack got up and ran after him. As Jack ran through the kitchen, he grabbed a letter opener that was on the table, next to an opened letter. Ale's foot got stuck in mud. He turned to see where Jack was. He didn't think about his weight. As Alex turned, his weight turned. His foot was still in the mud. His bone tiwsted 90 degrees and his ankle snapped. Alex yelped in pain and fell. When he looked up, he saw Jack hovering over him. Jack was smiling, sickly. He lifted up the letter opener and brought it down, into Alex's eye. It ripped his eye apart and pierced his skull. It logged into his brain and Alex died slowly. Jack smiled as he began to run towards his car.


Jordan knew he was to late, when he saw the door wide open. He ran into the house, he saw droplets of blood leading through and into the kitchen. The back door was open and he ran. He found Alex lying, sprawled on the floor. The letter opener in his eye and maggots crawling around his eye already. He ran towards the house and called for backup. He said the body was in the kicthen. He knew where Amanda and Kevin lived. He'd get there before they both died.


Jack got to the house first. He didn't care if they heard him. He didn't care if the cops got him, he killed his tormenters already. He ran and broke down the front door. He grabbed the closet thing to him. A pair of scissors. He walked quickly towards the closet room. He opened the door and Amanda and Kevin were asleep. Jack opened the scissors only a little. He lifted them up and brought them down into Kevins eyes. Kevin died instantly. The scissors stood straight up and blood gushed out passed them. Amanda woke up and screamed. Sirens were growing closer. Amanda jumped away from him and into the corner. He grabbed a pencil from the nightstand. He lifted it up and smiled.

"Paybacks a bit-"  Before he finished, warm blood drenched Amanda. She screamed. Jack dropped the pencil and clutched his chest. A bullet hole went through his stomach. He fell down. Amanda got up and ran to hug Jordan. They left and Amanda got into the cop car. Jordan walked back into the house to grab his gun he dropped when they hugged. When he got into the room his heart stopped. Jack was gone. Before Jordan could call Amandas name, a knife went through his neck. Jack was alive. He pulled it out and heard the flesh detach itself from the kknife. He turned and began walking towards the cop car................................................................ 

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