True love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Finding Romance

Submitted: April 11, 2020

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Submitted: April 11, 2020



Serefina is a beautiful young/adult lady, with dead straight, smooth, silky black hair with honey eyes. She is best friends with her childhood sweetheart, Gabriel. He is a brunette with chocolate hair and eyes. They’re both eighteen years old. They spent their years together. Serefina has something essential to tell Gabriel….. The truth that lye’s hidden underneath, will drastically shock you!.....


“I love you, I love you so much” Serefina explains to Gabriel with all her loveable energy.

“Remember our childhood?, I loved you back then, ever since! I want to be down with anything you go through, I want to be in your arms forever, like that night we made love, I never want to leave you, and I won’t, I will always wait for you, no matter how long it takes. Five months? Five years? I’ll wait; my love for you is so true.”

Serefina caresses Gabriel’s face with both hands and plants a soft, sweet kiss on his lips.


“Serefina I, um, I don’t know what to say, I know you’ve always supported me through everything. Like my depts. You shared all your money for my business so I wouldn’t lose my job.”

“But you know things are tough for Estephany right now. She needs me with her mental problems”

“I know look, I can accept an opened relationship, if that’s what you want but as long as you just come back to me, that’s all I want”

Gabriel is amazed.

“Really? You would? Ahah, I can’t believe you would do such a thing to not lose me!”

“Yes I would do anything to stand by your side, I sacrificed my hometown for you to be near you, and I helped you financially and emotionally. Because that’s just how much I love you”

“Ah, I know Serefina I wish I could do more, you don’t deserve me, you deserve so much better”

Serefina pauses his lips with her long fingers. “No please don’t talk like that; I don’t want to hear it. You didn’t even have to do anything to deserve me”

Gabriel stares at Serefina with disbelief. “Wow Serefina” he hugs her so tight and she appreciates this so much.

“You’re just too good to be true, you love so beautifully!” he exposes to her.

“I love you so much and always will my love” she adds.  

They release slowly.


“Hey um, since it’s been eighteen years we’re best friends and I’m just proposing to you now, I want a direct answer from you my love. So if you change your mind, I’m going to meet you up at the Brooklyn Bridge tonight at seven thirty in the evening, where we always meet up. Okay?”

“Okay I’ll think about it and I will see you soon”

“Okay I’m going to wait for you until you come, I promise you my love”


Serefina does as she said, so she is waiting for Gabriel at the Brooklyn Bridge at seven thirty on the dot! Well, actually even earlier than that!

She waits and waits and waits but Gabriel isn’t coming. It’s almost midnight but there’s no sight of him appearing…. 

However she still waits and she will as always, with tears in her eyes, dripping down her apple cheeks. She will never give up waiting; she will never lose her hope. She will wait till the early morning! Without ever getting bored or sick and tired!

Time passes, hours pass. It’s almost six o’clock in the morning……


And there he is, all drenched up from the rain with mud on his clothes. It’s also raining at the moment.

“Oh my god! Gabriel! What happened to you! Oh I knew you would come but what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Serefina hugs Gabriel first.

“Oh no I’m not Serefina. Something very bad happened! Estephany betrayed me with another guy; I’m crashed up in bankruptcy, I lost everything Serefina! I don’t want to live anymore! I want to die!”

“Oh my god!” Serefina clutches him and wipes away his tears. She too, is crying with him because she cannot see the one she loves crying like this. She hugs him so tight and doesn’t let go.

Gabriel continues to cry so awfully loud nonstop.


“Okay look listen to me, we can work this out-“

“No we can’t! There’s no way!” Gabriel cuts off Serefina’s speech.

“Yes there is you have me, I’ll never betray you and you can work at my business”

Gabriel thinks.

“That business was my dead dads company; he would be so ashamed of me for messing all this up! No business can fulfill me anymore, my dad spent years to open it!” 

“I understand”

“So it’s over, I’m done, I’ve come to a breaking point, too late now”


“What! No, where are you going?” Serefina runs after him.

“I’m going to end my life here at our favorite spot”

Serefina couldn’t convince him out of the dark tunnel into the light.

They’re now on top of the Brooklyn Bridge…..

“Hey look, if you’re going to die, I’m coming with you! No buts whatsoever!” Serefina cries.

“I’m not going to leave you! By the way, what was your decision?” she asks.

“I was going to reject you, because I’ve tried so hard but I can’t see you in that way, after our strong friendship all those years, even though we hooked up, or even though, I just got betrayed. I’m sorry”

She swallows hard. Truth be told. She’s shattered…..  

“Okay I understand. Then I have no cause to live anymore either, I’m going to die with you because I love you so much”


He just gazes at her unbelievably! 

“Is this really how much you love me? Enough to end your life with me?” he asks her.

“Yes my love”

“Okay. Any last words?” Gabriel asks.

“I love you so much; I’ll see you in heaven”

“I’ll see you my best friend”  


Their heads drift away, Grasping hands tightly; they both set their body and souls free, they leap into the water….. They chose to die together…..!!!



The end.


+ Beforehand, Serefina left a heart touching note hanging down on the line.

Saying: “I loved him so much, that I died for him! Love Serefina” 

The cops established this letter and detected their dead corpses off the shore. The news and social media went viral for about a month!!!


© Copyright 2020 Authoress Seni. All rights reserved.

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