Life after the last banquet: Chapter 5

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We all remember how the last chapter ended, but what will the future hold for Tohru Honda & Kyo Sohma? Will they tie the knot? Will they part ways? Or will there be another addition to the Sohma house-hold?

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011




Kyo was knelt down on one knee, a sapphire velvet box appearing in his hand. He asked me the sentence I have dreamt about my whole life. Those words rung through my mind "Honour" and "Wife" with such ease in his voice. I could tell he had gathered all his courage to even do this. It seemed strange but so relieving, he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Ou-chan was right, she always is.

I struggled to speak, i was screamed "Yes Kyo, the honour would be mine" but only a faint squeak was forced out instead. Was I that excited, that I couldn't even speak?

My handsomely beautiful boyfriend looked up into my eyes, a smile plastered across his face, "Onigiri, are you okay?" he asked worriedly, taking hold of my hand.

My voice had disappeared completely, why?

'Speak Tohru!' I kept screaming at myself. I nodded, managing to force out "Yes."

Kyo was confused, "And which question would you be referring that answer too?" he asked, eagerly wrapping his arms round my little waist.

"Both," I smiled, happiness flowing through my entire body.

"Really?" he asked giving me a weird look, "Are you sure?" "I have never been more sure about this than anything else in the world. You are my soul-mate, my best friend and the world's greatest boyfriend," I explained, kissing him on the cheek with happiness.

"You mean fiance, Onigiri?" Kyo corrected me, chuckling slightly. He kissed me on my forehead before he opened the sapphire velvet box revealing -again- the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. "Now for my gorgeous bride-to-be, here is a ring that holds a promise from me. I will never stop loving you for eternity." He smiled pushing the ring on my engagment finger.

"A perfect fit," I giggled with glee.

"That just means you were always the missing piece to my jigsaw, waiting to be found."

"Aww Kyo," a hot-flushed over-took my body and I was filled with so much happiness from the most amazing moment. I kissed his cheek, and he returned the favour more passionately on my lips.

"I think we should go upstairs," Kyo suggested.

"Can't you wait till the honey-moon?" I giggled, as he scooped me up into his arms.

"Only if I have too," he smiled, carrying me out of the room and upstairs, "I also know you have over-doing it recently and are looking alittle pale. You should take a little nap, it'll do you good."

"But what about dinner?" I asked, panicking.

"Tohru, calm down. I will sort it, you just take a hot bath. Relax and I'll bring dinner up when it's finished."

My lovely gentleman was about to walk out of the door but turned round before he left to say, "You're going to make such a beautiful wife, Onigiri."

"And you a perfect husband," I replied.

"I promise I'd do anything to make you happy, however crazy," he smiled before leaving the room, "I love you!" I heard him call.

"I love you too," I shouted back.

Everything, at this moment in time, was perfect.

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