Sophie Little and the Splendid Mr. Tuggles

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A little girl see her family members all have important job and wonders what her important job might be. With the help of her friend, Mr. Tuggle, she learns that she is important too.

Sophie Little and the “Splendid” Mr. Tuggles


Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a little girl named Sophie Little. Sophie lived with her mother, father, and her older sister Melissa, in the small village of  Springville. It was a happy place, with lots of little shops, and a little park, where little children played.Sophie’s father was the mayor of Springville,and had a very important job making sure all of the citizens of the village were safe and happy.


Sophie’s mother took care of her family, making delicious meals, keeping the Little house tidy, and had the very important job of making sure the Littles were safe and happy. Sophie’s sister Melissa was beautiful and funny, and her job was to go to school each day, and make good grades. Sophie was also beautiful and funny, although she wasn’t old enough to go to school, or be the mayor, and she didn’t know how to cook, or take care of the house.


She wondered one day what her job in the Little family was, and went to her mother to ask, “Mommy, everyone in our family has a job, but what is my job?”


Sophie’s mother looked down at her and smiled, “Your job in the Little family is to play and be happy, and just be our little girl right now.”


Sophie was a little disappointed with her mother’s answer. It seemed to her that she should have a more important job than just being a little girl. That night after she was tucked into her bed; she wrapped her arms around Mr. Tuggles, her teddy bear, and whispered softly.


“Mr. Tuggles, I wish you could tell me what my real job is. I want an important job, like Mommy and Daddy and my big sister have.”  Sophie closed her eyes, and was just about to fall asleep, when she heard a little voice.


“Sophie, if you want to know what your job is; you need to wake up.”


Sophie opened her eyes to see Mr. Tuggles sitting up and smiling at her. Mr. Tuggles had been her favorite stuffed animal, ever since she found him under the Christmas tree when she was just two years old.


“I never knew you could talk!” Sophie exclaimed, her eyes wide with wonder.


“You never asked me to before, but now that you have; I have lots of things to say!”


“Do you know what my job is in the Little family Mr. Tuggles?” Sophie asked.


“I do indeed, my dear child!” he chirped. “But first of all, now that I can make myself perfectly clear; my full name is, the “Splendid” Mr. Tuggles, if you please,” he said politely.


“ So nice to meet you, The Splendid Mr. Tuggles!  “So tell me please, what is my job? Is it a very important one, as important as mommy’s or daddy’s or my big sister’s?” Sophie asked.


“Oh my dear Sophie, you have a most important job; but let’s do talk about it over a cup of your marvelous tea. I must say your tea parties are the highlight of my day!” he said.


Sophie often held tea parties for all of her stuffed animals, to entertain herself while her sister was at school during the day. Invited guests to all her parties were, Mrs. Peggy Piglet, Mr. Tad PoleFrog II, Chichi Chimp, Miss Kitty Cat, Thumpalina Rabbit, and of course Mr. Tuggles, who always sat at the head of the table.


After making themselves comfortable, Sophie poured them each a cup of hot of tea, and served Mr. Tuggles a treat of sweet bread, with fresh honey. After finishing, Mr. Tuggles patted his tummy, rolled his eyes.


“My dear Sophie, you truly make the most wonderful treats, my little tummy and I thank you!”


“Why thank you The Splendid Mr. Tuggles, I am glad you liked it. “Now that we have had our tea, could we talk about my job now?” Sophie pleaded.


“Oh yes, that was the purpose for me waking you wasn’t it? I nearly forgot why we’re here. I don’t suppose I might have another cup of tea, and perhaps one more slice of bread and honey; could I my dear?”


Sophie was growing quite impatient with him. While he was certainly charming and entertaining, he was a bit absent minded;

as she was discovering now that he could speak.


“No. No more tea and treats Mr. Tuggles! It’s time to tell me what my important job in Little family is,” Sophie said firmly.


“Very well dear little Sophie; no need to be so grumpy. I will tell you what your job in the Little family is.” He replied, with a sparkle in his little bear eyes.


“Do you remember when you and I went with your parents to see you sister, play basketball at school last week?”


“Yes, I remember, but what has that to do with me and my job?” she asked impatiently of him.


“Well, Melissa’s team lost the game that night, and she was feeling pretty low; remember?”


“Yes, but Melissa was wonderful. She made a basket that almost won the game!” Sophie said with pride in her eyes.


“Yes, she did, and you told her that, making the sad look on her face turned into a smile.” Mr. Tuggles said.


