Speech 1: Human Nature

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This is just a short speech I wrote on humanity and I hope that you enjoy it..or hate it. Most of you will hate it.

Submitted: March 22, 2008

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Submitted: March 22, 2008



Ah yes, here we are again. The hatred that we have filled this earth and all that's in it destroyed because of our greed. Our greed that which ruins the world and yet most of us turn a blind eye and walk away. Well I won't stand for it any longer! And I will not stand by and watch government send our men to mindless war and leave our children alone at home so we could live the life we didn't and will never have. You see, but can you really see? No, because you are insufferable! We! As human beings are insufferable and intolerable. Everytime I look into the mirror I see not my reflection, I see a viseage of anger, perversion and destructive nature. Most of you are thinking ``I am not like that.`` You are, oh yes you are and even more so if you ignore it. We come before we are called, we kneel before we are asked to kneel instead of rising to the tyranny of our government and the sadistic nature of our society.

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