SexSlaves A mindless Behavior love story

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Welp this Is Called SexSlaves Because technically there SexSlaves...Just read and find out pls :) it's kinda hard to explain

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



Bella'sPov Well That Was It.. That I Saw Of My Family For The Past Two Years My Vagina Hurts Every single day It's Like Rape...It's About 8:30 pm I heard scarlett Screaming up the stairs there doing it like everyday. Our phones got cut off since we Diddnt pay our bills And its like Abuse if we don't do what they want we get Hit,Slapped,Punched Or Kicked. I'm Very Tired So I was sleeping then a person turned on the lamp and woke me up...Prod did. (I did a picture about how Bella look like)

Bella-Yes Mr.Prodigy? (I Said Rubbing My Eyes)

He Got On Top Of Me.

Bella-Please Mr.Prodigy! I'm So tired (I Said Begging)

Prodigy-Does This Face Look Like I Give A Fuck? If I Want You Im Getting You You Hear Me?! .

I Nodded My Head As He Undressed Me And He Undressed His Self He Was Fully Naked. And So Was I . He Began Licking My Neck I Held In My Moans.

Prodigy-Girl Stop Playing (He Hits My Thigh A Bit Hard So It Became Reddish ) You Know You Wanna Moan Stop Holding It. (He Starts Sucking And Bitting)

I got All My Moans Out When He Got My Sweet Spot He Sucked It Giving Me A Hickey. then He Kissed my Lips To Tell you I Kinda Liked It When He Kissed Me. Then He Went Down To My Chest And He Kissed In The Middle Of My Bra Holding My Breast Then He UnClipped My Bra . And He Bit And Sucked My Nipples. His Tongue Swirled Around My Nipples. And He Went Lower Trailing Kisses Down To My Vagina. He Pulled Apart My Panties I Was Kind Of Crying Because My Vagina Hurted Still. he Put His Finger In Then 2 then 3 then 4 Keeping up the past. I Moaned Loudly. Then I Cummed. He Licked Them Up And Put His Tongue Inside Of Me. He Went Deep And Hit My Little Ball Inside Then He Took His Tounge Out Just Shoving His Manhood In My Mouth Making Me Deep Throat Him. I Gave Him A Hand Job Rubbing My Hand Up And Down His Manhood. Then I Spitted On It And Licked it Off. He Took His Manhood Out Of My Hand And Just Rammed it In Me I Started Crying SomeMore Did He Give A Fuck No! Then He Made Me Ride Him We Were Both Moaning. I Was Moaning And Crying still After We Were Done We Laid Down.

Prodigy-Better Get That Kitty (Well I Diddnt Feel Like Saying Vagina So Kitty) ready for Tomrrow

(he Smirked)

That Only Made Me Miss My Home More.

????Next Morning????

Scarlett'sPov I Was Taking A Shower Just Rubbing Off The Dry Blood From Yesterday Tears Cleaned Me Too Yes I Was Crying In The Shower You Dont Know How Much I Missed Home. Just Then Someone Knocked On The Door . I Was Sure it Was Roc I Sighed

Scarlett-C-Come In.

And Roc It Was -.- He Just Opened The Shower Door And Came In I Sarted Crying Hard He Made Me Face The Wall And Put His Manhood In My Butt.

Roc-After This Is My Daily HandJob And BlowJob.

Scarlett-Yes Mr.Chresanto. (I Said Moaning Even tho I Diddnt Want Too)

Then He Stop I Went Down Giving Him His HandJob First Then Giving Him His BlowJob Roc Was The Really Horny One Of The Group. After We Were Down He Slapped My Ass And Wrapped A Towel Around His Self And Left I Did The Same I Changed Into Some Denim Jeans And A Pink Belt With A Cropped T-Shirt Saying Haterz And Put My Hair Into A Ponytail. And Walked Down The Stairs .

Vanessa's Pov Me And Jacob Were Fucking For The Third Time One Was In Our Bedroom 2 on the Couch And 3 On The Kitchen Counter It Hurted So Bad When he Rammed Into Me I Felt Shock Wave Inside My Kitty When He Went it I Cummed On His Hand Then When He Heard People Come Down The Stairs We Quickly Stopped And I Returned Back To Cooking Me And The Girls Take Turns Cooking. When Will This Ever End? He Just Sat Down And Turned On The Tv Violet Came Down Waddling. She's Not Pregnant it's Just That Ray Fucks Her Very Hard . After I Was Done I Gave Everyone There Plate Jacob Slapped My Ass I Quietly Sighed So He Wouldn't Hear. This Is My Life As A Slave....No SexSlave.

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