Deathbed Prayers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nothing compliments love better than vengeance.

Carve another name into my heart

Tugging down your sleeves 

To try and hide the scars

The wounds you left me still are warm and fresh

And the only thing I've learned from you

Is beauty's in the flesh

If we start now we'll only have eternity to go

But I can't exist here any longer

If I can't detach from the first hello

Bury yourself deep in the mass grave

With only the corpses to keep you warm

Work your fingers to blistering pain

The beast's jaws upon your throat

This moonlight yields no hope

Drink in the misfortune 

Slip a knife between my eyes (twist harder)

Tomorrow is the ghost of an allusion 

Let's not spoil it with our demise


I had to learn the hard way

?It only takes a breath to ruin a lifetime

I can't wait to regret you one day

Salvation offered by the knife

There's just no hope for the final back stab

The trail of blood leads right to your smile

Rest your heavy head

Forever's been known to take awhile

An epidemic of the human disease 

Another token for your somatic collection

Reasoning comes and goes as it pleases

Towards the light isn't always the right direction

You can't reconstruct what isn't broken

Despite what you might think

I dip every quill in the strangers blood on my hands

Far more permanent than ink


Cast cold looks to the beautiful tragedy

And pray that this abandoned house

Still knows the remedy

Fatality settles into it's own faction

A turn for the worst

Your unholy perfection

I've met too many buzzards to believe in doves

And maybe in the grand scheme of things

I was never meant to love

Create the monster that will silence it all

Strip flesh from the hand that feeds

My blood is frostbitten so I wish you well

You live your life the same way you bleed

One ax is all we need

That certain crucifixion you can't live without

We're confined to the memories we share (trapped forever)

And when the sands of time run out

I'll cry a deathbed prayer

Submitted: August 08, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Avery Foxx. All rights reserved.

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