The Porcelain Doll

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A secret meeting
I had entered this story in the city newspaper but unfortunatly I didn't win. But it was still a really good experience!! :) Enjoy

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011



The Porcelain Doll


I picked up the mask with trembling hands. Nervously, I tied it around my face. I felt like a different person underneath that mask. As if my true self could be gone forever as long as I kept it on. It only covered a third of my face. The small round cut outs allowed me to see the real world. It was dark red, with black lace around the edges. Tiny little silver beads ran along the eye hole and a ruby in the center. Facing the mirror, I covered my lips with a heavy coat of bright red lipstick. I pursed them into a pucker and blew a kiss to my reflection. I took a good look at the girl staring back at me in the glass. My black silky hair fell on the sides of my face, like a frame, in perfect curls. The dark red strapless dress tightened around my body and shaped my every curve. I held out my hand to examine my fingernails. The black polish glossed over each one. I reached over and ran the tips across my bare arm. My skin was unusually flawless – soft and particularly pale. If I were to photograph this moment, you would think I was a porcelain doll. The small diamonds dangling from my earlobes sparkled when the light hit them just right. I looked down at my feet; each toe was painted to match my fingernails. The open toe high heels were a good touch. I thought to myself. After one last glimpse at my reflection, I grabbed my long trench coat and made my way to the lobby of my apartment building.

It was a beautiful night – a dark blanket of clear sky above us, and the air; fresh and clean. I stepped into the awaiting limo and took a moment to compose myself. Stay calm sweet heart. That’s the key. I heard my mother’s voice clear as day in my head. She always knew how to hold herself together; even when she was falling apart on the inside.

The driver exited the parking lot and eased into traffic. It was a good twenty minutes to City Hall – where the annual masquerade ball was being held for the 10th time in a row. I had never been. Nor had I ever wanted to. When I received the invitation in the mail three weeks beforehand, my insides almost burst. I reached over to the mini fridge and took an ice cold bottle of water. Just as I was finishing it off, the limo pulled into the busy lot. I felt a little warm when the driver opened my door and helped me out.

“Are you okay Miss?” he asked me “You look pale.” I lightly pressed the back of my fingers against my face.

“I’ll be fine.” I assured him “Thank you very much.”

I watched him drive away before I turned my attention to what was happening inside. The note I received with the invitation said to meet my secret date under the third chandelier in the center of the big hall. I had thought about this mystery man for weeks and in a few minutes it will no longer be my imagination.

As I set foot in the building for the first time, my heart pounded. I was overwhelmed with a mixture of excitement and fear. There were over 500 people already there. All men in black tuxedos and white masks to hide their identities. The women were gorgeous in a variety of colourful dresses and masks. I exhaled when I noticed not many of them had a dress like mine. Around the room were tables with all sorts of hors d’oeuvres and pastries. The sound of classical music and conversation echoed to the high ceiling. Tilting my head back, I saw the stunning chandeliers. There were three above each wing and in the center. I closed my eyes and envisioned the note that sat on my bedside table.

Meet me under the 3rd chandelier in the center of the room.

I’ll be waiting for you at 8:30.

It was a minute to. As I worked up the courage, I slowly made my way through the crowd. The echoes grew louder the closer I got to the meeting spot.

There I stood underneath the golden chandelier; my breasts moving up and down slowly as I breathed heavily. I did my best to keep my doll-like appearance. There weren’t many people near the back. I stood very still – waiting. Except, what was I waiting for? I had no idea who this man was or if he was a man at all. The possibilities were numerous. I started to feel light headed. Just before I was about to return to the front hall, I felt a cold hand on the top of my back. I gasped.

“I’m sorry, did I frighten you?” a low husky voice said from behind me. Very carefully, I turned my body to face the mystery man inches away from me. He was very lean and quite fit. I wondered how muscular he was underneath his tux. He was almost six feet tall and looking incredibly sexy with his hand in his pocket. His sleek dark hair was combed back to perfection. The plain white mask covered part of his forehead down to his nose. He had slightly tanned skin and deep blue eyes that seemed to glow through the mask. I could not look away, no matter how much I wanted to. His lips curved into a smile, exposing his straight white teeth. “You must be Liberty.” I nodded, unsure of what to say. I couldn’t possibly know this man. How did he know me? He took my hand in his and kissed every finger gently. “You look exquisite.” I felt my cheeks burn and turn beet red.

“Thank you,” I said smiling, my eyes never leaving his. “Do I know you? I don’t recall meeting.” It all seemed like a fairytale.

He chuckled and released my hand. He motioned for us to stand near the wall, away from any eavesdroppers. My pulse was still uneasy. I felt very warm; my palms becoming moist. He ran the back of his fingers lightly down my arm, giving me shivers. “No, we’ve never met.” He said to me in a soothing tone.

