me Hogwarts and tom riddle

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Mia is im her 7th year and so is tom riddle her boyfriend
She thinks about him constantly and is so in love with him she doesnt see what hes doing to others in hogwarts will she snap out of it just long enough to excape?

Submitted: March 21, 2012

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Submitted: March 21, 2012



Hes a slytherin, Im a Ravenclaw. Oh its like romeo and juliet. Mia thought while she read her book at the ravenclaw table one day.

"Mia." Some one called from the entrance of the great hall. She looked up in time to see a scrawny boy with flipped brown hair and dazzling green eyes run up to her from the great hall entrance. Her black hair fell off her shoulder and into her face as she greeted.

"Hey Ashton." Ashton was her best friend. She had met him on her first year. "Have you seen Tom?"

"Huh? Oh, nope havent seen him." She frowned. "Hey at least you have me." Ashton said as her scooted next to her. She faked a pout and said

"Yeah too bad for me." Ashton smiled and punched her in the shoulder.

Then tom came through the entrance of the great hall. He looked angry, More then usual.

"Get away from her you mudblood!" He shouted at Ashton. Ashton gave him an angry look but obayed.

"Hey to-woah" Mia said as he pratically picked her up shoved her against the wall and started to kiss her tounge and all.

"UGH. GET A ROOM!" Ashton said. His lip curling in disgust.Mia pushed Tom off and walked over to him.

"You know your just jelous."She told him. His eyes widened.

"Uh . . ." Had he really been that obvius about his crush on Mia. He tried to look normal but his heart was beating in his face.

"Are you okay?" Mia asked She was looking at him funny.

"Its just a muggle thing." Tom said pulling her away from Ashton.

"See you later." She called over her shoulder.

A couple hours later

"Why do you hang out with him Mia." Ashton asked while they were walking to defense against the dark arts.

"Beacuse he's sweet and kind hearted." Mia said hugging her books to her small chest. Ashton rolled his eyes and made sort of a snorting sound.

"Hes a jerk." Ashton said. He was trying to keep it under his breath but mia heard it anyway. She turned on the spot and said.

"He is not." Without another word she twirled flipping her black hair in ashtons face and went into class. Ashton just stood there in silence. He hadnt meant to hurt her feelings. He just saying the truth. Tom Riddle acted as if he ruled the world. when Mia and him first met Tom he was a small 1st year. He was sitting alone on the train. His eyes locked on to ashtons and he had a burning sensation in his head like he was burning ashton with his gaze. Then he looked over at mia and said

"What do you want." in a nasty cold voice. then he turned to the window.

He snapped out his memorys and continued walking into class. After class he decided to go over to the Great hall to think. When he was passing one of the doors he heard a weird sucking noise. He opened the door and saw tom and a girl from slytherin making out. The sound of his gasp broke them apart. Tom looked at him with the same evil eyes as he had first year.

"What are you looking at mudblood." He spat. But ashton was already running to tell mia what he had just seen.

"Oh no you dont." Tom shouted pulling out his wand. He shouted.

"Crucio" Ashton collapeds in wriggling pain it was to intence. He tried to scream but all that came out was a small squeak. The spell only lasted for a couple of seconds but it felt like hours. Once the last excruciating spasm was over he lay there gasping fo breath. He looked up and tom was gone. He faded into blackness.

"Where is he?!" A cry woke him up from his blackness. He was laying on his back in the hospitial wing.

"Calm down mia hes fine." I heard madame pomfrey wisper. But mia still flungher arms around ashton.

"What happened?!' She cried onto his shoulder. He ignored the pain that was shooting through his bones.

"Mia! control youself hes just been cursed hes going tobe in pain." Madome pomfrey hissed. Mia pulled back when she saw the pain in ashtons eyes.

"Sorry." She said awkwardly backing away pulling a stray strand of hair out of her eyes.

"Mia if you dont mind I would like to have a word alone with ashton." Professir dumbledore said.

"Ill be outside." she wispered pullingher hand out of his then she left quietly.

"Now ashton who did this to you." he didnt look at the professir

"I dont know." He mumbled.

"Are you sure." He persisted Ashton nodded and heard him get up.

"Wait!" He said finnaly.

"It was tom."

"Mia." Ashton called from the great hall entrance. She was with tom. Perfect. He half walked ohalf ran over to mia.

"What do you want." Tom sneered.

"Mia hes cheating on you." Ashton said quickly. Mias eyes went wide.

"What, tom is that true." She asked him. Tom was giving a death stare to ashton, but then he smiled.

"Yah its true. Thanks ashton, i was just about done with her anyway." He snickered. AShton looked over at mia he saw her eart break in her eyes. Then without warning she ran out of the great hall crying.

He started to get up but tom shot an invisible rope holing him down to his chair.

"Let me go you bastard." He growled. Tom waited until mia was long gone before he let him up. Ashton ran out of his seat and tore off the direction where he saw mia go.

"Mia" he called."Woah!" he slipped on the water all over the wet floor. Murtles flooded the bathroom. Wait. He burst the door open to find his horrers true. The bath was running and the lights were off. He pulled his wand out.

"Lumos" a blue ball of light appeared at the end of his wand. He made his way to the overflowing tub. His heart nearly stopped as he saw mia curled in a tight ball under the water

"NO!" He stouted and scooped her up. He set her on hte ground. She was uncaouncias.

"Oh no no no no no." He muttered. He pushed with all hs force on her chest. She spluttered and puked at least a gallon of water.

"Ashton oh. . . you should have let me die." She murmed sadly starting to cry again. He picked her up like a princess and carried her to the middle of the floor.

"You need to live." He said staring into her sad eyes.

"Why." She mutterd. Then he was kissing her. And not like tom did he was just kissing her lightly and softly. When he finnished she smiled at him and said.

"Screw tom, he'll never amount to anything

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