I Am a Survivor! The Allison Richards Story

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If you are offended by grapic sexual topics and strong adult language...DO NOT READ.

It is realistic in it's depiction of the sadistic mind of a sexual predator. The author steps out of her comfort range in order to tell a story of brutality,that sadly,happens to women every day.

Submitted: June 07, 2013

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Submitted: June 07, 2013






I opened my eyes slowly; lids feeling heavy and unyielding as I blinked several times. In the beginning my vision was blurry; like a camera out of focus.  My brain seemed sluggish as it tried to make sense of my surroundings. Nothing familiar appeared at all. My head ached, but my eyes began to focus as I glanced around the room.

I was sitting in a straight-backed chair. I was unable to move my arms or legs freely. My heart began to race as I realized I was restrained by duct tape around my wrists and ankles.  How did I get here? Where was here?

I was in a small room with no windows; only an air vent near the ceiling and a naked light bulb hung from a cord above me.  The room contained nothing but the wooden armchair I was sitting in and a single mattress lying in the corner.

The room was a dirty gray, with paint chipping away from what appeared to be concrete walls. I noticed some sort of camera device mounted above the door to the room. From the positioning it could scan the small room.

 Oh God, I’m in trouble!  Who’s done this to me? What do they want from me?  My heart was pounding now . I felt a wave of nausea in the pit of my stomach. I had heard of things like this happening to others, but never thought I would actually experience it myself.I began to scream.

Let me out of here! Somebody help me!  I struggled to break free of the tape on my wrists, but they were too tight. The chair tipped over as I continued to try to move my body.  I fell on my side, my head slammed into the  floor, and then everything went black.

I awoke to water being splashed on my face. Someone was standing over me, although I couldn’t make out what he looked like, I heard a gruff voice speaking in an angry tone.

“You stupid bitch, it’s a good thing you didn’t kill yourself!  If you’d cracked your head open, we wouldn’t get to have all fun I got planned for us.”

He pulled me and the chair upright again. I could see his face now.  I had expected to see someone who looked like a deranged psychopath; perhaps unshaven and wild eyed.  Instead, I saw a man appearing to be in his mid-thirties, clean shaven, with neatly combed hair. He looked like the next door neighbor or any guy you pass on the street.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?  My family isn’t rich, if that’s what you’re thinking. They can’t afford a ransom.”

He stood directly in front of me and laughed, “I don’t want money. I have what I want right here…I have you.”

“Please, let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone about this if you just let me go now.” I said as tears streamed down my cheeks.

He chuckled at my remark. With a grimacing smile he bent over close to me and whispered in my ear.

“ I’m not worried about you telling anyone about this; because you won’t be leaving this room alive.”

His words echoed through my entire being. A fear like I’ve never experienced before rose up like a tidal wave inside me.  ‘You won’t be leaving this room alive’, my mind repeated. Those words caused my whole body to shake. The tears became a flood; streaming down and dropping from my chin onto my chest.

“I have to go for a little while; I have some things to do.  Try not to miss me, ok? I’ll be back soon.” He leered.  “By the way, if you hadn’t noticed, there is a camera up there.  If you try anything stupid I’ll see you, and you’ll wish I’d killed you right off the bat.”

I heard the door being latched as he left me alone in the small and dimly lit room.  I cried out after him to let me go, but I knew my pleas would go ignored.

Oh God, I’m only twenty-two years old. I don’t want to die; not like this…not here alone.

My mind went back to earlier in the day. I was home on summer break from college. My mom and I had argued about the idea of me driving six hours away to visit my boyfriend Zack.

 We had met the year before and been inseparable ever since.  When he called and invited me to come to Miami to meet his folks I was excited. I felt he was ready to take our relationship to a new level.  A guy usually asks the girl to meet his parents when he thinks she’s the one he’ll be with forever.

Mom didn’t like the idea of me driving so far alone, but I had convinced her I could take care of myself.

“I’m a grown woman mom; you can’t hold my hand for the rest of my life!” I had said.

She finally gave up her argument and gave me a hug and kiss as I left the house.

“Just be careful Allie; if you have to stop anywhere, be aware of your surroundings and don’t talk to strangers.”

“Yes mommy.” I laughed.  “Don’t worry; I’ll be fine, I promise.”

I wish you were here with me now Mom. I wish you could take me by the hand and tell me everything will be ok.

