Dearest Thomas

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I have recently fallen in love again with a guy whom has had the same life experiences as me and still is so strong. We share the same interests and trust each other full-heartedly. We know each other inside and out even though it has only been 3 weeks since we met.

Submitted: March 23, 2008

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Submitted: March 23, 2008



Did it ever matter that we hadn't met before?
To one day find myself looking into your eyes,
To one day find myself knocking on your door.
To hold you in my arms in the dead of night,
And to feel your lips against mine..I feel alright.

Did it ever matter that I am alone?
To know that I am nothing, but me,
My hearts beats, no hope for a home.
Will you one day see?
That you and I are meant to be.

We have met for a short time,
But does that really matter?
I want your hand to hold this heart of mine.
Please take my hand, and trust me,
And I will help you fly away,
I will set you free.

My loneliness creeps in,
As it does in this season,
But could my heart truly breathe?
With you as it's reason?
Would ever want a woman like me?
Or would you want someone more stable?
A person without problems of sanity?

If I were to speak of what I feel,
Would you turn away?
Or would you accept and make my dreams real?
Does my appearence make you hide?
Or does something become hideous inside?

Our lives so alike in colour,
We both felt great pain,
We both suffered.
Oh please forgive me for what I speak.
The ache in my heart is strong,
I am weak.

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