All good things come to an end

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A close knitted family who are barely a part from each other. Their future changes massively when the husband decides to spend some time away with his mates.

Submitted: May 06, 2013

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Submitted: May 06, 2013




One of the well known sayings that everyone chucked around was that ‘all good things came to an end,’ but I used to always say to my children and wife that it was silly, because the only good things I had were my family and friends, and to me they’d never come to an end, even in the afterlife. I have this going through my head all the time, and especially when I’m not with my wife and children, when I’m missing them a lot, I just think of this and it automatically makes me feel so much happier. Just like today for incidence, I was away with mates going to watch a football game. We had all planned this a while ago, saying how we should all have a boy’s weekend, so we finally followed it through.

The football match was really entertaining, and we all had a good time, even though it was a lot of fun, I felt my face beam as I knew I was going home to see my family. Once we were through the train station, and all seated comfortably I had a chat to my oldest friend, Jimmy, he’s probably gotten me through the hardest of times, so now it’s my turn, to get him through his hard time. He’s seventy six now, and has a heart condition, and has recently had a few heart attacks, it’s a very worrying time, so that’s why we took him to join us, to hopefully make him happier, and not get himself all worried. As the train started to get jolty, I decided to try to relax and let my mind run to my wife and kids, and wonder how they were getting on. I must have drifted off as I didn’t remember much of the train journey, and I had a very unusual dream which didn’t really make sense.

Everything blurred, I felt light headed, I just needed to get home and see my family. The train was slowing down, why was it slowing? These questions constantly going through my mind.

After that horrific dream, I must have woken up, and now I was outside my flat door, I knew I must have been half asleep getting off the train, and getting to my house as it happened all so quickly. In a flash, it felt, I was upstairs, this was all so surreal. I couldn’t even remember going upstairs and opening my flat door,  but even though this all felt so weird I was so excited to see my wife and two children, even though it had only been two days, but we’re a very close family and never like to be away from each other. I and my wife always love to have our long conversations in the evenings after work; we usually talk about the future, and what it brings for us. Lately we’ve been discussing a lot about moving to a house, as we do want another child to bring us even more happiness, so hopefully we do get that opportunity in a few years time.

As I walked inside swiftly, it was all silent inside, most probably as it was late in the evening. Almost straight away I tip-toed towards my daughters room, I had to see her peaceful face. I stood at the door and peeked inside, I could see my beautiful girl playing with her dolls house, and she was smiling and giggling to herself. She seemed to be having fun, so I left her to it and wondered over to see my son; he was much younger than her, only a year old. I walked fully into his room to see him snuggling his blanket in his cot. I smiled largely, and bent over to kiss him softly on the cheek. In response he took a deep breath, and rolled over, I laughed to myself quietly. I tucked him in neatly, and skipped lightly to see my beautiful wife. I looked through the glass door into the kitchen to see her standing by the phone, I smiled to myself, even though she did look a bit worried – I was meant to be home half hour ago, I guess the train was delayed. I took a deep breath and started to walk towards her to surprise her; I know she would love it. I crept up behind her ready to give her massive a hug for when she turned around.  She slowly turned to look at me; she stared right into my eyes. She looked boringly into me, maybe she was tired. I gleamed at her and my words came out in a flush, “I love you!” I still had my arms outstretched, while her mouth started to open in response. I waited excitedly, but the door bell rang continually, I sighed loudly. She smiled, and walked passed me. While she went to see who was at the door, all of sudden I got sharp pain in my head, and I remembered something?

“What’s going on?” I could hear screaming, and people crying. I couldn’t see anything; it felt like my eyes were taped shut. I felt fear and confusion.

I shook my head like it would shake off the bad images I just received. I heard my wife and the visitor walking up the steps to our flat. The visitor had a rough sounding voice, and the conversation sounded very serious. I walked into the playroom to see my wonderful daughter again, and leave my wife be for a couple of minutes. Even though I wanted to leave her to talk alone I couldn’t help but listen in, the visitor sounded serious.

“We found out about five minutes ago, I’m sorry Mrs Johnson.”

I could hear my wife’s soft sobs, but why was she crying? I was safely home, she should be as happy as I am to see her. I flew out my daughter’s playroom to go comfort my wife, and find out what was wrong. We always hugged; we said it made us feel happy and helped to forget about all the bad things that happened that day. I walked in quietly so I didn’t stop the chat they were having, I just swiftly sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulders. As I sat to listen in the conversation the migraine came crashing back, more memories, I still couldn’t understand what they were from.

“Hey Sir, are you okay?! I think your friend is having some sort of panic attack.” I looked nervously to the side of me, where Jimmy was sitting. A sudden terror hit me, I tried to shout for help but my voice was too weak, my whole body felt pain. There were lights everywhere, what did all this mean?

I sighed and held my head in my hands, I looked towards the visitor which is when I first noticed he was in a uniform, he was a police officer. I began to listen to what he was saying, the strange thing was neither of them looked up at me at all when I walked into the room, I just shrugged it off.

“He must have been happy though, he knew he was coming home to see his family.” 

Just from hearing that I knew what was happening, it’s Jimmy, I bet it got all too much for him. I understand now, all those images in my head, the memories were about him, but why did I feel so weak in those memories? I stopped in my tracks and spoke out loud.

“Sir, that’s terrible. It’s Jim isn’t it, he’s finally passed away?” I sighed heavily; I’d miss him a lot. I knew it was only a matter of time for him, but in this day and age seventy six is far too young. I looked up at the police man, and his head turned slowly towards me, at last someone noticed my presence. He looked like he was looking straight through me, but he continued to speak.

“I’ll leave it to you to tell his friends and family. I wish you well and there will be further details later on.” He turned to leave; I got up to show him the door out. After the policeman left, I peeked in the lounge where my wife was crying her eyes out. I knew Jimmy was a close friend to me, but I didn’t understand to why my wife would be in so much pain. Her sobs were getting louder; it was at that moment that my little girl ran in the room. My wife reached out for her and hugged her tightly. At that moment I felt distant, like my wife or child didn’t want to see me, or even be there. My daughter kept asking why she was crying, my wife explained to her in between her sobs.

“D-d-daddy’s had t-to go away for quite a long t-time. Before he left he told me that he loves you so much, and you’ll see him again when you’re a little older Okay?” That’s about all she could bring herself to say.

“How much longer mummy?” My little girl started to tear up. My wife couldn’t answer, instead they both cried together. I unfroze and immediately shouted out to them.

“I’m right here! I wouldn’t just leave you, I’d never leave.” Why didn’t they hear me, my migraine came dashing back.

The train journey was so exhausting, so I sunk down on my chair and decided to rest my eyes. It seemed like seconds later I was awaken by screams, everyone with terrified expressions. I looked towards Jimmy almost immediately, he wasn’t breathing. I gasped, and shouted for help. That’s when it happened, the train crashed into another one coming on the same line. I ducked under the seats, and squeezed my eyes shut. I couldn’t feel any part of my body, my eyes wouldn’t open, I was screaming inside, I could see burry blue lights; I just laid there, and slowly the darkness took over me.

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All good things come to an end

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