Sophie's Special Tea Party (Shoo-Fly Pie and Other Tasty Treats)

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When Sophie learns her bear, Mr.Tuggles, can talk to her; she wonders if the rest of her stuffed animals can too.

She invites them all to her Tea Party and waits to see how they resond to her special treats.

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Sophie’s Special Tea Party

(Shoo-fly Pie and Other Tasty Treats)

Some time ago, Sophie Little learned that The Splendid Mr. Tuggles could talk, and that made her wonder about all her other tea party friends as well.

Mr. Tuggles had explained that they were all a bit more shy than he was, so she would have to really have to do something special to get them to talk.

Sophie thought about the party for several days, and came up with ideas that would make each guest feel special, and comfortable enough to over- come their shyness.

The morning of the tea party arrived, and Sophie cheerfully set the table, placing little name cards around the table for her guests.

Of course The Splendid Mr. Tuggles insisted on his usual place at the head of the table, which was fine with Sophie.

Soon everyone arrived and took their places, according to the cards she had placed.

There was Mr. Tuggles, and to his left was Mrs. Peggy Piglet.

Tad Polefrog II, Chichi Chimp, Kitty Kat, Thumpalina Rabbit, and the newest of her friends, Ping-ling Panda, followed in order around the little table.

Sophie served her guests their tea, and then came back with the different treats she had made for each of them.

“Mr. Tuggles, here is your usual biscuit, with honey in the middle,” she said.

“Oh thank you… I do so love my honey treats!” he replied happily.

“Mrs. Peggy Piglet, for you today we have a delicious salad of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, and tasty cucumbers.”

“I wasn’t really sure what pigs like to eat, but mommy says

veggies make me healthy, so this should be good for you too.” Sophie said.

Mrs. Peggy Piglet never made one comment to say how nice it was of Sophie to think of her good health.

“Mr. Tad Polefrog, for you I have made a wonderful Shoo-fly pie…I hope you enjoy it.” Sophie said.

“It took me almost a whole day to chase the flies down, just to make this for you.”

Sophie thought she saw a small smile cross Tad Polefrog’s face, but he never uttered a word of thanks for all her effort.

“Here you are my dear Chichi Chimp…enjoy your meal of sweet bananas, smothered in chocolate sauce,” she smiled, handing him his plate.

Much to her dismay, Chichi Chimp sat silent as she sat his plate in front of him.

Sophie hoped Miss Kitty Kat would be the one to break the silence, once she saw her irresistible treat of fresh sardines.

Sadly, Miss Kitty Kat sat stone-faced, and not a single purr came from her lips, to show her gratitude for such a marvelous meal.

Without much hope left of having a conversation with any of them this day, she served Thumpalina Rabbit her scrumptious plate of crispy sliced carrots.

Though Sophie was certain she saw Thumpalina Rabbit’s nose twitch a bit in excitement over her platter of carrots, she did not say one word.

Sophie sighed, and went to get the last remaining plate for her newest guest,

Ping-ling Panda.

“For you my handsome Ping-ling Panda I have made a tasty treat of tender bean sprouts, nestled in a bowl of rice. I had to go to China to get it, but you are worth all the trouble I went to.” Sophie said with a smile.

Sophie sat down to join her guests, and eat her own favorite meal of peanut butter and grape jam sandwich, when she thought she heard a noise from across the table.

It sounded a bit like her father did when he snored at night, and she looked up to see Mrs. Peggy Piglet with her snout in the plate of salad.

My…this salad is so fresh and over the top, usually all I get is disgusting old slop!” she squealed in delight.

Sophie was surprised that someone had finally spoken, but managed to reply, “Why thank you very much Peggy Piglet, I am so glad you like it!”

Sophie was happy that she now had Mr. Tuggles and Peggy Piglet to talk to at her tea party, that she decided not to be too upset with the others for not speaking.

Then, as she sipped her tea, she heard “ree-deep….ree-deep…the plumpist flies make the tastiest pies!”

“Yes they do Mr. Tad Polefrog!” Sophie replied, “ I am so happy you like your Shoo-fly Pie!”

A moment or so later, Chichi Chimp chimed in the conversation, “Oooh-oooh…uh-uh…lovely bananas right from the tree, covered with a sauce that’s

sweet as can be!”

“Glad it is to your liking Chichi Chimp…only the best for my special guests!” Sophie gleefully rhymed back.

“Purrrr-fectly delicious this sardine dish, I do so love the taste of fresh little fish!”

“I was happy to make it for you Miss Kitty Kat!” smiled Sophie.

With a loud thump of her foot, Thumpalina Rabbit munched on her carrots.

“They’re orange and sweet…a most lovely treat!” she said in a shy voice, that was barely a whisper.

“They were freshly picked, from my very own garden, so enjoy them my dear,” said Sophie.

“Oh, honorable and gracious hostess, Ping-ling is most satisfied with his delightful Oriental surprise, it brings joy to his heart and tears to his eyes!”

Sophie patted Ping-ling Panda on the head, and said, “How very nice of you to say that…please have seconds if you like.”

“This is the best tea party ever! I am so happy that you all came!” Sophie said to her guests.

The Splendid Mr. Tuggles gives Sophie a wink, and remarks, “Well little Sophie you got them to speak.”

The rest of the party was full of conversations from Tad Polefrog II about houseflies versus dragonflies, and which ponds had the best selection.

Miss Peggy Piglet shared her beauty secrets about mud facials, followed by exciting stories of Chichi Chimp’s adventures swinging through the jungle treetops.

Miss Kitty Kat gave a detailed account of her most exciting mouse hunt, while Thumpalina showed a slide show of her…. one hundred and fifty children !

Last but not least was Ping-ling Panda’s story of how he came from far, far away, and proved it by showing off his label that read, “Made in China”.

Sophie considered this to be her very best tea party ever!

Everyone got along so well, and the conversation was stimulating, and well rounded.

Sophie told all of her guest that day; she would be inviting them all back again next week.

She announced the menu would include: corn and broccoli mush, mosquito casserole, coconut milk and mango squares, raw fish burgers, carrot cake, chop suey, and honey wheat pancakes with maple syrup!


They all cried out, we’ll be there!

****THE END****

Submitted: September 16, 2012

© Copyright 2023 Ava Rosien. All rights reserved.

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Mindy Rodman

lovely and enchanting

Sun, February 17th, 2013 7:49pm


I am so glad you enjoyed it. I wrote it for my grand daughter, Sophia.:)

Sun, February 17th, 2013 2:58pm

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