The Torture Room/ Get The Money Back

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When the only way to get the money back for my company I must torture... for fun:)

Submitted: September 07, 2010

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Submitted: September 07, 2010



I took the bucket of cold water and threw it on the guy, chained to the chair. He jolted and woke up.

"Where am I?"  He stuttered. I tilted my head to the side. The room was drenched in blood soaked walls. Limbs were scattered around the place. I walked out of the room and grabbed the blood stained duffel bag. I dropped it infront of the guy. He was struggling to get free.

"Wheres the money?"  I asked him.

"What money you fucking retard?"  He snapped, spitting at me. I wiped it away and unzipped the bag, taking out a fillet knife. I turned it round and round in my hand, letting the light glisten off of it. I took it and jammed it into his thigh. Blood squirted up and drenched my face. He was screaming and cursing. I slowly took out the knife. I threw it to the side and looked into his eyes.

"Where is the fucking money?"  I yelled. He spit at me again. I reached into the bag and produced a scalple. I grabbed the guys brown hair and bent his head back. I placed the scalple in his eye, and began twisting it. blood and white pus was oozing out of his eye. I popped his eye out. It was hanging by threds. I dropped the scalple and walked out of the room. I turned the corner and got into the main room.

"Hes not telling us where the money is."  I told Father. Father was the founder of the OYZ. When the depression hit in 2593, we would give money to anyone that needed it. But if they didn't pay it back... serious penelties were delt. I had to deal them.

"Threten him with his baby or his wife. Get the money back."  Father said, facing me. Father was the founder of this, like I said, before. He never told us his name, just told us to call him Father. I nodded and tok out the guys wallet, from my jeans. I took out a photo of his wife. I grabbed the lighter off of Fathers desk and walked back to the room. I opened the door and shut it behind me. The guys eye was hanging by the strands, blood streaks were drying on his face.

"I don't have the money, please, ill do anything. Just... just let me go."  The guy said, spitting up blood.

"Do you love your wife?"  I asked.


"Dow you love your fucking wife?"  I yelled.

"Yes! I do, with all of my heart." 

"Wouldn't it be a shame if something was to happen to her? Or your baby?"  I asked, lighting the picture on fire. I held it in my hand until it became ash.

"Give me the money."

"But we'll be in debt again!"  The guy screamed, shaking his head. The eye was wobbling from side to side. I walked over to him and yanked back his head. I took the ashes from the picture and shoved them in his eye hole. That guy screamed and screamed as I stepped back. The ash was burning his brain or something.

'How about now?"  I asked, calmly.

"No! I- Fuck- I don't have it!"  The guy yelled at me.

"A shame."  I said, lifting up the bag and flipping it over. A drill came out.

"Money? Or drill?"  I asked him. He just stared at me through clenched teeth, I lifted up the drill and turned it on. Slowly moving closer and closer to the guys neck.

"Stop! Okay, ill give you the money."  He said, panting as I shut the drill and dropping it.

"Give me a pen and a check. Ill sign it."  He said. I untied his hands and handed him a pen. He jumped up and jabbed it into my neck. A flash of pain seared through me. I yanked out the pen and tackled the guy.

"You really think you could kill me, brother?"  I said, tanking the pen and sinking it into his good eye. The eye popped and he screamed.

"WHATS YOUR PIN CODE?"i screamed.

"9-4-2-8-6-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-2-2-5-6-4-7"  He said. I copied it down and stuffed the paper into my pocket. I left the guy in the room to let him find his way out. We never kill people, we just torture them until they give up the money. I walked back to the office and handed father a card and the pin.

"Thank you Austin. Did you get the money from your brother?"  Fasther asked. I nodded and smiled.

"Yes, I got it from him. Mikes not going to fuck with us anymore."  I told him, as some nurse that worked for us, sticthed up my neck. I smiled and laughed. Waiting for my next victim.

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