My Trip to the Park

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This is the story of a little girl, a park, and her encounter with a boy named Todd.

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012



My Trip to the Park

Last week, mommy and I went to the park,

where kids like me play, and dogs often bark.

It had swings and a castle, and a bright red slide.

There were rockets to climb, and a big goose to ride.

Gonzo the clown was there, making animal balloons.

Nearby was a band, playing sunny day tunes.

I was't there long, when I met a boy name Todd.

He was silly, and funny, and just a little bit odd.

In his front pocket he kept, a toad frog named Larry.

While in the other, was a white mouse named Harry.

Todd jumped on the monkey bars, and swung like an ape

Then he slid down the slide, wearing a Superman cape!

Once in the castle, he loudly announced,”I am the King!”

Then he tugged on a rope, making the tower bell ring.

The boy then proceeded to tumble round on the ground,

Nearly upsetting the balloon tricks of Gonzo the clown!

Riding atop of the goose ride, he rocked and he swayed.

I watched from safe distance, as this silly boy played.

“I’m flying, I’m flying; take me up to the trees…

I see houses and farms, and lakes and blues seas!”

I wondered what else he’d see if his ride were a Moose;

instead of something as harmless, as Old Mother Goose.

Just them his mom called, “Time to go home little Todd.”

It was the last I saw of the boy so silly and odd.

Tomorrow, mommy’s taking me again to the park,

Where kids like me play, and dogs oftenbark.

Maybe Todd will be there too, with gross pets in his pockets.

Perhaps I’ll watch him blast off, on the playground space rockets!

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