I had called her from the rest stop on Interstate 95 and assured her I was fine and would be in Miami in two hours, at which time I would call her again to let her know I arrived safely.

There was hardly anyone at the rest stop, my car and maybe three other vehicles; all of which appeared empty.

As I walked toward my car, parked under a tree across the parking lot, I noticed a gray van parked next to mine with the passenger door open on the driver’s side. I didn’t see anyone in the driver’s seat. There was a man walking his dog, and I assumed he was the owner of the van.

I reached for the door of my car, I felt someone grab me from behind and place a cloth over my nose and mouth. I didn’t even have time to scream before I passed out.  That was the last thing I remember before waking up in the room.

I glanced down at my watch and saw it was nearly seven o’clock in the evening. I should have arrived in Miami at around four that afternoon.  Mom would be worried about me by now and would have called Zack’s house. Knowing I hadn’t arrived she would have called the police, I was sure of that.

Please, let them be looking for me!  Someone had to have seen something when he took me; but who?

Maybe the man walking his dog…maybe he saw me being kidnapped and called police?  I tried to tell myself that he saw what happened, but I knew he was some distance away at the time and probably wasn’t even aware of me.  The chances of me being found were slim to none, but I had to have some hope to cling to in the moment.

Stupid things entered my mind as well. I thought of my belongings inside my car. I had hit the unlock button on my way back to it and it was sitting unlocked with my camera, laptop and my luggage for anyone to steal.  You idiot, that’s the last thing you have to worry about!  I scolded myself.

This crazy man is going to rape you…maybe kill you, and you’re worrying about some stupid belongings being stolen?  Spend your time thinking of a way out of this!

I took another look around the room for anything I could use to free myself. I hoped for a nail sticking up that I could maneuver myself to and tear at the tape. There was nothing.

The air in the room smelled musky, like a basement maybe. Was I in a house; his house?  Was I still in Florida?  I had no idea how far he’d taken me after the rest stop. It was two when he took me; so he could have driven in any direction in the five hours he’d had me.

Suddenly, I heard the latch on the door. “Time for the fun to begin princess,” He smiled.  “I have all kinds of goodies for you.”

“My name is Allison…” I started to tell him.

“Shut up!  I don’t need to know your name.”  He took a step toward me and ran his hands on my face first, and then traced his fingers down my neck. He let both his hands rest on my breasts and squeezed them hard.

I started to cry and begged him, “I just want to go home, please! I’ll do whatever you want; just don’t hurt me!”

He suddenly grabbed the fabric of my blouse and ripped it open, exposing my bra clad breasts. He shoved the bra upward and fondled my breasts for several minutes, while I trembled and closed my eyes.

“I personally like tits bigger than yours, but I suppose they’ll just have to do.”  He said as he slid his hand to my crotch.  “You like that don’t you princess?  You like me touching you there….say it. Tell me you like me you like it.”

I felt sick to my stomach, but I tried to gather my thoughts and managed to reply, “Yes.”

“Yes what princess?”

“Yes, I…I like you touching me there.”  I mumbled weakly. I thought if I went along with the sick bastard I might gain some of his trust and eventually find a way to escape him.

Now he was kneeling down in front of me on his knees; his face was only inches from my crotch.

Oh God, this is it; he is going to rape me now! I tried to prepare myself for the brutal act of violation that I was about to endure at the hands of this monster.  I told myself I would succumb to him without emotion. I would let my mind take me somewhere else; anywhere else other than this room.

I would think of Zack and his big dimples when he smiled at me. I would think about how safe I felt in his strong tanned arms. I wanted to float above my body and distance my mind from the assault I knew was coming.



Sadistic Mind


He began to unwrap the tape around my ankles saying, “Let’s get these shorts off princess; and have some real fun.”

Once the tape was off, he pulled my shorts and panties off and forced my legs open with his hands.

He was still fully clothed in a pair of Khaki pants and white polo shirt. He reached down and placed his right hand on my crotch and began to rub back and forth. Then I felt his fingers going inside me.

I cried out, “Stop, please don’t do this!”

Suddenly he removed his fingers from inside of me and slapped me hard across my face.

“Shut up Bitch! I’m the one calling the shots here…not you!  Now, ask me nicely to put my fingers back in you.”

“I…I can’t. Please, I don’t want to say it." I was crying so hard my body shook.

Again he slapped me across the face. “I said say it Bitch!  Beg me…beg me to do it!”

