Why I did the things I did

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I confess.

I've been a beast.

For reasons unbeknownst to me,

I suppressed the rational, logical,


side of me,


and instead goaded out the abomination,

that is my darkness.


The vileness,

that is my selfishness.


The toxicity,

that is my fear.


And with maw bent, and snarling,

and claws,

twisted, and curling.


I chose to rip through my life.

I chose to decimate what stood in front of me.


And with that, no mercy.


But above all the most malevolent,

would be the idea that I enjoyed it.


"Celebrate the beast!",

I cheered.


"Utilize the beast!",

I commanded.


And so,



bent, and snarling.


Claws, twisted,

and curling.


I did the things that I did.



Submitted: December 11, 2018

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