What is L.O.V.E?

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This is a poem, that describes what love means to me

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012




Is it just... a four letter word

People have the nerve

They tell me that I am lost


I've been in love a time or two

They dont know what it is

Until they have been made the fool

Many confuse the word LOVE for lust

Sometimes to get what they want

They floss it around 

Make others cry tears of a clown

but little do they know

They too will one day hit the ground

Specially with a new love found

That they truly love


They do not want the same

Dont say it if you dont mean it

Because that person will believe it

Then you leave a them and their family

Feeling used and abused

Some hearts that are so broken

They never learn to love again

Dont get someone all worked up

Thinking is about them

Some for better or worst


Then tell them you no longer in love

You know, It was lust 

But you used them 

For your own selfish reasons

Can you see what you've done?

You never loved any one

Specially if you dont love yourself

Atleast to your spirit be true

Confess that your love is untrue

Let them decide what to do 

Set yourself and their hearts free

If you dont love them let them be

So they can find their true soulmate

Dont tell them you love em

Unless you mean it

Love is real, pure and has meaning

What is love?


Fiordaliza Charles (C) 2012


© Copyright 2018 authorfcharles. All rights reserved.

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