I could taste blood this time. He had busted my bottom lip and I knew if I didn’t go along with his demented fantasy, he would continue to hurt me or possibly kill me.

My words came out as if it were like a robot speaking; monotone and emotionless.

Just survive this Allie…just survive it. I thought to myself as he did what he wanted to me. He had placed my legs over his shoulders now and I let my mind take me out of the room…far away from what he was doing to me.

I barely heard him when he raised his head and asked me, “You are enjoying this aren’t you princess?”

Because I offered no reply he dug his fingers into the flesh of my thighs and asked the question again.

“Yes…I enjoy it.”  I was beyond feeling now; I was numb.

At some point he let my legs down and stood up again, ordering me to open my eyes, which had remained shut tightly as he assaulted me.

I reluctantly did as he said and saw he was standing in front of me.  He unzipped his pants and reached in to expose himself to me. 

 “You want it don’t you princess? “ He took one hand and forced my head downward until his penis brushed against my mouth.

“Please,” I begged, “please, I just want to go home. I don’t want it; I don’t want any of this! I just want to go home to my family you sick bastard!”

His face quickly changed from a smirking grin to one of indescribable anger. He no longer looked like a neighbor or a guy on the street; he looked like an enraged animal. His eyes became like black orbs in the sockets and his lips were tight against his teeth.  The fear that came from looking into those cold black eyes  was over whelming. I was staring into the face of pure evil now. I knew he was capable of much worse that he had done to me already.  He would kill me!

Just as suddenly as he had gotten angry, his body appeared to relax and the grin came back.

“Well princess, if you didn’t like the rest; you sure as hell won’t like what I’m going to do to you now.”

My body stiffened as I watched him pull out a knife,and more duct tape.

He bent down and tore a long piece of tape from the roll and began taping my ankles together again.

“I’m going to take the tape off your wrists now and you better not even think of trying anything; you understand me?”

I nodded and he began to cut the tape from my wrists with the knife. He lifted me to a semi-standing position, and then swung me around towards the mattress in the corner.

I narrowly missed striking my head against the cement wall as I fell onto the mattress on my back. He quickly straddled me and told me to put my hands together. He took the tape and wound it around my wrists several times before cutting it from the roll. He brought the knife up to my neck. I thought he was going to cut my throat, but instead he let it slide down to my still fastened bra and cut it loose.

He then cut the straps and the sleeves of my blouse and pulled them away. I lay there completely naked and exposed now.  I had never felt so helpless in my life.

He touched the knife again to my body and pressed down just enough to cause a trickle of blood to surface on the skin of my neck.  I whimpered softly and waited for him to cut my throat. He instead trailed the knife down my chest all the way to my stomach. The cut wasn’t deep, but it burned. I feared if I screamed out, he would plunge the knife deeper into my flesh.

 He traced his finger down the blood trickle, and then sucked my blood from the tip of his finger. Lighting a cigarette, he sat down in the chair I had been in minutes before.

 “Want one,” he asked, while holding his cigarette out.

“No, I don’t smoke, it’s a nasty habit.” I replied

“Hmmm, yeah I guess it is. But there are other things you can do with them besides smoke them.” He grinned.

He got up and moved toward me, kneeling down on the floor. Before I knew what was happening he stuck the lit cigarette to my stomach and held it there.

I screamed and tried to turn my body away from the searing, burning cigarette. He just placed it on my buttocks and then repeated the process all over my back. He finally stopped, took a long draw from the cigarette and turned my face close to his and blew the lung full of smoke into my nose.

I coughed and gagged trying to breath as the smoke filled my throat.  He laughed and then crushed the cigarette out on my leg.

He lay down on the mattress with me and began running his hand over my exposed body. He then grabbed my face and turned it toward him and tried to kiss me. I clinched my lips tightly and tried to stop his tongue from slipping into my mouth.  He persisted until I parted my lips and he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth. I wanted to vomit as I tasted stale cigarettes and coffee on his breath.

His kiss was rough as he pressed tightly against my lips. My lip hurt from the slap he had given me earlier.  Finally, he stopped and moved his face down to my breasts. He placed his mouth over my left breast and began sucking it and flicking his tongue over my nipple. Suddenly, he bit down hard on my breast. I screamed from the pain. When he stopped and looked up at me I could see my blood on his lips.

Through my tears I could see his disgusting and smirking smile.

“You sick bastard!” I screamed. “I hope they catch you and spend the rest of your fucking life in prison where the inmates rape you every day!”

