Cherubs night out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Just a short love story...with a little unforeseen help along the way

Submitted: July 17, 2019

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Submitted: July 17, 2019



A Cherubs Night Out

I don't think this is gonna happen.” Conveyed the shimmering thought wave.

You're such a pessimist!” Entered an opposing agitated thought. “You've got the arrows, stick him in the ass with one, let's see what happens?”

Aww, come on. You know what happens. He sucks up another bourbon and coke and then asks if she wants to dance. They're not interested.” The thought communication looked like a slight shimmer rolling through the air.

Yeah, and?” Bounced back the quivering reply. “She is!”

Come on. Take a look. It's girls night out, and even if she wants to, and she does, she won't. I could turn that lad into a pin cushion, her too for that matter, but I can't override the will. You know that. What's the point? Excuse the pun.” The shimmering thought bubble was almost visible if you happen to be staring in that direction.

Well, give her a little jab anyway. It's not like you have a quota on those little pin-prick arrows of yours. Use'm or lose'm. Then give him a friendly jab in the ass and let's see what happens.”

OK, OK. I'll give'm a poke and we'll see. Betcha a Cosmopolitan it ain't gonna happen.”

Oh, you're on fat boy.” The quivering thought rolling out was almost pink.

Sitting at the bar was a handsome lad, long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail that fell just between his shoulder blades. He still wore his brown khaki work shirt with a tinge of smoke-smell to it, and his green Carhart pants that disguised most of the weeks oils and soils as a Forest Service crew member.

Down the bar was a very pretty young woman, flanked on each side by equally pretty female friends out to listen to the band. They were all dressed up for each other with no intention of any flirtatious encounters.

Man, what a week. Three lightning snags and a 30-acre fire. Damn glad that's done. I think we deserve this, right?” Kyle Kendall raised his glass toward his two friends.

No shit!” said his crew boss, Jason Roebuck.

I'll second that!” said his friend and crew member, Jim Howe.

They clinked their shot glasses, tossed back shots of bourbon and tapped the bar with empty glasses.

Have you guys noticed the outstanding array of women just down the bar?” Jason made a chin nod toward the girls down the bar, some thirty feet away.

Come on, look at us. Now, look at them. That's just asking to be shut down. Besides Jas, you're married.” Jim slapped his buddy on the back with a laughed.

Hey! Maggie says I can still look. But you guys are single, what's your problem?”

I'm gonna ask one if they'd like to dance, we'll see. Any bets?” Jim said wagging an empty rocks glass.

Your turn to buy a round anyway, go for it, Jimbo.” Kyle encouraged.

Jim's two friends watched slyly as Jim approached the four women conversing and laughing; they were very oblivious to his approach.

The boys watched Jim say hi, saw the hand gestures and the polite shake of their heads. They saw the smiles and watched Jim's weak protest, the courtesy laugh from two of the women before he turned and walked back, rolling his eyes at his two friends.

Looks like you owe us a shot,” said Roebuck as Jim slid up to the bar beside them.

It ain't gonna happen boys. Barkeep!” Jim raised a hand toward the bartender.

A long wispy thought wave floated and danced with the music, almost condescending in nature. “No jabbing needed. It's like I told you, this is an exercise in futility.”

A small unnoticeable red energy ball popped. “Oh for Heaven sake just do it. Don't be such a little curmudgeon cherubim. Gimmie one of those!”

Damn! What was that?” Kyle got up off the barstool and looked behind him, rubbing the backside of his Carharts. “Felt like a little bee sting or something,” He rubbed the spot, “gone now, wow, that was weird.”

Ooo!” said a pretty brunette, standing up and brushing down her skirt. “That was weird,” she said to her friend Janet.

Allie was twenty-five, very attractive and out with her friends because they goaded her into it. Her last relationship was over a year ago and she was still gun-shy about dating.

Her brown hair hung to her shoulders with bangs across her forehead that accentuated her blue eyes and glasses, giving her a sexy librarian look. She had a crisp white shirt tucked into her dress, and was now standing looking around and behind her for the sharp thing that poked her.

Before Kyle sat back down he noticed Alli doing exactly what he had just done: she was looking behind her, rather puzzled, running her hand down over her skirt before sitting back down. She looked up and saw Kyle looking at her. She smiled, a little embarrassed, and then peeked a few subtle glances back toward Kyle.

A thought wave pushed out like a whoosh of warm air. “OK. We'll see. But you're gonna owe me, fat boy.”

A small thought wave pushed it aside as trivial. No interpretation needed.

Wow. You see that girl with the blue glasses? I just got a smile from her.” Kyle was trying to talk nonchalantly, standing up between his two friends.

Yeah, well, go ask her for a dance and we'll see who buys the next round.” said his buddy Jim.

Hey, go for it Kyle, don't listen to Romeo. Ya never know.” Roebuck was smiling and looking down the bar. “She's really cute. Bonus Kyle.”

As Kyle looked down the bar, Alli looked over at the same time. They caught each others gaze and looked away quickly.

Janet, I think that boy is looking at me,” Alli said turning her head to the side.

Really? Which one?” Janet took a look down the bar.

Janet! Stop, stop, don't stare, he's the tall one, in the middle with the ponytail.”

Yeah, yeah, he's cute, but this time be logical OK? You need to find someone, well, a little less rugged, don't you think? Like that guy over there.” Janet made an eye movement toward a sharp dressed man with short hair, clean jeans, a blue shirt opened to the breastbone showing a gold chain. “He looks like money.”

