Why Me?

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Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



It was after school, all my friends had come with me to the mall, where we were laughing and talking in the food court. Loud, busy sounds filled the large area while the scent of warm food wafted in the air. I turned to my two best friends who were laughing and giggling with me about a previous gossip session about boys.

“All I’m saying is he’s such a hottie, and I’m so glad I got asked to the dance!” One of them, Jessica, said.

Ah, yes, the dance. It seems as though everyone has been asked at this point, for it’s only 3 days away. Everyone has their dresses, their dates by now.

Everyone except me.

“Me too!” My other friend, Elise, replied to her. They shared an excited scream together, disturbing others in the court. Glares and looks of disapproval shoot our way and I flsh red from slight embarrassment.  

Jess had been asked by Kayleb, Elise was asked by Gavin… where’s my invite?

They seem to notice my quietness, because Jess asked, “What about you, Renee? Who’s your date?”

My eyes snapped in her direction. I could feel the blood rushing to my face with embarrassment as I replied, “Um.. no one.. Yet..”

“Wait, you don’t have a date?’ Elise asked in a surprised tone. I shook my head in response. Both her and Jess shared a glance. They were so lucky, they were pretty, gorgeous, they got all the hot guys in the school. They were two of the most popular girls in the school. Both of them had perfect lives. Lives I’d trade with mine in a heartbeat, I couldn’t help but be jealous.

Jessica gasped and said, “Oh, I TOTALLY know why!”

“Why?” I say in immediate interest. “Tell me!”

She rooted through her tan leather purse for a while, her jangly bracelets clinking and jangling everywhere. Her long blonde curls draped over her face as she pulled out something orange.

They were…. A bottle of pills.

“Take these,” Jess smiled and handed them to me. I took the long, slender bottle into my own hand and read the label: Weight Loss Pills.

I give Jessica a confused look. “Why would I take these?”

“Well, guys like skinny girls,” Jessica replied. “And you…. Well.. I’m not trying to be rude, but you have a little more.. Pounds than the rest of us. Look at me and Elise, we’re skinny to the bone because of those pills, and we got invited to the dance!”

Her words shredded through me like a knife as a pang of sorrow washed over me. Here they are, telling me I haven’t been invited to the dance this Friday because of my weight. They had it all, dates, the perfect body figure, and here I was; Ruining it all for them.

I scooted back in my chair, causing a loud scraping noise and more uncomfortable glares in our direction. “No,” I say, standing up. I try to keep my voice level.

“Do you want a guy to go with or not?” Elise prompted me.

“I...I…” I stutter, not sure how to respond. I really DID want a guy to go with.. But it hurt so much to have to change myself. With a small cry out, I turned and ran straight for the restrooms, pushing past the chairs and people in the way.

I slammed the door open. A sigh of relief escapes my lips when I saw no one inside. That was where I fully let loose the tears. I slammed my fist against the wall in frustration, sliding against it and down to the floor in defeat.

Why did this always happen to me? The only two friends I had, had the most sought after lives. Rich parents, good looks, everything a girl could ask for. While I was here with an abusive stepdad and my family just scraping to get by.

Maybe that’s why I began eating so much; To escape the pain. It was a comfort for me, having food there and just binging while not having to worry about life. My overeating had apparently gotten noticeable; I wish I could just stop, have a normal life like they do. All the boys and friends I could imagine, all the money in the world.

Jealousy swallowed me up as I continued to cry. My mind had come to one conclusion as to why I had felt this agony: I wanted to be them. I wanted their lives more than my own--

-- I envied them.


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