“Who, the cops; they haven’t caught me yet and I’ve been doing this for some time now. I hate to break it to you princess, but you’re not my first and you won’t be my last. So, if you’re hoping the cops are going to rescue you; don’t hold your breath.  You see, I’m good at what I do. I’m smarter than they are. I cover my tracks well. They may find your body a few months from now, but they will never find me.”

He wiped the blood from his mouth and stood up. “All this has made me hungry…are you hungry princess?  Maybe if you ask me nicely, I’ll get you some food and water.”

I turned away from him and curled into a fetal position on the mattress without answering him.

“Suit yourself then.” He said.

He left the room and I lay there grateful I was alone.  Looking at my breast I saw the wound his teeth had left.  Several deep puncture wounds were still oozing blood, and the burns were excruciatingly painful.

Perhaps it was from exhaustion or because it was a way to temporarily shut down emotionally; for whatever reason, I fell asleep.  I was grateful to escape into my dreams; away from the pain and the horror of my situation.

I found myself with Zack back at college. We were in the café just off campus and he was telling one of his silly jokes. We were laughing and having a wonderful time.  He leaned over to kiss me and I kissed him back, but when I opened my eyes it wasn’t Zack kissing me; it was the sandy haired man who had kidnapped me.  I screamed in horror and woke up still screaming.

Find me Zack…please find me before it’s too late!  I whispered aloud to myself.

I lost track of time, hours became an eternity and the days ran together with no way to be sure if it was day or night.The only thing I could be sure of was, each time he entered the room I would be torured. He became more sadistic in his ways of humiliating and hurting me until I actually prayed for death.

It seemed like days went by and I hadn't eaten in a long time. More than food, I needed water. I regretted turning down his offer for food.

I felt weak and nauseous. Every part of my body hurt, and I shook uncontrollably. My survival instincts made me hope he’d come back. At the same time, I dreaded his return to the room; knowing it meant more pain being inflicted on me.

I don’t know how much time had passed but he hadn’t come back. What if he’s left me here to die? Dying from starvation or dehydration is a very slow painful death.

No, he isn’t finished with me yet…he enjoys his perverted games with me. He won’t let me die; at least not yet. I tried not to let my mind even go to the moment of my death and how or when it would happen.

  Just get through this moment by moment. I told myself.

Sometime later I heard the now familiar sound of the latch releasing on the door to my room. My body stiffened slightly as I waited for him to enter.

“Hello sunshine!” He said merrily, as he sat a tray on the floor.  As much as I detested eating anything prepared by my assailent; I had to admit to myself the food smelled good.

He surprised me by taking my restraints off, before he sat down in the chair.  “Eat up princess! I bet you're not too proud to eat now are you?"

I grabbed for the water bottle first and gulped nearly half of it down straight away. The food looked like it came from KFC.  I devoured it and wished for more.

He sat watching me eat without saying a word. That made me nervous because he normally wanted to make idle chit-chat before beginning to terrorize me.

He reminded me of Jekyll and Hyde. One minute he was pleasant and normal; the next second he would become angry and slap me across the face. I tried to maintain my demeanor, and hope I did nothing to cause him to snap.

“You enjoyed the food?”

“Yes, it was very good, thank you.” I said.

“You’ve been a very good girl. I think you deserve a reward.” He stepped just outside the door and then turned around with a five gallon plastic bucket filled with water.

“I bet you’d like to clean up a bit wouldn’t you?”

I nodded positively to his question. I wasn’t sure anymore how long I’d been there, but I felt dirty and in need of a bath.I wanted desperately to wash the smell of him from my body.

“Good. I’m going to bath you. You’d like that wouldn’t you princess?”

“Well, I’d prefer to bath myself, if it’s alright.”

“It isn’t alright!”  He said sharply. His brows wrinkled. I knew that look all too well, so I resigned myself to allowing him to wash me.

“That’s better,” he said as he dipped the cloth into the warm water and then took a bar of soap from his pocket to lather the cloth.

 He washed my face first, then my back. He moved to my chest, and squeezed water from the cloth onto my sore breasts. He took the soap and gently rubbed it over both breasts until they were covered in a lather of suds.

He rubbed his bare hands over my breasts. The wound he caused by biting me was sore and had a large area of inflamation around it.

