Interview With a Monster

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The story is written in the perspective of a third party who interviews a serial killer on death row. It is vilolent and somewhat grapic in nature, so be forwarned.

It is similar to the show Criminal Minds; and although it is purely fictional, it does depict the sick nature of a serial killer. It is not a read for everyone; that being said, if you choose to read it,then comments on the literary aspects of the story are appreciated.

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



Kramer Valentine wasn’t a man who stood out in a crowd. At thirty years of age, he had never married or even had a long term relationship with a woman.

Not because he was gay, or not attractive; he was average looking and very intelligent, but extremely shy. He would see a woman that he felt attracted to; but just couldn’t bring himself to approach her.

The odd time when one made the first move and spoke to him; he became anxious and tongue tied, not knowing what to say to her. She would lose interest and end up walking away; that was the story of his life.

During his school years, Kramer was bullied and teased by his classmates for his shyness. He made a perfect target for them; never standing up for himself, taking their abuse in silent rage.

They would trip him in the cafeteria or in the hall ways. They hit him in the head on the school bus; called him a geek, a loser and a waste of human flesh. Some picked fights, knowing he would never defend himself; he often went home with a black eye or other bruises.

He was eleven years old when he tortured his first animal; a neighbor’s cat. Putting it into a pillowcase, he took it out into the woods beyond his house and doused it lighter fluid and set it on fire. He stood there watching the cat scream out in pain inside the pillow case; before it finally succumbed to the flames and collapsed. Kramer felt no remorse; only a rush of adrenaline and a sense of power at what he had done. That rush had to be refueled over and over again, in order for him keep his anger from exploding onto his bullies at school.

Over the years Kramer tortured many animals; from cats and dogs to squirrels and rabbits, whatever he could catch. Some of them he strangled to death; others suffered dismemberment while still alive. There was no end to the ways Kramer found to inflict pain on the poor animals he took out his rage on.

Suppressing his feeling at school became extremely difficult for Kramer to do by the time he reached high school.

Kramer had a huge crush on one of the girls on the cheerleading team; but he could never work up the courage to approach her.

Girls like her don't fall for guys like me. She probably doesn't know I exist.

One day, Alicia Campbell, the pretty and popular girl, with long blond hair and blue eyes came up to Kramer. She told him she found him very sexy and kissed him full on the lips.

"I've had a crush on you for the longest time." She said, before turning and running down the hall.

Kramer was elated; thinking that maybe she would be the one to make his life more bearable. He was happier than he had ever been since he started school.

Alicia hadn't really wanted to kiss Krammer. It was only the urging of her friends that made her finally agree to do it. She actually felt sorry for him. But she had togo along with the bet she'd agreed to; otherwise she herself could be the target of teasing from her peers. Word got out about the kiss and everyone was anxious to see how it would all play out.

The next day he found the courage to walk up to her while she sat with friends during lunch.

“Hi Alicia, I was wondering if you want to go to the movies Friday night?”

The table of four girls erupted into hysterical laughter.

“Oh my God; you actually fell for it didn’t you … you pathetic loser? “ Susan Tyler said.

“I guess you win the bet Alicia,” one of the other girls giggled.

“I told you he would fall for it. He actually thought, Alicia Campbell, the cheerleading captain and most popular girl on campus would… like, fall for a nerdy little creep like him. We have to pay up now Alicia!” she laughed.

Kramer just stood there, feeling the burn flow up his neck and onto his face as it turned red with humiliation.

“Why are you still here freak? Get lost!” Alicia said. She hated being mean to him, but she had to in front of her friends.

Kramer suddenly grabbed the table the girls were sitting aroundand flipped it over; sending lunch trays falling to the floor along with two of the girls. One of them was Alicia. She slipped on food trying to get up, twisting her ankle and fell face first back onto the cafeteria floor. She broke out two of her front teeth as well. As Kramer stood looking at the blood coming from her mouth, and listening to her scream in pain, he felt that familiar rush of adrenaline.

Kramer was sent to the principal's office. After calling his parents to come and pick him up, the principal informed Kramer that his actions had earned him a week’s suspension from school. Kramer took the suspension as a holiday from all the snickers and remarks he knew he would have faced after the incident. He felt so humiliated and angry at her for making him look like an idiot.

His parents decided to remove their son from the school. Theyfound an alternative school for him. It meant a thirty minute drive each morning to get him there; but it specialized in troubled students. They had seen Kramer becoming more withdrawn. His temper often flared at home; resulting in holes being punched in walls and obscenities being screamed at them.

