One night at Godrics Hollow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

I think it was worth writing about.

One night in Godrics Hollow,

Where the trees hung bare and low,

One Death Eater came,

And caused too much pain.


His name was Tom Riddle,

He got everyone into a fiddle.


On the edge of the town,

Was a small home,

Where in miracle boy alone,

Sent Voldemort packing.


Voldemort blew down the front door,

And stepped inside,

Giving no one time to hide,

He saw his first victim,

And decided to kill him.


There was a flash of green light,

James didn't give up a fight,

It wasn't long before he was dead.


Voldemort slithered upstairs,

he grinned,he gave lots of people scares,

he burst through a door,

into a room with no life signs detected,

he thought it was rather poor,

one more room was left in the house,

It was silent like a mouse,

Before a crash, that woke up the whole street.


There stood a sweaty woman,

with a mop of hair not unlike an unwrapped turban,

She screamed,

"Spare him!Spare my boy, please!Kill me instead!"

Voldemort cackled.


She begged and begged,

Before he said,

"You?You dare ask something of me?"


He shouted his jaw ajar,laughing

"She dare think I would do anything for..Her?!"

he stared at the one year old laughing,thinking all this was a funny joke,

his mother would come back at any moment and kiss him,

it was his dad under the black cloak,

but there was no reveal and the boy started to wail,

Then Voldemort cast the killing curse at the boys forehead,but alas,

The spell  caused no harm,

For he was the chosen one.


Voldemort shrunk and screamed,

He was over,

Or so it seemed.


As soon as Voldemort disappeared,

Footsteps were filling Harry's ears.

They were running and  they burst into the room of Harry's hiding.

There stood a man,

With  greasy hair and a black 'gown',

He saw Lily's dead body and screamed,


He started crying and fell to the floor.


He grasped Lily's limp body and held it close,

It was clear she was dead,

For there was no colour in her cheeks,

Harry's wailing must have been non existent in Severus ' ears

There was no sideway glance.


Lily s ginger mop of hair cloaked Snapes already covered arms,

And Snapes black eyes were filled to the brim with tears,

he let it all out,

for she was his one love,

but he knew it was finished,

at least he got the final tear.





Submitted: May 26, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Author Unknown. All rights reserved.

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