I cringed as he started washing my private area, but there was nothing I could do except to go a long with what was happening. He stared directly into my eyes looking for a reaction from me as he slowly rubbed the cloth on my privates. I gave him no expression at all on my face. He finally threw the cloth down as if disappointed by my indifference to his actions.  A menacing smile quickly emerged to replace the one of  discontent.

“Now, let’s wash your hair. It’s a tangled mess.”

Before I could react, he pulled my head forward and with his hand pushed my head deep into the bucket of water. I tried to raise my head out of the water, but he held it under water until I thought I would drown. He finally released the back of my head and I gasped for air.

“See how easily I could kill you princess?”  He laughed.“Not to worry, today is not the day. I’m having too much fun with you still.”

“I’d love to stay and play but I have some errands to run now.  I’ll be back soon. By the way, the bucket will stay here and serve as a toilet for you. I can smell piss in this room.I saw you peeing in that corner." He said looking up at the camera.

I looked at him with contempt. You sick son of a bitch. You're the one who keeps me in here with no toilet, and now you complain it smells like piss?

"I....I'm sorry, but I had no choice."

“My bad, now you have a proper toilet.” He smirked as he turned to leave the room.

“Thank you.” I replied, even though calling a five gallon bucket a toilet was a stretch in my mind.

I was surprised he didn’t replace the tape on my feet and hands before he left. I can only assume he didn’t feel I could escape the room, therefore they weren’t necessary anymore. I looked up at the camera and wondered if he was watching me.

I was trying to keep my emotions in check and not anger him.  It seemed to be working, since he hadn’t harmed me this time.

He gets off on humiliating me…hurting me. He likes the control he has over me.

It occurred to me that he had not even attempted to rape me; at least not by penile penetration. Even when he exposed himself to me, he had no erection. He had to use other objects to violate me instead.

In my studies in Psychology at college I remembered reading about men who weren’t able to perform sexually. They found intimate relationships with the opposite sex difficult or impossible altogether. Some of those men had deep seeded anger towards women and often became abusers in their relationships.  They compensated for the failure to become sexually aroused, by controlling women. The control becomes a release for their sexual frustrations.  A common school of thought by some professionals is that these men had dominating mother figures that made them feel emasculated and weak.

Great Allisha, so what good does a degree in Psychology do for you now?  I thought to myself. Knowing that he’s screwed up mentally was something you knew already; without studying for four years!

Come on Alisha, think damn it! I paced back and forth in the room. I tried to remember case histories we'd studied in class about sadistic behaviors and what drove them to abuse and kill.

He wants to break me, physically; mentally and emotionally. That is how he gets his rocks off. Once he thinks he’s done that, he’ll have no more use for me…he’ll kill me!

It suddenly dawned on me that for the past several days I had been playing right into his hands. I had become submissive to his wishes. He felt in complete control of me and soon he would tire of the games and seek another victim.

I vowed to myself at that moment I would not give in. I would not give him the satisfaction he needed by cowering down to him. Even if it meant he killed me; I would fight his sadistic mind games and torture.

No matter what happened, I was going to stand up to him; challenge his control over me.

My mind was jolted from my thoughts by the sound of the latch at the door. I stood in the middle of the room waiting for him to walk in.

“Did you miss me?  I tried to hurry back…so you and I could have the evening together.” He grinned, as he blew a puff of smoke into my direction. The cigarette dangled on his lips, the ash ready to fall from its tip.

He stared at me for a moment and said, “Princess, what’s wrong? You look upset; did I keep you waiting too long?

I gathered all the courage I could summon. What I was about to do might cause him to kill me, but at that point I don't think I cared. All the rage I'd felt at his perverted hands, came spewing out of my mouth at that moment.

“I’ve had enough of this, you sick fuck!  Either let me go or kill me; because I’m not going to give in to your perverted little mind anymore.  You’re a sick bastard, who can’t get it up, so you resort to shit like this to get off! “

He stood there for a few seconds as if in shock at hearing me speak in that manner to him. Unfortunately for me, he quickly retaliated by rushing at me with the most hideous look of anger I’ve ever seen.

He punched me in the face with his fist, sending me reeling backwards and onto the floor. I’ve heard of seeing stars after a punch like that, and thought it was just a term used to describe the force of the blow. But at that moment, I saw stars and my ears rang.

He was now on top of me. “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to; you slut!”  He had his hands wrapped tightly around my neck. I clawed at his hands with my fingernails and struggled to breath.