Alli wasn't impressed. “He looks like a player.”

Holy crap, I think I just got busted staring at that pretty girl down the bar.”

They're all pretty. Which one.” Jim asked, cranking his head to have a look.

The one with the blue glasses,” Kyle said looking down at the bar.

Good luck buckwheat.” Jim tilted an almost empty rocks glass toward Kyle.

Go on Kyle, go chat her up. What'ya got to lose? The walk of shame like ol' Jimmy boy here?” Roebuck was laughing as Jim Howe just chortled politely.

I can't. She's too pretty. Probably already has a boyfriend and just want's to be out with her friends. I know how that works.”

A thought wave oscillated across like an angry bumblebee. “That's pathetic! poke him again!”

A more soothing and calming wave came through. “Wait for it, just wait for it.”

Do you think he'll come down here?” Alli asked Janet.

So what if he does? Blow him off! It's girls night out, remember?”

Well, yeah, but...”

No Yeah buts. We're here for each other, not for the sharks at the bar.” Janet made a head nod back toward the boys in a not so obvious way.

A shimmering question mark momentarily hung in the air like a wisp of smoke with the unmistakable tone of, “I told you so.”

Alli futzed with her hair a bit and slyly took a look down the bar. Kyle was standing with one foot on the bar rail trying to glance sideways without being noticed.

Aww, Geez. Just go down and talk to her. A sixty-foot burning snag? No fear. A pretty girl at thirty feet? Scared shitless.” Roebuck was looking past him down the bar.

Hey, she's looking this way again, and I don't think she's looking at me or Jimbo.”

Maybe you should go down and ask her to dance. I need another Makers Mark.” said his friend Jim, laughing out loud.

An agitated thought wave zipped out. “Oh, this is ridiculous. Can't you just jab him again?”

Short little twinkling bursts rang out as laughter. “Now, now, you know the rules. One per customer.”

Alli engaged her friend Kali on the other side, “Is that boy down the bar still looking this way?”

Kali looked past her and down the bar. “Oh, he's cute. Yup, he just glanced down here. Maybe you should walk up to the servers area and order a drink, he's standing right there.”

She pulled some of her hair down in front of her face and played with it for a moment.

Oh, God, I couldn't do that.” She looked back down the bar and followed his long legs up to his nice athletic proportioned butt. She thought the tan work gloves sticking out of his back pocket made him look sexy in a very rugged way. Just what Janet said she didn't need.

A swirling wisp of a thought wave connected; it was disgruntled and discouraged.

we're gonna be here all night. Can't we just materialize and have a few drinks?”

A flash, like a spark down a wire came back. “Ya know, I'd like to jam one of those...”

An energy wave spit back. “Hold that thought! I think we're making progress!”

Jason Roebuck had bought another round of drinks. As they sipped their whiskey both Jim and Jason watched Kyle sneak peeks down the bar, they also watched the pretty girl with blue glasses sneak peeks back at kyle.

Oh for God sake, Kyle. If you don't go down there I will. I'm married so I got nothing to lose, and if Maggie was here? Boy, you'd get an ear full. So, what's it gonna be? Are you gonna man up, grab yer nut sack and go say something stupid? Or Am I gonna wander down there and embarrass the shit out of you?” Roebuck had a cocky little smile on his face as he raised his eyebrows.

Kyle let out a heavy sigh. He glanced back down the bar past Jim Howe and caught her glancing up through her hair. He took a sip of whiskey and looked at his crew boss.

Not a word to Maggie, Roebuck.” Kyle threw back the rests of his shot. “And only because Maggie would never let me hear the end of it.”

An anxious wave thought pushed out. “Wait! I do believe it's working!”

Kyle turned toward the girls some thirty feet away and his stomach did flip-flops.

Well, there he goes. Watch this Roebuck, Kendall is going down in a ball of flames!”

Kyle's crew members watched in a nonchalant voyeuristic sort of way.

Oh God, Kali, he's coming down here.”

Yeah, probably just going to the John. I think the first guy got the message.”

When Alli looked up, Kyle was standing right in front of her. He seemed so shy for a big man.

Hi.” Kyle smiled.

Hi.” Alli smiled back.

Would you, maybe, like to dance?”

Alli looked up and smiled. “Yes,” was all she could get out.

It's a slow one, maybe we should...”

I don't care,” she said, standing up. He was tall and wispy, all of six foot three and it made her heart jump.

I don't know if you really want to get that close, I smell kinda smokey.”

It's OK,” she said. She took his hand and led him to the dance floor: the band played Desperado by the Eagles.

Roebuck smiled at his second in command, Jim Howe, then motioned for the barkeep to pour three more rounds.

Outside in the hazy darkness, a small rotund childish looking man appeared. He was all of five foot two and wore a Banana Republic white hate, obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops.

Beside him appeared a tall angelic looking woman, beautiful, wearing a white shirt-dress that tapered to her long muscular calves. Her hair was tied back neatly and she had a very satisfied look upon her angelic face.

Hey, what did I tell you?” said the happy little Cherubim.

Oh, God.” said the tall beautiful woman as she took his arm and crooked it into hers.

Now, now. Let's not bring the Big Man into this. All's well that ends well.”

And that was a bad pun.” She rolled her eyes and slowly shook her head.

A cosmopolitan my dear?”

Sure. Why not. Let's go watch a work in progress.”

© Copyright 2020 Auto Manic. All rights reserved.

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