After less than a month at his new school; Kramer came home and told his parents he would not return to classes. The abuse he suffered there was worse than at his other school. His parents were at a loss as to what to do to help him.

Over the years, they learned of the bullying and did their best to put a stop to it. They met with his teachers,and the principal, all to no avail. The teachers told them that Kramer seemed unable to fit in with the other kids. He didn’t make any attempts to make friends or interact with his peers.

“Honey, maybe we should make an appointment for you with a psychologist. You know an objective person you can talk to about things?” His mother said.

“You think I’m crazy don’t you? Why don’t you just come out and say what you’re thinking Mom?”

“Son, your mother and I don’t think you’re crazy. We just think that you could use some help dealing with your emotions, that’s all,” his father said, putting his hand on Kramer’s shoulder.

At seventeen, Kramer was as tall as his father. He slapped his dad’s hand from his shoulder. Hestepped forward until his face was only inches away from his father’s face.

“If you try to send me to a shrink, I swear I will….” He stopped short of his threat.

Kramer’s father saw something in his son’s eyes that sent a chill down his spine. It was a look of pure rage and hatred; a look he had never before seen on his son’s face. He and Kramer’s mother actually feared their son and what he might be capable of if pushed too far.

After that day, Kramer stayed in his room most of the time. On rare occasions when he did go out, he never bothered telling his parents his plans. To ask him meant an instant argument, ending with him storming out anyway.

Kramer left home at eighteen and worked odd jobs for several years. He rarely had contact with his parents. When his father died, he didn’t even attend the funeral.

Kramer was a loner; and he seemed to prefer it that way. He had a small apartment on the edge of town and settled into a job in the shipping room of Olsten’s Farm Supplies. It was menial and far below his potential, given his intelligence.

He had stopped torturing and killing animals long ago; finding it no longer made him feel powerful, or gave him the release the way it had in the past.

His thoughts for the past couple of years focused on people. Those thoughts and fantasies were coming more frequent and as much as he tried to push them out of his mind, they refused to go away.

Many of his fantasies involved a girl at his old school, who had made his life a living hell. Although it had been more than a decade ago; Kramer still held the memories of that time as if they had happened yesterday. He blamed her for ruining his life and all the bad things that had happened to him since.

It would serve her right if I showed her what pain feels like. She deserves to suffer. Kramer thought to himself while in his bed one night.

A plan started forming in his head as to how he would go about hurting her. This time Kramer made no attempt to push the thoughts from his mind. Alicia Campbell. That bitch needs to pay for what she did to me back then.

The next day, Kramer went to several hardware stores, in different areas. At each store he purchased different items. Each item by them self would not cause suspicion; but once combined they were obviously items needed to commit a crime of some sort.

Kramer had made a very detailed list; duct tape, rope; large plastic storage container, a saw, tarps; and a hunting knife completed his purchases. He smiled as he loaded them into his trunk and headed back to his apartment.

Now to part two of my plan; Alicia Campbell Hardgrave, you should enjoy your life as long as you can; because soon I'm coming for you.


The Interview

I walked into the room where Kramer Valentine sat with his hands shackled to the top of the table. A guard stood by the door as I took a seat across from the prisoner.

"I'm Allison Richards Mr. Valentine. You agreed to talk me and answer some questions?"

"Yes, I know who you are. You work for the FBI. You want to know about my crimes; get into my head and see what makes a monster like me." He smiled.

"I am interested in learning what made you commit the crimes, yes. Do you mind if I record our interview?"

" Do as you like; I don't really care one way or the other." He rolled his eyes, showing a look of indifference.

I turned the recorder on and began the interview. I noticed Kramer never took his eyes off me while I prepared to asked my first question of him. It was a bit unnerving, but this wasn't my first interview with a serial killer. I know they try to intimidate me and feel they have some type of control during the process.

"I want you to know it isn't my job to make judgments on you or your actions. I am here to try to understand why the murders happened; what went on in your mind when you killed those women.

Kramer continued staring at me with empty, unremorseful eyes. He smiled slightly and shifted in his chair; making the guard take a step forward.

"I've spoken to your mother, some of your teachers; people who knew you when you were a boy. It seems like you weren't very happy as a child. Can you tell me about your childhood Kramer; may I call you Kramer?"

