Kareen Redeem (Mount Your Friends)

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Austin Tkushaka continues his journeys, meeting Kareen Reddem

Submitted: May 12, 2015

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Submitted: May 12, 2015



Kareen was one of many people in team ‘Team Sir Dickingson’, one of the world’s most average Mount Your Friends teams. The league had nearly ended, and Team Sir Dickingson somehow had made it into the finals.


The manager of Team Sir Dickingson was Austin Tkushaka, who was a legendary pirate who faked his death to become a manager of a Mount Your Friends team. Austin’s team had a theme going, every player had to wear fake glasses and moustaches, and had to wear rainbow beads around their necks. This was Team Sir Dickingson’s third year in the league, and this was their first time in the finals.


Kareen had just joined this year. He was no outstanding player, he was just one of the people who mounted like everyone else. The league was paying him 4 coins per game, which was extremely low comparing to excellent players, who were payed up to 500 coins per game. Kareen had joined Team Sir Dickingson because they were recruiting; one of their top players had transferred to another team. Kareen needed coins, he had no education and wasn’t mentally fit to take on any other jobs, but he had always mounted, and he loved mounting more than he loved anything.


Why Austin named his team ‘Team Sir Dickingson’ is another story involving a magic notebook and a child called Maxwell. But ‘Sir Dickingson’ was generally Austin’s codename; he didn’t want anybody knowing that the renowned captain of the SS-SWAGAROONY was still alive.


Kareen was in the training room, mounting everything and everyone inside; he was pumped for the finals. Altogether there were 33 people in Team Sir Dickingson, Kareen was number 27. Because he was such a high number, in most games he wouldn’t even get to mount, as players go on in numerical order; going from 1 to 33. The times that Kareen did get to mount it would be below the average of every other person, but he had never failed a mount.


Team Sir Dickingson was up against the greatest teams in the league. The finals in Mount Your Friends have 3 teams in them, rather than the normal games, which have 2. The 2 teams they were up against were: Team Italian Ice (managed by Italian Ice Climbers) and Team Duck Cookie (managed by [DUCK] COOKIE). These two teams have both had 4 victories in the last 10 years, so it didn’t look like Team Sir Dickingson standard a chance.


The fixtures were announced; Team Sir Dickingson would be going first, followed by Team Duck Cookie, then by Team Italian Ice. Because these were 3 teams, every third player from each team would be going, so for Team Dickingson, this meant every multiple of 3 would be mounting, and luckily for Kareen, 27 is a multiple of 3.


A few days later


It was judgement day; this is the day that would decide how much Team Sir Dickingson would come last by. All teams made their way towards the goat, there were fans everywhere and cameras from every angle. The rules were that you had to get higher than the tower on the goat, and once you do you freeze in place so other people can climb on top of you. Normal games usually have a timer of one minute per mount, but in final matches it was one and a half minutes.


Person 1 from team Sir Dickingson stepped up, and the first timer went off. In 10 seconds he had made it on top of the goat, so he decided to strike a pose; then freeze in place. Person 2 from Team Italian Ice was now up, and it kept going, and going, and going…


The game was as intense and entertaining as any normal mounting, but this one had extra sponsors and advertisements because it was the finals. The game as pretty average so far, the tower was kind of going to the right side of the goat. But this is when number 12 from Team Sir Dickingson decided to do something that has never been done before, freeze mid-air. He got into position, flung his right hand over the top of the tower and let go. He couldn’t freeze. He kept moving in the air, moving to the complete other side of the goat. If he didn’t make this, Team Sir Dickingson would be out of the finals.


He kept moving. The best he could do to stop was to point his body towards the tower. He was about to reach the ground, when he did it, he grabbed on to the very left of the existing tower. Number 12 then froze in place and the game kept going.


The tower started forming into an arch, which was getting harder and harder climb with every turn. Eventually, Team Italian Ice, number 24, couldn’t make it past the arch, and froze below the top of the tower, removing Team Italian Ice from the finals. The two teams left were Team Duck Cookie and Team Sir Dickingson.


Now the numbering of the players was all jumbled up, for now on all even players from Team Duck Cookie would play, and all odd players from Team Sir Dickingson would play. So now it was number 25’s turn, he made it to the top of tower with just 10 seconds to spare. Next was number 26 from Team Duck Cookie. He made it up the tower easily, with around 20 seconds to spare; it looked like they were going to win the finals.


Then number 27 had to step up, Kareen. Kareen made it halfway up the tower in a 40 seconds, but then did the worst thing possible; Let go and fall down.


With just 1 minute left, Kareen had to climb the whole tower AND reach the top; there was no hope for him. He climbed and climbed, Team Sir Dickingson were already ready to lose. But Kareen wouldn’t give up; he made it past the arch easily, now he had to climb the bit at the top.


10 seconds left and he was still far away, there was no chance for Kareen. The timer was counting down; 5, 4, 3, 2…


Kareen was close to the top; his hand was stuck.




Kareen unstuck his hand and lifted it.




The timer had stopped, and Kareen froze in place.


What? The timer reset? This means… Kareen made it. Team Sir Dickingson cheered as loud as they could, but it wasn’t over yet, this was just the beginning.


Actually number 28 didn’t make it and Team Sir Dickingson won the finals. But alas, this story doesn’t have a happy ending. Because Kareen technically lost, he never unfroze like the other players, so he was stuck frozen forever, and was from then on known as the greatest mounter of all time. Austin Tkushaka had just become a legendary coach, but he ran off to start a new life… this time not under the name of Sir Dickingson, but Kareen Redeem.

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