“You knew just the right thing to say to make her feel better, and let her know that win or lose, you thought she was the best!”


Sophie smiled at the memory of that night, but wondered what it had to do with her job.


“ Then there was the time that we found your mommy crying, because she had dropped her favorite vase and broken it into a million little pieces. It was the one grandma Prior had given your mommy on her birthday day; remember?”


Sophie thought for a minute, and remembered how sad her mommy was as she picked up the pieces of that vase from the floor of the living room.


“Yes, I remember feeling so bad for mommy, and wanting to do something nice for her.  I went to my room and got out my modeling clay, and I made her a new vase; not as nice as the one grandma gave her, but I did my very best on it.” Sophie replied.


“Yes indeed, it was a beautiful vase. Remember how your mommy held the vase in her hands, and ran her fingers over it, and them gave you a great big hug and kiss?”


Sophie smiled with pride, remembering what her mommy had said when she looked at the clay vase she had made with her own two little hands.


“Oh Sophie,this is the most beautiful vase I have ever seen! I will take special care of it always, because you made it just for me.”


“These are very nice memories,’ Sophie admitted to Mr. Tuggles, ‘but what do all these stories have to do with my job in the Little family?”.


“I will get to that very soon my dear Sophie; but next let’s remember that time when your daddy sprained his ankle and had to walk with crutches.” He replied.


“Oh yes, I remember that he had to keep his foot up. It was all blue, and swollen really bad.” She said sadly.


“He was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t get about the way he was used to, and you would get him a drink from the kitchen when he was thirsty.  You told him how much you loved him, and gently kissed his ankle saying, 'Here daddy, this kiss will make it all better.  The pain will go away now.' Mr. Tuggles smiled.


“I remember that!” she said. “Daddy laughed for the first time since he hurt his ankle, and said my kiss did make it feel better!” Sophie said. “Mr. Tuggles I am so happy you can talk, and I like remembering all these things because they make me feel good, but when are you going to answer my question and tell me what my job is in the Little family?” Sophie sighed.


“Why Miss Sophie, haven’t you realized by now what your job is in the Little family, and how very important it is?” Mr. Tuggles asked in surprise.


Sophie looked confused and a bit annoyed with him, replying, “How can I know that, if you haven’t told me yet?” she said .


Now it was Mr. Tuggles who looked a bit impatient and annoyed, as he sat up in his chair tapping his little bear paws on the table.


“What more important job could a little girl have, than to turn sad faces into happy ones? Why you make everyone around you happier than they would be, if you weren’t there to cheer them up?” Mr. Tuggles said.


“Don’t you see my dear little friend; you bring joy into the Little family.  All the kind things you do everyday, make a difference to your mommy and daddy, and your big sister.”


“I do have a very important job after all!” Sophie said excitedly.


“You do indeed Miss Sophia Little…and now you need to get some sleep, or you will be too tired to have our weekly tea party tomorrow, which is another very important job you have!”

Sophie snuggled under the covers of her bed, hugging her teddy bear tightly. She gave him a kiss on the head.

“Tomorrow I will give you two slices of sweet bread and honey, my Splendid Mr. Tuggles!”

































Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Angie Blake

This is a beautiful little story of the Little family. I loved Mr. Tuggles the bear as I am sure the children that read your story will do as well! Superbly written and love the characters and the message! NICE!

Sat, September 29th, 2012 6:43pm


Thank you Angie. Sophia is the name of my grandchild. I wrote it for her, but decided to share it on here, SO glad you liked it.

Sat, September 29th, 2012 12:04pm


This was so beautiful and cute!

Sophia Little was the little angel of the family, turning frowns to smiles.

I love reading any writer's children stories because in them one can appreciate their true skill at its most basic. Then when comparing this to their mature work, one can see patterns and confidently say, "She is an author!"

I must commend your characterization of Sophia, it read like a believable child! I wanted to reach into the story and hug her so badly.

Splendid Mr. Tuggles was also the best imaginary/magical friend a child could have. You made him so silly.

Overall, this was an ambitious and ingenious story, even for a child. Everything worked so well, and exploring how powerful a child's kind heart can be was a testament to childhood.

How I miss being little.

Mon, January 7th, 2013 8:46am


MrV, Thank you so much for all the kind words. This was one of my earlier works; written for my granddaughter Sophia.

I love writing children's stories that teach a lesson within a whimsicle tale. Your comments were received and appreciated as few seldom seem to read these stories on booksie.

Thanks again for visiting my page! :)

Mon, January 7th, 2013 8:51am

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