Sunny Days and Rainy Nights Part 1

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A story about overcoming your greatest fears but doing so with the person you love the most.

Submitted: September 29, 2018

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Submitted: September 29, 2018



Sunny Days and Rainy Nights

Part I

By Austin Naidoo

I know. Dante, I know… I’ve learned many things in my life that no one person should ever be able to know, but I couldn’t learn how to love or how to be loved. You, you changed that, you completed me, I know that’s cliché but it’s the truth Dante. Dante… You thought me love. You’ve shown me love. Something I never thought I would be able to know. I love you. I actually do, and this is coming from me, the real me.”

These words were the last words I had heard from her. The end. The end of her life but there was a beginning as there always is. So, I should start there, I have lived in the city for a long time. The streets, the buildings they all became a part of me. I knew every inch of that city, knew most of the people in my area and the city became my family as I didn’t have one, well a real one. I grew up in an orphanage in the heart of the city where everyone was too busy to even notice it. To notice me. I never was adopted. None of us were but we were given an education, good food (most days), and a roof over our heads. Life was difficult nonetheless, we were always treated terribly, and we couldn’t fight back. We never even stuck together at school and each of us endured the pain separately. I felt I endured it the worst being the orphan who couldn’t read or speak well, I did not even have a first name. My parents had left me with one thing and one thing only, a last name. Warbring. Such a horrible name. The caretaker of the orphanage, Cait, gave me the name Dante. Cait really cared for us, I think more than real parents do for their own children. I owe a lot to her. I had got out of my bad reading and speaking only by 13 and she was there through all of it. The good and the bad.

Crime was not a major problem in my city but that changed quite suddenly when I was 16. My city was known as the wealthiest city in the country and thousands of people would move here, each year to get a better life. A corporation which was well established had went into liquidation and thousands of jobs were lost while i was 16. Then there was a drug epidemic in the city which had brought with it the creation of gangs. I always saw it at as peoples coping mechanism, many families were broken, and I think people just needed other people they could relate with, people they could survive with. I had two more years left in school, but they were the worst. Everyday had its hard decisions. I missed half the school year when I was 17 and I knew I would fail but I was not going to give up until a very sad day in my life had occurred.

A large donation had been given to the orphanage that would send at least 5 of us to college. Cait was in tears even though there was only 7 of us, she could not decide who to not send. Knowing I couldn’t even get into college with my grades, I wasn't even worried if I was chosen or not. She eventually had to decide, and I ended up being chosen. There were two not chosen, well one already had a scholarship the other Bruce was just unlucky. Cait had told him it was just random and she had no way of choosing, so she just picked names from a hat. Bruce, I feel he didn’t see it that way and slammed the door and headed off. I knew he had gone off to his “friends”. I should of went after him, he was like a brother to me more than anyone else was, but we drifted apart when he decided a gang was more a family to him then we would ever be. So, the rest of us decided to go celebrate but Cait did not join us as she needed to sort out some admin regarding the donation. When we arrived back everything became a nightmare, we found that the orphanage was broken into and we found Caits body on the floor alongside a very bruised and bleeding Bruce. We immediately rushed him to the hospital where he just kept saying he was sorry and that he didn’t know. The injuries were fatal and unfortunately he did not make it in time to the hospital. We knew what had happened when we were informed the donation money had been stolen along with whatever else Cait had used to support the orphanage. I was utterly devastated and kept blaming myself for not being there for Bruce or Cait. Even if I was there what could I even do. I wasn’t strong or brave. The orphanage had been sold and we were told that we were going to be moved to separate parts of the country and those who were old enough were just going to have to find a way to make a living. I was not old enough, but I decided I was not going to move but I was going to become better, become someone that could do something about the crime in my city I was going to find the source and deal with the matter how ever I could. I however was lucky enough to be a LimitBreaker.

