The Puppets Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here in this world, young Mana Tac has just became the first born of the Presidential house thanks to her father Manny Tac who's now President. She's a young women with a cold side to her but yet she feels so empty and alone. Later on she meets a assassin called "The Puppet" who was at first trying to kill the President(Mana's father) along with another assassin who's called "The Protector" although this assassin doesn't take protecting so light. The president has heard of rumors going around in which of hearing about a killer who has no heart and is emotionless. In the end you'll see the development in the two characters, Mana and "The Puppet"

Table of Contents

This chapter starts out with introducing Mana and her parents. We find out how Mana's personality is along with feelings toward her parents out of respect and love(although some grudge against her mother). Her father's became the president of a country call "Panvech". This country is sacred or shinseina as used in the story. Mana gets invited or rather chooses to join a party although she doesn't really enjoy or like them. Read Chapter

The Party

Waking up I realized it was past noon. I could hear buses and car sounds from my window. They were making my head pound pretty hard. Ever... Read Chapter

Terror in the Office

In the mist of a weird power outage, young Mana and her parents are trapped inside the presidential office along with a bodyguard. Their communication is useless as the guard tries to contact others and try to get some information about what's going on. Stay tuned for Chapter 4 Read Chapter