They didn't listen to the truth

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Seth is something different from a human, an Amelia knows what and how he is who he is.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



The Autumn mists were gathering early and the night was growing dark, when Seth was walking down Shadows Lane.

Amelia Joe is the only one who knows he exists, Seth is a ghost. The ghost of the thirteen year old next door.


Amelia watches him as he sits on his garden wall, staring up at his house. She hides her face in the shadows of her bedroom as he stares up at her window.

He's proof that ghost exist in the world, he has a misty gleam to his skin and you can only see him properly when the moonlight hits him, otherwise he's see-through, complete nothing-ness.

The newspaper said that he was kidnapped and just killed, but Amelia knows the real truth because she, herself, saw it all happen. It was a terrible, horrible day, it was 4pm and Amelia was coming home from school. She was walking up Shadows Lane when she heard a muffled cry for help, she quickened her pace eventhough she was anxious. She stopped at number 13 Shadows Lane, where the constant screams were coming from.

The boy who lived there was kidnapped the same time a week before that day, 24th August. Amelia thought she was imagining things as the screaming stopped.

She ran in to her house and upstairs to peer out of the landing window. She gasped loudly and cringed as the most terrifying sight met her eyes. Seth was in a mid-thirtie's man's arms, a piece of cloth in his mouth, the man had him in a headlock.

"Police" Amelia had whispered to herself, she ran in to her parents room and grabbed the house phone. Aa quickly as she could, she dialed the police, running back to the landing window, she dropped the phone as the boys throat was being slit with a long silver dagger. Seth's body fell to the ground, lifeless.

Amelia picked the phone back up, snapping back in to reality, she finishes the details and the police arrive within the next 20 minutes, in Seth's backyard.

The man had got away, running as soon as he heard the sirens. No one should witness anything like that, especially not at thirteen. When she told the police her story, they were unconvinced. They told her she was wrong for lying so badly, Seth's body was gone!


Eventhough no one believed her that day, Seth is proof of it all. Amelia glimpses at the pure white scar that marks Seth's neck on his dead body.


If only the police had listened.

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