Abuse of Me

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This is a poem about my sister and I experiencing abuse and how the Children's Aid Society came and took us away after long years of being abused by our parents.

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008



My vision shrouded in blood,
A clouded memory of the past,
Every moment passing before my eyes,
My heart beats slow and fast.
Their fists of fury and of rage,
Their harsh words of torment and of spite,
My body, my soul, breaking beneath me,
I shall not last the night.
My sister cries from the next room,

But she will not understand,

The wrath and anger of our parents,

Over my face and body, they break their hand.

My self-worth crashed to pieces,

My ego filled with demise,

My being numbed with fear and pain,

I lose all sense of time.

And when I can stand I run,

Towards the other room,

Only to take my baby sister in my arms,

And protect her from untimely doom.

And this continues for a year or so,

Before the government see,

That my sister and I need a home,

We need to be set free.

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