" Yeah, whatever. My childhood was great! I went to school and got the shit kicked outta me on a daily basis. I was the nerdy guy everyone picked hoo, poor me!"

"Ok, so the way you were treated by the other kids made you angry? What did you do about that anger you felt?"

"Look, we already know what I did about it don't we? I thought you wanted to know about the girls I killed; isn't that why you're here? Let's just get down to the knitty gritty. How about that?" He snarled.

Kramer wanted to take control of the interview. He wanted to decide what subjects he would talk about and which ones he wouldn't.

I went along with him and his desire to talk about the murders. I knew that was something he liked talking about. Telling me every detail of his acts excited him; made him visualize them in his head. My experience told me that's what they all like to do; relive the events and revel in recounting them to someone like me; a woman.

Sometimes I hated my job. It took me into these dirty, smelly prisons to listen to monsters like Kramer Valentine tell me how they tortured and mutilated innocent women. Tell their stories in horrible detail; looking proud of how long they got away with it. It sickened me.

This interview was no different than all the others I'd done. The faces were different, but the stories were always the same. Perverted; cruel behaviors carried out on the weak. Those that never stood a chance to fight back and survive the monster's fury.

"Ok Kramer, let's talk about the first murder. Alicia Campbell, remember her?"

Kramer's eyes brightened at the mention of her name. He sat up straighter in his chair; now he was ready to talk to me.

The following is his account of what happened with Alicia. After her, I had so many more to hear about; I wondered if I could stomach talking to him to the end of the interview. I would, because that's my job. As hard as it is at times; I know the more we learn from men like Kramer, the better chance we have to stop them.

I will leave the prison and go back home to my husband and children. I will try to put the job out of mind and act as if there is no evil in the world for their sakes. But I know the truth and it scares the hell out of me!

Kramer had followed Alicia’s life since her graduation from high school. She went to college in New York, studying design and after starting her own interior design company a few years ago, she married Jason Hardgrave. The most popular girl in school had married the star football player and he’d become a successful contractor. In Kramer’s mind they were living the life that could have been; should have been his.

Kramer parked on the curb across the street from Alicia’s house; watching her as she left for work and again as she came home in the evening. He knew she went for a run twice a week at a nearby park. He knew she liked double Latte’s at the Starbucks on Jefferson Street.

He stalked her for weeks. Waiting, watching her, feeling he knew her habits inside and out. Now, it was just a matter of taking action.

Kramer planned on taking Alicia the following Tuesday when she went for her weekly jog; but for some reason she never showed at the park that day.

Damn you Alicia. You always run on Tuesdays…why did you have to change your plans today! Kramer slammed his hand on the steering wheel. He finally drove back home to wait for Thursday.

Thursday morning he rose at five o’clock and drank a fresh brewed cup of coffee before heading for the park. She was normally there around six- thirty, so he parked his car on the edge of the park, beneath some trees, and walked down a path; carrying his bag of purchased items with him.

Kramer found an area along the path that had a thick growth of bushes and took out the items he’d need when Alicia came down the path. He pulled out the knife and laid the duct tape beside the bag and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long; he saw Alicia jogging down the path about a hundred feet or so from where he was. She was wearing the same dark blue sweat pants with her old NY State gray sweatshirt; and she had her headset on.

Kramer’s heart began to race as she got closer to where he lay in wait for her. He let her pass by before he came out of the bushes and behind her. With two large strides he overcame Alice from behind, cupping his hand over her mouth; he wrapped his other arm around her waist and drug her into the bushes. She flailed her arms wildly at him; but she could not do anything to defend herself against her attacker.

He hit her hard in the face; knocking her to the ground. She was out cold. He knew he had only seconds to put the duct tape over her mouth and secure her feet and hands. He wrapped the tape around her head and over her lips.He heard another jogger coming down the path; he crouched low and waited for man to pass before continuing his work. His heart raced as he found his plan working without flaw. Even the fact that the man jogging by might have noticed him caused a rush of adrenaline. He felt alive; he hadn't felt this way in a very long time.

Once Alicia was secured, he picked her up and put her over his shoulder and started for his car parked a few yards away, out of sight of normal park visitors. He looked around to make sure there were no people near, and then opened his trunk and threw her in.

He drove for almost two hours before turning off the main highway and turning onto a dirt road that led to a cabin that belonged to his parents. He got out and removed the chain that blocked the road and then locked it back once he pulled the car up the road a bit.

