"I'm Not Your Little Entertainment"

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A poem that is talking about my inner emotions in which I am as angry as I was before, and the strength to blow up is built from within as each day passes by. This is my way of showing my courage to tell people off when I know that I should, and I've never done that in the past, so now, here I am, and you can't shut me up to those of you who know who you are!!

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



"I'm Not Your Little Entertainment"
(Written By: Alan Cheng)

You may not be aware
Of the fact that I get so fucking pissed off
When you use me as your little entertainment
Only to try and amuse you
While I try to ignore my own pain that I'm dealing with
But I take it that you wouldn't even fucking care
'Cause it's all about you
And I'm just not your little entertainment
The puppet
Or even the person that is supposed to be the sidekick
So don't tell me to shut my mouth
Or say that I've said enough
'Cause I haven't
And I never will say enough stuff
To stop what I need to talk about
'Cause I'm not your little entertainment
And I've got my own pain
So just go and deal with it
As I'm silently dealing with mine

I'm not your little entertainment
So you can just fucking forget about it
'Cause although it's nice
To cater to your needs
It's also something
That I get so fucking ticked off at
So the next time
When you want me
To be your little entertainment puppet
Think again
'Cause I'm nobody's fool or sidekick
Or even an assistant for that matter
'Cause I've got my own life to deal with
So don't you go saying that I'm becoming a badass
Who's just rambling on in a rude manner
'Cause it's you who should be sorry
For using me like that

I'm not your little entertainment
And although you may not be aware of it
I am as fucking pissed off as I can possibly be
So don't tell me to watch my language
Or to shut my mouth up
'Cause I won't
And I know what I'm saying
Even if you think that I don't
And you should be the one who shuts your mouth
So shut the fuck up
And just listen quietly
As I tell you everything that is blowing up
Blowing up in your face
And from my heart which builds
And rises up to the occassion of anger
That is all caused by you
So it's all your fault
So fuck you for telling me what to do
And treating me like a piece of shit
'Cause you ought to know
That I'm not your little entertainment

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