LimitBreakers are humans who can exceed their physical boundaries or limits, for example some people are very strong and can lift cars and move buses. They weren’t born like that. The way it happens is unexplainable but all people who are limitbreakers say they found themselves just pushing themselves. Studies have been done and it was confirmed that every human has the ability to be a limitbreaker but only 7% of the population ever achieve it. They believe humans are generally lazy and will either give up or find the easy way out. I knew very little of what limitbreakers were andI’ve only ever seen them on TV and never in real life. However, from what I did see on TV I was amazed, some sports players were limitbreakers, politicians, celebs and even people with normal jobs but what they could do always amazed me and sometimes scared me as well.

After that tragic incident I decided to join the navy and spent 5 years training in combat and weapon mastery. My goal to join the navy was not to become a limitbreaker, I just needed a way to protect my city, I didn’t know how but I knew my body was nowhere near capable of protecting anyone. Therefore, I swore a to myself that every day of training I would do my best, never slack off. I would most times push myself and end up getting sick. I never got used to the vomiting. It eventually stopped, and I was able to do my best but control myself enough to stop at my limit. But during the middle of my third year as a navy seal after our daily training just before we could go to bed we were told we had a midnight weapons training. I had already had the toughest day yet, but I was not going to complain even though every muscle in my body was numb. We were put into teams and were told to simulate a battle scenario. I was excelling more in combat then weaponry, but I thought I could handle an hour of running and aiming down sights. I was trailing behind my team but determined to not give up, however I took the wrong turn (in my defence it was midnight), I had appeared where the target dummies were and shot one of the closer ones for fun but to my surprise one of my teammates, who was on the other side of the room just reacted to the gunshot as he normally would and took aim at me before I could say anything. And that’s when it happened.

I had reacted in time to the bullet. I of course could not dodge it completely, but I reacted fast enough that the bullet had only hit my shoulder. I thought it was luck at the time but my commanding officer at the time knew immediately that no normal person could have dodged it. He said he suspected I was a limitbreaker and he has trained a few before. From that moment I was given special training by him on top of my normal daily routine. So, my ability if that’s what it was called, was the ability to react quicker than the normal person would. I know it does not sound amazing, but I can prove it was. After the five years I had returned home to the city and found a job working on a newsstand. I wanted to join the police, I thought that might be my safest option but when I spoke to a couple of them who had come by to buy some newspapers. They were telling me how they wish they were given enough resources and manpower to arrest criminals. They couldn’t face some of them because some were limitbreakers who had used their abilities for crime. The crime rate had skyrocketed since I had left, and they just seemed quite hopeless.

I felt joining the force was the safe route and maybe I would rely too much on others. I decided to deal with the drug problem myself by finding its sources. One night I had purposely closed late hoping to see some deals take place but to my surprise nothing had occurred where I was, so as I closed up a couple of guys not much older than me had approached the stand, the one guy took out his knife and said, “I’m going to kill you and take your cash if you don’t just give it to me right now.” I could see he was nervous and the others were not, I assumed this was maybe his initiation into whatever gang these guys were involved in. The ones behind him had more confidence but no weapons. Maybe to have no evidence if things went south. I knew at that moment I would have to decide if I was going to save this city or not.

I took out some cash and as he lowered his knife I hooked him with my left hand. My dominant hand. He stumbled back and the other two in shock approached me swinging their fists. With my ability not, a single punch landed on me. It was like breathing I could read all their movements, eventually leaving me with easy counters that dropped them both. The one with the knife having witnessed all this, swore at me and called me a freak before taking off. I ran after him and when I tackled him to the ground a bag of cocaine fell out. I questioned him, but he was quite stubborn and had only told me the name of his dealer and not much about his gang.

I spent my nights tracking down these dealers gathering information and then returned to my apartment putting the information together. I had helped with whatever crime I had, using a different persona I had acquired the name Vigil short for Vigilante by the local community. I never wore a mask or anything that would stand out. Just always a bulletproof vest and a handgun (Just in case). I was alone so even if people found out who I was they could not target the people I was close to. I used that to my advantage but no matter how much crime I stopped I felt like I had not made any difference to the city. I felt the emptiness in me get colder by the day, but I could not let that hold me back from what I needed to do and that is save my city but little did I know that one day someone would save me from myself.

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