The cabin was not seen from the highway. It sat down the road about two miles by a lake. It would be deserted this time of year. It was late fall, and since his father died, he was certain his mother had not been back here.

This will be the perfect place for our date Alicia; the one that never happened back in high school. Kramer thought as he pulled his car around to the back of the cabin. He got out and unlocked the trunk.

Alicia was conscious and her eyes squinted as he opened the trunk wider. The look of fear in her eyes pleased Kramer. It was the same fear he used to see in some of the animals he caught. She squirmed and tried to cry out, but the tape muffled her screams. Her eyes grew wider as Kramer bent down and started lifting her from the trunk.

The cabin was cold and musky smelling as he carried Alicia towards the main bedroom. Throwing her onto the bed as if she was a sack of flour; he smiled down at her.

“I like what you’ve done to your hair Alicia; the shorter cut suits you much better. Are you comfortable? What’s that you’re saying? No? Well, we’ll take care of that a little later. For now, you just relax while I go start us a fire in the fireplace…wouldn’t want you to catch your death of cold now would we?”

Alicia shivered from the cold and looked around the room. The room was paneled and had a sixty’s feel about it. There was one window and a door she assumed was a closet. She saw a double dresser with a mirror hung over it and a tall chest of drawers; and on the far wall hung a painting of a landscape.

Who is he? What does he want with me? She thought as she listened to him throwing logs in the fireplace just outside the bedroom. Is this a kidnapping for ransom? He looks familiar; do I know him?

She heard the front door open, then close. What’s he doing I wonder? Then she heard the door open again and close. Her heart was pounding so hard against her chest she could hear it beating in her ears.

Kramer opened the bedroom door and came in carrying a black gym bag. He put it on top of the dresser and opened it. He took out some rope, and then pulled a large knife out of the bag.

“I am going to take the tape off now Alicia. You can scream if you want, but no one will hear you. There is no one for miles around here.”

Kramer first cut the tape off her wrists, and began to tie them separately instead with rope and attaching the other end to the post of the headboard. He then moved to her feet and repeated the process of cutting the tape off; tied her feet with rope and attached the ends to the foot board.


The interview Continues

"So you have Alicia at the cabin; you tied her up so she couldn't escape. Is that when you began torturing her?" I asked.

"Why would I go straight for that? That would have taken away from the plan I had to make my time with her last now wouldn't it?"

"So what did you do next, do you remember?"

"Do I remember? Hell yes I remember; you don't forget your first love now do you? I remember every minute of my time with sweet Alicia."

He went on to tell me about the events of the cabin and how he had to force himself to have patience with her. He wanted to make her suffer, but first he wanted to toy with her; watch her become more afraid of him. Sick Bastard! I thought to myself.

Kramer looked at her laying spread eagle on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed beside her; reaching out with one hand, he cut the tape and pulled it off with one motion.

“Help me, someone please help me! “ Alicia screamed as loudly as she could.

Kramer grabbed her by the face, “Go ahead and scream bitch! I told you, no one will hear you out here.”

“Who are you? Why are you doing this? If it’s for money, my husband and I aren’t rich. You won’t get much, so why not just let me go now and I promise I won’t tell anyone. Just let me go!”

“Alicia, my feelings are hurt. You don’t remember me do you? Look harder….” Kramer said as he bent down put his face just inches from hers.

“I…I know you? “she asked, puzzled by his insistence that she knew him.

“Well now, let’s see if this jogs your memory a little,” Kramer said. He leaned down and kissed her; saying afterwards, “I think you are so sexy and so hot.”

Alicia tried to pull her head away from him, but he still held her face with his hand. When he finally let her go, she spit at him. He slapped her hard across the mouth and screamed profanities.

“You still really don’t remember me do you? You made a bet with some of your friends…remember? You kiss the geek and make him think you like him. Then you get a big laugh when he comes up to you in the cafeteria and asks you out on a date. Now do you remember me you piece of trash?”

Alicia’s mind was racing; trying to remember who he was. Suddenly, she had a flash of a young shy guy in high school that she had kissed in the hallway on a bet. Kramer Valentine!

“Kramer, oh my God, it’s you? Kramer that was years ago; we were kids, just stupid kids. I’m sorry; I’m really sorry for doing that to you.”

“Oh you’re not nearly as sorry as you’re going to be; I can promise you that Alicia.”

