Titanic's Only Journey

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About a newly Wed couple who ride on the Titanic in search for a new beginning. When Bridget realizes theres better people in the world than her husband, Their marraige sinks along with the great ship. Just Simple Story wrote for class.

Submitted: April 04, 2011

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Submitted: April 04, 2011



Titanic’s Only Journey

“Come along Bridget, we need to find our first class cabins before the ship decides to leave without us!” my husband Nathan yelled to me. I was to scared to exit the car, and nervous about entering the cabins.

“Nathan! Can’t we go to America some other time? Is it really necessary for us?” I shouted from the front seat of our car, Nathan gave me an awkward look.

“Bridget, this is our new beginning, a chance to make everything right!”

“What on earth are you talking about Nathan? I don’t want to leave this country behind! I also can’t stand leaving my Mother here all alone! Something just doesn’t seem right to me!”

“Well we can’t turn back now, they have all of our bags loaded onto the ship. Anyway, we will be back home for the holidays! Let’s go!!”

“ I refuse to go! This is insane! If I have to, I will turn this car around and drive myself home!”

“Then I will go to America and find myself a better wife! If you don’t want that, get your butt over here this instant!” I slowly opened the door and stepped onto the blacktop. The humidity was strong from the rain the night before. Nathan made his way to me and wrapped his arm around my waist. “Now, lets board the ship. Trust me, the ship’s cabins will be luxurious.”

“ok, lets go…….” I muttered under my breath, Why did he have to have us leave right after our wedding?

The wind blew hard, sending my golden hair on a wild rampage. Soon enough we came to the 1st class boarding dock.

“May I see your tickets, please.” the attendant asked. Nathan handed him our tickets and escorted me to our cabins. My cabin was a bright red room with golden chandeliers and a red comforter that looked as soft as a cat, the head board was a dark oak with jade Emeralds, that looked as green as my eyes, that sparkled when the light shined upon them.

“Nathan, this IS luxurious!”

“Wait until you have dinner. They have the most exquisite chef in the world. Go ahead and unpack, we must make it to our reservations tonight.” he said while exiting my bedroom. I was now glad I didn’t decide to drive away. I twirled around my room examining the clear diamonds and the blue sapphires. I was sad when Nathan came in my room and saw I was not ready for dinner. He told me I had 10 more minutes to get ready, I rushed to my closet and put on one of my finest dresses and quickly did a run over of my makeup. As soon as I was done, I ran out of my room and into the dining hall.

After dinner, I went for a walk while Nathan went to bed. I wondered about the deck in amazement of how big this ship was. Before I knew it , I was hit the back so hard I lost my breath, the bracelet I had on my wrist was ripped off of my hand as I feel to the ground. I screamed as loud as I could. I watched as the robber ran around the other side of the dock.

“oh gosh, are you okay miss?” a 3rd class man said while trying to pull me up to my feet. His light brown hair laying on the sides of his face and his dark brown eyes examining at me.

“ Yes, I think I am. I was just robbed though.” I said while rubbing my wrist and trying to keep my breath steady.

“yea, I saw that. I’ll go get one of the crew members.” he said. Now running away from me, he seemed much more nicer than Nathan. He walked back with a crewman I knew very well.

“ Hello Thomas.” I greeted him. He gave me his usual nod in return.

“Hello, Mrs.Winslett, I understand you were robbed.”

“Yes, he ran off towards Dock E. He only took my bracelet.” I said, Thomas ran off around the corner hoping he would catch the suspect. I let out a sigh and sat down on a bench near me. “ I would like to thank you for going to get Thomas for me.” I said facing the stranger.

“No problem…um..”

“Bridget, Bridget Winslett. What is yours?”

“ Oh, I’m Mike, Mike Caprio.”

“Well, nice to meet you Mr. Caprio, I must get to my cabin and get some sleep.” I said holding out my hand.

“ yea, nice meeting you” we shook hands and I walked towards my room.

The next morning I went for another walk along the deck, I heard fast footsteps behind me. I turned around and spotted Mike, he seemed excited and was clutching something in his left hand.

“hey…..”he said bending down to catch his breath, “Thomas got your…um…bracelet back, he told me to give it to you…”

“thank you, I would like you to have dinner with me and my husband tonight, I told him about my encounter and how you helped. Will you please join us?” I asked, I hope that he would say yes, he seemed very pleased with the invite.

“I would love to Mrs. Winslett” he said and bowed, I giggled at his impersonation

“well thank you for accepting my invite” I said doing a simple curtsy “ dinner will start at six o’clock, it is five thirty right now, I will see you later Mr. Caprio.” I added turning in the direction I came from towards my cabin.

When I entered my room I ran to the closet to find the perfect dress, I couldn’t help but feel anxious for the dinner, Mike was so much different from Nathan. I finally decided on a red dress with a black sash around the waist, I put on more makeup and found a ruby necklace with a black chain, and a black bracelet.

I entered to dining hall feeling really happy. When Mike came in, Nathan respectfully thanked him for coming and helping me get the bracelet my mother gave me back. Nathan kept a smile on his face the whole dinner, but I could see in his eyes that he wasn’t very fond of Mike. I didn’t care though. After dinner we all excused ourselves and went back to our rooms.

A few days passed, I had fun walking around the decks with Nathan and Mike. I had wonderful dinners and a soft bed to sleep on every night. Everything seemed so luxurious. But on the night of April 14 I woke up with a large sound, and the engines soft hum stopping. I slowly made my way out of my room and across the hall to Nathan’s. I needed to know what happened, it made me nervous and scared, but also very curious.

“NATHAN!” I screamed, pounding on the door with all my strength “Wake Up” I heard nothing, I gave up and went up on to the top decks. I spent about an hour running up and down them searching for Nathan, I ran into people along the way, they seemed in such a rush. Finally, I found Mike and Thomas on the deck talking.

“Thomas, Mike! Have you seen Nathan? He doesn’t seem to be in his room.” I said breathlessly.

“I am sorry Mrs. Winslett, but neither I or Mr. Caprio have heard from him since dinner, but I don’t think there will be enough time to search for him.”

“WHAT! Ho-how come?”

“ Mrs. Winslett, we have…….we have hit an iceberg, we are sinking. It will probably be about two or three hours until the Titanic will be completely under water.” Thomas explained trying to keep a straight face instead of having a frightened one.

“but…..but….but that’s impossible! The Titanic is ‘Unsinkable’! we can’t be sinking!”

“but we are ma’am, please come this way. I have a spot for you and Mike here on the life boat.” he said, dragging me by the arm onto the life boat. Next thing I knew Mike was hopping into the boat next to me.

The boat floated for quite a while. Mike and I watched as the Titanic slowly made its way down into the freezing darkness we call the ocean. I sobbed into Mike’s shoulder until the Titanic was below the surface, I looked at Mikes hand watch, realizing, my husband, Nathan died at 2:20 am on April 15, 1912.…

It was April 12, 1912 when I sat before the giant ship called the Titanic. I read about the Titanic in the newspapers, it was stated that it was “The Unsinkable Ship!”. But how was that possible?, I thought, All ships sink, none can be made indestructible…..could they?

By: Robin Nicole

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