Naughty Girls Go to The Asylum

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This poem I wrote about myself in an asylum. Even though I have never been in one, I fear they will come for me soon. They haven't said so, but I know they will..oh yes...oh yes..

Submitted: April 01, 2008

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Submitted: April 01, 2008



You play your piano,
Your strings,
You sing your songs,
Mice are such dainty things.
You cry to mother; to father,
They don't know who you are,
Eat the eyes of your daughter.
They put me in this hole,
With others just like me,
They believe we're insane,
That we lack sanity.
But I can tell you only this,
That when I look into their eyes,
Something is terribly amiss.
Lock us in chains,
Throw away the key,
Take us off the streets,
Keep us away from society.
Substance is a must,
Beauty is in the rats,
We burried all trust.
The bones of our past,
Bring about bad dreams,
Cries in the night,
Screams call to me it seems.
They chatter in my mind,
I wish they would quiet.
Miss. Haverworth's caused another riot.
Filth, floors covered in grime,
Blood beneath my finger nails,
Naughty girls go to the asylum for their crime.
I bite their skin,
A muzzle around my face,
My blood bubbles beneath my skin,
My heart begins to race.
I didn't mean to hurt her,
But she wouldn't stop calling my name.
The voices that had told me,
To take her life away.
I shall crawl through the walls,
When these restraints are gone,
When I've been a good girl,
When I've done nothing wrong.

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