frozen in time in my palm

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holding someones lies and truths love and heartbreak and not knowing how to let go

Submitted: October 27, 2010

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



Your tears were frozen on your cheeks

when the time finally stopped

there can be no tick or tock

there will be no more chime

for there is no time

Lost in the abyss

gone is the bliss

for you lied

and I cried

You touched my heart

laid out the roles

as if it were an art

but the paper had holes

had burns

my stomach churns

i felt a fever

The pain; I was the receiver

You played a game

it was always the same

I played along

knowing somehow it would go wrong

I checked my tears at the door

I can take no more

but I'm not done

for you have won

now we go again

How will it end

If I try and fail

why can't I bail

leave you with the hurt

bury you in your dirt

but i still follow

my ego I swallow

with downcast eyes

choking on cries

my heart dies

your lies folded neatly in my palms

not even the wind that swirls my qualms

can carry them away

there forever to stay

In my palms frozen in time

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