Over the Mountain Side

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016




Over the Mountain Side

By: Austin Holtz


The world where everything comes true but only if you wish for it, a world where it is only unicorns and no one else, a world where the only thing you eat is popcorn (it’s one of those things where you have breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner.) Everyone lives in multi million dollar homes. This place is called Austinania. Surrounded by mountains it gives you an outstanding view of the city.Now you may be asking yourself this is perfect who wouldn’t want to live there, well you may be surprised.

Solange is a unicorn (Solange means solitary.) Solange has a blond tail, and blue eyes. He lives in a multi million dollar home. The home is 5000 sq ft. and has many great features such as a spa, movie theater, and an olympic size pool outside in his backyard. Solange is a very bright and smart unicorn who has made his fortune selling sports merchandise. His best friend is named Andrea (Andrea means strong and courageous.) Andrea has a brown tail, brown eyes. Andrea also lives in a multi million dollar home 5000 sq ft. some of the same things Solange has and a little bit more like, she has her own bodyguards and some ice cream machines that only make chocolate ice cream.

In the world where everything comes true as long as you wish for it, there is one person that wants to work for his wish not just say “gimme this, gimme that”, Solange, but for that to happen they have to go to the Master of Austinania, Austin the Great.

Austin the Great is the Master and also the Head of Jokes, his favorite joke is, Why couldn’t the chicken lay an egg…. his quack was to small! Anyway he is also one of the most feared people in the land because you can never know if he is joking or just straight mad.

So Solange and Andrea head to the Hall of Mystery. When they get there it smells like freshly baked chocolate cookies filling the hall, with the feeling sensation of soft rag carpet. When they finally got to the top Solange went to talk to Austin and when he went to talk Austin turned around with a straight face.

Later when Solange talked to Austin, Solange changed he was told that there was one way for them to work for something and that was to do a job that no one in Austin Mania have ever thought of before and that was to go to the top of Mount Holtz and climb over to the other side and back. The reason no one has ever done this is because Mount Holtz is over 500 miles long and is the only place where wishing doesn’t work, and on the other side of the mountain is the enemies of the unicorns, the horses, everyone hates them they think they are so good because they don't have horns.

Now Solange starts his journey with Andrea going to Mount Holtz climbing over the 500 mile beast and going to go into horse territory climbing back over the beast unnoticed. Solange not knowing what to do just stands there in awe of the colossus mountain that looks over you with it monster higheth.

Now they are over halfway up the monster beast that people call a mountain.

“Come on we have to be getting close how much longer.” wined Andrea.

“I don’t know, look up and estimate.” Solange suggested.

With all the time that they had they could have just wished for a clock before they left and the Great Austin told them that the trip walking would be 3 days if you never stop but they had to sleep so they got delayed 6 hours.

Now they are nearing the top when Andrea asked how much longer it turned out that there actually got 2 thirds of the way up to the top now they made it. Now they start the long walk or quick fall down the other part of the mountain where the horses are.

“Well that didn’t take long now did it?” Solange asked

“It didn’t take long but it sure hurt. I think I might have broken my horn.” Andrea said

“Oh, whatever you’ll be fine,” Solange announced. “Now we start our long journey back up the mountain.”

“WAIT one second,” Andrea roared “We have to walk back up that after we just feel 500 miles are you crazy!”

“Yes I am and so are you.” said Solange proudly.

After they just got down the mountain they start their way up it again then fall 500 miles to what Andra thought was their “certain death” but Solange thought otherwise and they somehow lived it again.

Now they got back over the mountain Solange got his wish of working for something and Andra didn’t die. Now Solange and Andrea come back as heroes of the city the first ones to go over the mountain and back, the one thing that Solange wanted was to be the hero but he thought that you could not wish for that and he worked for it by going over the mountain.

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