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One of my Poems an angry one.

Submitted: January 13, 2014

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Submitted: January 13, 2014





Maybe I’ll regret this

my decision to

live without you

I’ll pack but don’t think that

I won’t be sending money back

trust me you’ve lost the

absolutely best thing you ever had

because with that damn fool in my bed

I’m left with the feeling of rads

Maybe I’ll regret this but I’m not coming back


Maybe I’ll cry

I might just fucking die

‘cause we both know you're the reason

why did I fall for this

how could I think that

you would ever know

I won’t ever find

this long forgotten

choice leads to worse things

Maybe I’ll cry before I die


Maybe it’ll get better

did you see what I did

I made it a joke

because what I really want

is for you to choke

but all I can do is look

for the lock stop looking

at the cock just because it’s there

whores like beef, pork, and chicken

Maybe lies will make it better


Maybe she’ll leave me be

forget me and her smile

that comes from cranking the rack

I won’t be another in the pile

don’t throw me in a sack

I’m too intuitive

to go through with it

I’m not your’s to sell

like Sally with her shells

Maybe she’ll see I’m not her customer anymore


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