it been 4 years..what happened?

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Dylan needs to read this.

Submitted: April 25, 2011

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Submitted: April 25, 2011



its been 4 years

and looking back i can remember all the tears

the time i thought i loved you

and the time you said you loved me too

but we were just kids back then

and now what were left with is all those \"remember whens\"?

but look at us today

the broken hearts, tears and sorrows have all faded away

but everything had faded too

i dont even know the real you

it makes me so sure that what we had wasnt real

but from you i learned to express what i feel

we both have others in our lives now

and its not really a question as to how

this happened for a reason and i dont regret it

i learned a lot from all the shit

i lost my best friend from everything that went down

and i feel bad, but the real me was found

im not that girl you made me be

but that was something i could not see

im not writing this so there can bed a you and me

because thats not what i want i hope you can see

you gave me my first glimpse of love that i can not forget

and it would do nothing if i sat here with regret

i've watch my love grow with this amazing man

and nothing makes me happier than him holding my hand

but you, are always there in the back of my mind

the times we shared with the passing of time

and here we are 4 years later, and we dont even know each other

so lets get back to square one and start over together,

as friends only this time and hope things get better.

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