The Unlikely Heartbreaker

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story of heartbreak, on-off relationship

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



My heart solidified over the years
Felt like it was immune to hate, deception
Exposed to the harsh cruelties between people, the earth below me crumbled in mistrust
Then you came into my life with a beam of warm kindness shining brightly into my heart
Bringing the human back from hibernation with blood pumping through my veins
Again I can think I can feel I can live
Like a teenager should instead of acting stiffly as a robot heaving senselessly, meaninglessly, cluelessly through day and night
I look out for you yearning for more of this warmth
Please allow me to feel how it means to be alive again
Interacting with reality, people, imaginations
These newfound passions, I would throw myself into your arms any moment
Yet like a game of football you play me through the crow; Juggling, passing, dribbling
At first it gives my heart a comfortable tickling sensation which
Nobody else has made me feel in such a long time
I laugh as though it's a delightful summer day even though the temperature outside is below zero and the snow is falling hard because inside I can feel the sun radiating from humanity
But soon that tickle becomes a jab at my heart.
Yet I can't bark at you to stop because I am already in love with you; I just hope that you will soon realize that it is the wrong thing yourself and apologize. It never came.
The jabbing tore through the tissue spilling blood everywhere
I find myself frantic for tools to sew it up, but it is slow since I am not skilled at this craftwork
With a few stitches, I remove myself from the past and push myself to frolick in the sun again with a new sensation of reality
Now the wound is almost fully mended as the thread starts to grow out
It is at this moment that you come back again
Please don't tamper with my heart
It has gone through too much.
I am tired of your games and have found a new ray of light in my life.
A vision.
My future.

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