"Dear Diary"

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This is a poem about a girl who writes in her diary and talks about a boy who broke her heart, but with time, she had the strength to carry on.

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



"Dear Diary"
(Written By: Alan Cheng)

Dear Diary
My heart is broken
And it's been shattered
Into a billion pieces
That I could barely count
Just how many there are
'Cause I thought he loved me
And I knew that I loved him
'Cause I felt it from within myself
To know that he was sweet and kind
But turned out to be a pathetic back-stabbing guy
Who only used me to get something
Something in which he wanted
And got it in the end
Only to say that he didn't really love me
And walked away
Just to leave me crying
So what am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to say?
How can I make it out of this?
Is there even any possible way?

Dear Diary
It's only been a few days
And I'm slowly beginning to recover
From the time when he left me
Only to use me and make me look
As if I am a fool
And I feel like it
Since I let him use me like he did
What if time passes on?
And I still hadn't moved on?
Would I even be able to carry on?

Dear Diary
It's been a few months
And I'm beginning to be ok
With the fact that I can move on gracefully
Even though I can move on easily
But still heartbroken
Over what had happened to me
But I know that things will be ok
And I know that things will be just fine

Dear Diary
I am completely over him
And it's been about a year
'Cause I know that indeed
It took me time to get over him
Over what he did
Over what he said
And over with who he was
And what he used me for
And all those memories of him
Have now suddenly faded away
And the good news is
I have someone new
Someone that I can call my own
And he is way better
Than the guy that I was with before
'Cause I know that he truly loves me
And I truly love him
'Cause I know that he would never in his life
Ever use me like the other guy
In which I would just let to rot in hell
With his pathetic misery
'Cause I don't give a damn about him
And I only give a damn about the one that I love now
So no more pain
No more tears
No more crying endlessly
On all those sleepless nights


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