I fought him by kicking and twisting my body in every way that I could. I dug my nails deeply into the skin on his hand and suddenly he released his grip. I would have passed out if he hadn’t let go when he did.

He spewed profanities at me as he grabbed at my hair. “I’m in control here…not you; you stupid bitch!”

I jerked away from him, leaving a long strand of my hair in his hand as I did so.

“You’re in control?  You’re a slimy, dickless little piece of shit!  Did your mother tell what a piece of shit you are? You’re not a man! You’re just a poor excuse for a human being…that’s what you are! You can't  get a woman to go out with you. You have to kidnap them and fuck them with something other than your dick  just to feel like a man at all!"

“Shut up whore!  You don’t know anything about me!  You think I can’t get it up, well we’ll just see about that!”

 He lunged at me and we both fell back onto the mattress. He began pulling at his belt and unzipping his trousers as I hit him in the face as hard as I could. Somehow I found the strength to push him off of me and grab the chair. I hit him with as much force as I could; which as it turned out was enough to stun him for several seconds.

Just enough time for me to make a run for the door and pull it shut behind me. My hands shook uncontrollably as I fumbled frantically to put the lock in place. Just as I snapped the lock closed, he was pulling on the door.

“You’ll never get away from me bitch!  I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you!”  He screamed as he beat the door with his fists.

I could still hear him screaming through the door at me as I made my way up the basement stairs towards freedom.




I Am a Survivor


I ran for my life that day. I ran across the field naked and screaming to the top of my lungs.  I ran until I reached a highway and a passing motorist, a man and his wife, stopped and let me in their car. I was babbling almost incohertently to them about being kidnapped by a man who kept me in a room and assaulted me.

"You're safe now honey," the older woman stated.  Her husband just sat behind the wheel as if he didn't know what to do.

"Go! Please just drive! If he gets out he'll kill all of us!" I screamed at him.

They lived just down the road and took me into their home. The woman gave me clean clothing, while they called the police.

The woman told me she had seen my picture several times on the evening news. My mom and dad had appeared and taped a plea for my safe return.  “They’ll be thanking the Lord when they see you; that’s for sure.” She smiled.

 Although I knew I had locked him in that room before escaping; his threats still rung loudly in my ears. I didn’t feel safe until the state trooper’s car pulled into the couple’s driveway. I made it, I was safe at last!

I learned from the police that my captor was thought to have kidnapped and killed at least five women over the past year. As far as they know, I am the only one who survived this serial killer’s reign of terror.

He had me in captivity for eight long days.  Some of what happened to me I cannot tell to this day. Every vile thing one human could do to another took place in that room.

I spent several days in the hospital recovering from infections from the woulds I had recieved. Human bites carry more bacteria than a dog bite the doctor's told me.

I would have to relive what I went through over the next few months for the police and for the court when he went to trial. His name was Daniel Cooper and he had been sentenced to a mental hospital two years earlier for brutally assaulting a woman and leaving her with permanent brain injuries. Apparently, he was relased after a year.

Daniel was found not guilty, by reason of insanity, for the five murders and for my kidnapping and assault. Just as in his prior case, he was placed in a state mental hospital. This time, for the rest of his natural life without possibility of release back into society. I supposed justice was served, although it was a disappointment for me that he was not sentenced to life in prison.

As for me, I went back to college and graduated that spring with a degree in psychology. It took years of theraphy  and determination on my part, but I managed to piece my life back together. Zack stood by me and was understanding when I would push him away any time he tried to be even slightly inimate with me. I finally reached a point where we could again be close over time.I went on to get my master’s in Criminal Psychology and later married Zack. We have two sons, Marcus and Aaron.

I went to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I work alongside the men and women who are charged with profiling dangerous offenders. I am also the author of several books that detail the lives and crimes of serial killers.

The book I am most proud of however is my book,  Embracing Hope,  written to help the survivor's of sexual crimes.

My name is Allison Richards, and my experience with Daniel Cooper is one of the reasons I chose to devote my life to interviewing and profiling serial killers.  Getting inside their heads and understanding the warped sense of reality they exhibit, perhaps will lead to quicker capture of other sick individuals in the future.

One of the lines I write in Embracing Hope is; "We cannot change the horrible crimes committed on us, but we can take the power from the criminal and prevent them from taking away our joy of life and our ability to move beyond their actions."

Once I took back control over my own life, the nightmares about him stopped. Cooper may have scarred my body; but he did not scar my soul.  I AM a survivor!






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