New Beginnings Arising

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Growing up I've seen a lot of abuse and not just physical. It's taken it's toll on me and the nightmares never subside.. I finally got out of the grips of my mother&Step father and met a guy whom I have fallen head over heels in love with. This poem was actually written because of him. He's helped me to talk about things and give light to things that have happened in my past. If you are indeed reading this, my beloved, then thank you for everything. You have truly given me the world.

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012



You feel so far away right now; 

Only you can make her feel the way she does now;

Only you can see the pain hidden inside;

She trusts only you to confide;


Underneath this smile is a scared little girl;

Not longing for much but maybe a little more..

than what she has now;

Because what she has left is a broken family and a broken heart now;


She is cold and lonely from a life of filth;

It's suprising she isn't yet popping pills;

She will always be scarred;

She will always be looking for a way to escape.. a way to step around the broken shards;


Everyrhing for her went up in smoke long ago;

But something told her she had to continue and push herself through;

Spent many nights alone;

Many nights feeling angry and disowned;


She's forever lost inside a world that won't accept her;

When she dreams life is no longer a blur;

She remembers it all;

Each time she had to watch her mother fall;


But when she's with you, her past was just a bad dream;

She doesn't feel so filthy, she doesn't feel the need to be redeemed;

When she's with you, the world makes since and she can finally say she's happy again;

She can finally see her life starting to begin.


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