Alicia’s eyes widened as she saw a look come on his face. It was a look of pure evil that came from Kramer’s eyes and penetrated her very core. Alicia knew then this wasn’t about kidnapping her, this was about revenge.

He’s going to rape me; and then probably kill me. I have to get out of here! I’ll keep talking to him, maybe get through to him somehow.

“Kramer, listen to me. I am sorry for what I did back then. I thought about you allot over the years, honestly I did. I even thought of looking you up and apologizing to you, but I thought that you probably had a family and kids and had forgotten it a long time ago. I know now, you didn’t forget. I wasn’t the only one Kramer. Other kids did things too; we were mean and stupid and what we did was wrong but….”

“Shut up! Just shut the hell up bitch! I don’t have a family; a wife or kids or anything, and that’s because of you. Thanks to you, and the way you humiliated me that day; I was too afraid to talk to women. I was afraid of being laughed at or rejected by them; the way you laughed at me and all your friends laughed at me! You and all the rest of them made me what I am today.”

Kramer grabbed her by the throat and for a moment he thought of killing her right then; but he got control of himself and released his grip. She gasped for air and tears flowed down her face. He sighed, he wanted to just tear into her flesh then and there but regained his composure quickly.

You know Alicia, I used to catch animals and torture them for hours. It made me feel alive,you know? I suffocated some of them; others I skinned alive. There was also some that I cut the legs off of. Iwatched to see how long it took them to bleed to death. One that I remember most was a squirrel. I cut its little chest open and reached in and ripped its heart out. Do you know that its heart still beat for a bit as I held it in my hand? “Kramer stood with his hand outstretched, a smile on his face, as if he were reliving the event.

Alicia closed her eyes as she felt her stomach churning, while hot saliva filled her mouth. She thought she would vomit; but she was able to resist the urge. Her heart was beating so fast and hard, she felt lightheaded.

“I wonder if a human heart would keep beating like that? “ He glared at her. "I always wanted to be the guy who stole your heart."

“Oh God Kramer…please, I’m not an animal. I’m a human being, it isn’t too late; please let me go. You want me to understand how I hurt you back in school; I do understand that now and all I can say is, “I’m so sorry.”

“I’m going to make us supper now Alicia. I want you to lie there and think about what I’ve said. Maybe, I’ll let you decide which way you want to die. You will beg to die; before this is over. But for now, we’ll just enjoy each other’s company.” He smiled before leaving her alone on the bed.

Oh God. He is insane and unless I get out of here, he is going to torture me like he did those poor animals! There has to be a way out of this. Jason must know I’m missing by now and called the police.

Oh no! Jason and I had that big argument Tuesday. He’s staying at his buddy Joe’s house! He won’t know I’m gone.

Janet, she has to know something is wrong when I don’t show up at the office today. But how long would it take her to call someone to check on me? Even if she did call someone, no one would ever think about Kramer as a suspect in her disappearance.

Think Alicia; there must be a way out of this! I have to stay calm and try to talk this lunatic out of whatever he has planned to do to me. I have to!

She curled her fingers and tried to use the tips to pull at the ropes. She could feel at least two knots in the rope. There was very little play between the rope and her wrists; she couldn’t slip them over her hands. Tears streamed from her eyes as she came to realize that she couldn’t wriggle her hands free. The tension on the rope was too tight for her to try and forcibly pull her arm forward and perhaps break the bedposts loose.

The knife, where did he put the knife? She looked over at the dresser where Kramer had placed the bag. The knife lay by the bag, out in the open; but there was no way she could get to it. Alicia felt the hopelessness of her situation wash over her like a tidal wave.

Kramer came back into the room with a plate and a glass of water; sitting it on the night stand beside the bed he smiled down at Alicia.

“Sorry, I ‘m afraid it isn’t a gourmet meal like you’re probably used to; just a hotdog, but a person condemned to death has a right to a last meal.”

“I don’t want anything.”

“Suit yourself, I’m not untying you. I can feed it to you if you want?” He replied.

“No, I’m not hungry.” Alicia turned her head away.

“So, have you thought about the offer I made you? Do you have a preference about how you want to die?”

Alicia’s body stiffened; as she heard his words. Panic flooded her entire being as she choked back tears to answer his insane question.

“Do you really think I can choose from the hideous options you gave me a few minutes ago? Kramer, I don’t want to die at all. I want to go home to my husband and I want to have children one day and grandchildren. I want you to forgive me for what I did to you, and let me go. You’ve made your point; I get it, I really do get it. If you wanted to scare me; you’ve succeeded. I’m not that silly, self-centered cheerleader I was back in high school. Why can’t you see that?”