“But I don’t understand.” I said as my eyebrows bunched together in confusion. His smile grew wider. He was enjoying my reaction with great satisfaction. However, I on the contrary, was growing impatient.

“We’ve never met, but I know who you are.” I blinked. Did he just confess to stalking me? I looked around the room carefully. Maybe I could find some way to leave without causing a scene. He laughed. “Don’t worry, Liberty. I’m not dangerous.” he added after noticing my expression. “Your mother was a good friend of my parents.”

I was taken by surprise, but tried to stay poised. I didn’t know whether I should slap him for mentioning my mother, or to hug him for knowing her. I had never met any of my mother’s friends. Not when she was part of my life and not when she died. She rarely invited people over. When she did go out, I was never allowed to accompany her.

“You, you knew my mother?” I stuttered.

“Yes, she was a lovely woman. She talked about you all the time.” My dress suddenly felt very tight. As if it was suffocating me. “I had always wanted to meet you. When I was invited to this ball, I thought it would be…” his eyes trailed down my form, stopping at certain places for a better examination. “An amusing way.”

I thought of many other words that fit better the description of this meeting than amusing.

“My name is Jay.” he said, staring straight into my eyes. “You look absolutely ravishing tonight, Miss.” I felt my cheeks redden and I bit my bottom lip. “You could be mistaken for a doll.”

Jay took my hand again, leading me towards the middle of the great hall. I was never very good at ballroom dancing. When I lived with my father, he would spin me around on his toes in the living room. That was the only positive dancing experience I had. I tried to focus on the music while he placed one arm on my small waist and I dropped my hand on his broad, shoulder nervously. The movements were a blur. I followed his lead as well as I could. I felt his eyes gazing upon my face. I stared back mesmerized. The corner of Jay’s mouth curved into a faint smile. He tilted his neck a little to the side, and then leaned in closer to me; our noses touching lightly. In a panic, I stepped out of his reach and stumbled over to the dessert table.

As I grabbed a brownie, I felt his lips on my shoulder and his chest press against my back. I dropped the dessert on the floor. Jay’s breath lingered at my ear; making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. “Would you like to go somewhere a bit less crowded?” he whispered.

Dumbfounded, I let Jay guide me towards the elevators. Stepping in, he reassured me I was safe. I watched the numbers change gradually as we reached the roof level. Feeling trapped, I walked out of the elevator. A gust of cold air came as a shock. Jay wrapped his jacket over my shoulders. I let out the quietest of gasps when I saw the beautiful sight before me. The roof had been turned into a wild garden. Great wooden beams hung above the ground, covered in dark green, untamed vines. Little white lights twinkled across the fake sky like stars. Multiple plants and exotic flowers in painted pots were spread around the area. Dark rose petals were placed at random on the ground. A wide open space resembled a window. The view of the city was strikingly pretty. In the middle of the garden was a little round table and a set of chairs. A few candles were lit, along with two glasses and a bottle of wine.

It was the most incredible image I ever saw. Never would I have expected such a scene. I spun around to face him. Jay was grinning, obviously pleased with himself. Did he do all of this for me? If he had, why did he? He motioned for us to sit at the table. My eyes followed him as he went to turn on a mini stereo player hidden between the plants. A quiet hush of a lullaby began to play softly. I silently congratulated myself for keeping my appearance calm. I desperately hoped for Jay to remove his mask. I nodded when he poured us both a glass of wine.

What do you think?” he looked around the room casually but was quick to turn his attention back to me. I took a sip of my wine and bit my lip timidly. He had done this for me.

It’s amazing.” I started, “but I can’t help but wonder why…”

He chuckled briefly and took my hand across the table. I thought I detected a hint of pink in his cheeks, but I could have been mistaken. My skin was getting warmer despite the cool breeze. My body ached for Jay to explain. He let out a long sigh, and we locked eyes. “Before she died, your mother asked me to make your fairytales come true.” I waited for him to continue. “She always thought we would hit it off. I was curious about you, so I thought why not make this girl’s fairytales come true.” He stood up and pulled me to my feet; leading me to the window. “If I over stepped any boundaries, I apologize.”

I stepped back to admire my surroundings. Perhaps it was possible my mother had planned this encounter. Although I knew nothing of this man, being in his presence felt right. Jay’s arm wrapped around my torso. I breathed in his scent. “I love it. Thank you so much.” I finally said. With that; he spun me around, reached up and undid his mask. Jay became even more handsome. He winked at me jokingly and started to untie my mask. I held my breath.

Don’t be afraid.” he said as a smile appeared across his face. I expected the magic of the evening to disappear when he let the mask drop to the ground, but I was wrong. Jay lightly traced the frame of my pale face. “You’re as pretty as a flawless doll.” he said, then tightly wrapped his arms around my back and brought his lips down to mine. I kissed him back without hesitation. I felt the breathtaking sensation of bliss overcome my body.

I guess you can have a fairytale in the real world – but only if you’re lucky.



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