Kramer sat beside her on the bed, looking at her for several minutes in silence. He reached out to stroke her cheek; the one he’d bruised when he knocked her out at the park. For one brief moment, he almost felt sorry for her.

“You remind me of the little squirrel; so small and afraid. I believe you when you say you are sorry for making a fool out of me that day in the lunch room, I do. But, this has to happen Alicia; because if I don’t kill you then it means I’m weak. I was a weakling all my life; and people walked all over me. Now, it’s my chance to show the world I’m not weak anymore and besides, I need to feel that rush again; the one I get when I let my anger out. Killing you will be like making love to you. It will be passionate and exciting. “

He got up from the bed and went over to his bag on the dresser. He reached inside and pulled out a blue tarp and laid the knife on top of it.

“This could get messy and I don’t want to have to clean up too much after we’re done.” He smiled at her.

“Oh God Kramer, please don’t do this! I ‘m begging you…please!” she cried.

Kramer took the tarp and slipped it under her. He took the knife and started cutting her pants, then her sweatshirt from her body. Alicia was screaming, begging him to stop and twisting her body in the bed. All of her resistance excited him even more; he was in control.

He slid the knife beneath the front of her bra and with one swift cut it came loose. Cutting the straps free from her shoulders; he then proceeded to slice her panties off her body. He ran his hands over her smooth body; he softly kissed each breast and then preceded; kissing her neck and finally her lips. His hands shook with excitement. His breath became shallow and quick. Then he stopped and stood up.

He turned back to the dresser and picked up the roll of tape and tore off a piece long enough to cover Alicia’s mouth. Sitting beside her once more, he placed the tape firmly over her mouth. He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor; then his jeans came off next, then his boxers. He sat back down beside her.

“I don’t want to be distracted by your screams; this is meticulous work and I need to concentrate, so you don’t die too quickly.”

His voice became monotone in its pattern and his eyes were no longer that of a human being. Instead, they looked almost black, showing no compassion what so ever; like a lion about to rip into his prey.

Alicia tried to scream but the tape muffled any attempt of the screams being heard, even if anyone was nearby. Her chest began to ache with the pulsating beat of her heart as it pounded; feeling like it would burst through confines of her ribcage. Her eyes widened and the look of terror they held, only served to heighten Kramer’s eagerness to begin his revenge on her.

He took the knife and slowly traced it down from her sternum to her pelvic bone; just enough to draw blood, but not deep enough to cause a serious wound. Blood began to flow and trickle down her sides as she screamed from beneath the tape on her mouth. He had dreamed of this moment for so long; it was better than he could have imagined. He was aroused to the point that he had an erection.

Her twisting has cause the knife to go deeper than intended as it slashed across her stomach; which angered Kramer. He got up and tightened the ropes on her hands and feet even tighter than before; making it harder for Alicia to move her body. Tears streamed heavily down her face and onto the tape as she felt the burning the knife had cause her flesh.

Why couldn’t he just rape me and then plunge the knife into my heart. Kill me quickly why don't you!

Kramer made the next cut deeper and as she screamed out in horror. He continued to cut her body until she could no longer stand the pain and she passed out. He was disappointed that she had not remained conscious; but he continued with the knife.

When she came to sometime later, she felt excruciating pain.Looking down, she saw both breasts were gone. She felt blood puddled beneath her body; she could smell it. It make her sick to her stomach. She knew if she threw up, she’d choke on her own vomit. She still held onto hope that someone would rescue her before Kramer ended her life.

“Good, you’re awake. It isn’t as much fun when you pass out on me Alicia. Now, let’s continue shall we?” Kramer sounded cheerful at the thought of her being awake for the next round of torture.

Alicia shook her head and screamed at him; but he ignored her futile attempts at communication. She had lost a lot of blood and now she was feeling weak and dizzy.

She saw him raise the knife above her and as he came down with it, she clinched her eyes tightly closed and waited for the knife to enter her body.

It felt as if he had punched her in the stomach with his fist. It wasn’t until he pulled it out again that she realized he had stabbed her. There was a deep burning sensation as the stomach acid poured out into her body cavity. Now, almost too weak to make a sound, she groaned and resigned herself to her death at the hands of the maniac, Kramer Valentine.

She lost count of the number of times he plunged the knife into her body; each time making sure he missed any vital organs that might speed up her death. She deliberately tried to turn herself just enough to make him slip up and hit her heart. He was too quick, he switched between long painful slashing and agonizing stabs.

She had no concept of how much time had elapsed since he began his torture of her; it seemed like hours, like a lifetime of hours.

Through eyes that were barely able to open at this point, she looked at Kramer. She didn’t see anger in his eyes anymore. It was more a look of pleasure; the look her husband got when he climaxed during sex with her; a release of his desire. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift mercifully into blackness as he drove the knife into the center of her chest. He thought it strange there was so little blood; but then he had drained her of most of it already.

Kramer, his hands dripping with her blood, leaned over and pulled the tape from Alicia’s mouth and kissed her on the lips. Exhausted from the night of torture; he just sat and stared at her for a long time. This was so much sweeter than I imagined Alicia; thank you.

Finally, he got up and got the large plastic storage bin and sat it beside the bed. He went to the black bag and pulled out a saw. Hebegan the task of dismembering Alicia’s body. By the time he finished, he was able to place her in the bin. He breathed in a deep breath; all he could smell was blood. With Alicia's blood still fresh on his hands; he masturbated until gained sexual release.

He went into the shower and washed the blood from his body, and then went to his old bedroom and went to bed. He would wake early in the morning and drag the bin down to the lake; put a few large rocks in with Alicia and drop her from the pier into the water. He’d have to clean the bedroom up and make sure there was no evidence left behind.

Not that the police would have any reason to suspect me for her disappearance; but better safe than sorry.

For now, he was tired and just wanted to sleep. You almost blew it when you let yourself feel sorry for her Kramer. I rushed it too; which wasn’t supposed to happen. Those are things I’ll have to work on with the next one. Oh yes, there will be a next one definitely; this was better than the animals I killed; so much better!.

"So tell me Kramer; were you surprised when Alicia's body was found? You had been so careful putting her in the lake; you must have thought she would never be discovered."

"Ah, but it took years to find her didn't it? If my mother hadn't sold the cabin, you would never have known she was there."

"Guess it didn't occur to you that the new owner would build a new pier and find that plastic bin."

Kramer just shrugged and looked at Allison devoid of expression. He had relived the kill and now he was shutting down. I would have to make more visits to the prison to learn about the murders ofhis other twenty-two victims. For now, I just wanted to get out of that room and breath fresh, clean air again.

It was my job to interview Kramer, I am a Psychologist from the Washington, DC offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. My job is to help profile serial killers by compiling documentation of past cases and interviewing current serial killers incarcerated within our prison systems.

I interviewed Kramer Valentine while he was on death row; and am currently writing a book based on his crimes titled, THE VALENTINE MURDERS. Hewas executed twelve years after being convicted and I was there when they gave him the lethal injection.

When I asked him if he had any remorse for the women or their families,at my final interview,his comment was:

“The only regret I have is that I didn’t take as much time with Alicia as I had wanted to. I could have done better work; but she was my first. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I did get much better as I went along.”

He finally showed a look of remorse; not for her, but for his clumsiness at killing her too soon. I wanted to kill him slowly, the way he had killed his victims. That would have made me like him; we all carry that dark side of us around. Are we all capable of becoming Kramer?

It's something I've asked myself many times over the years. I have to believe that most of us would never become that monster.

After leaving his cell; I realized that while Alicia’s murder was a heinous act of brutality, she got off easier than the twenty-two women that Kramer went on to kill in the following years.

The twisted mind of a serial killer is something that all of us involved in mental health tries to unravel and understand. We hope that we can recognize and perhaps prevent others from giving in to the urges that lead to these types of senseless murder. When we are not successful, we can only offer insight to their behaviors so that law enforcement can pursue them and put them away.

I think in Kramer’s case, the bullying, while it perhaps played a part in his evolving into committing acts of violence; it was not the sole cause. In studying the minds of serial killers through methods such as CAT scans and MRI's; we know the make up of their brains do show differences in them when compared to normal people. Men like Kramer walk among us; live next door to us, and seldom reveal their true personalities until it’s too late to escape them.

It is the thought of them; those still out there, that haunt me late at night. My sleep is a never ending nightmare of grizzly scenes of murder, and although I will never get used to man’s inhumanity against humankind I will continue to interview the Kramer’s in our world. It's my job.

© Copyright 2017 Ava Rosien. All rights reserved.

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