Aleria's Lesson

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this is the story of a bud in a garden of flowers.

Submitted: November 01, 2010

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Submitted: November 01, 2010



Once upon a time, there was a garden in a vast field. The garden had the most beautiful flowers in the world. At the very edge was where the most gorgeous flowers stayed and bloomed. In the mist of the field, was a tiny. Ugly bud that. No matter what, wouldn’t bloom. The flower buds name was Aleria. The pretty flowers constantly teased and made fun of her dullness. Though Aleria's Friends always defended her, her self confidence took quite a blow and she ended up believing what the mean flowers had said. Because of this Aleria went from shy and kind to selfish and outspoken. She was obsessed with being a full bloomed flower and didn’t care about anything else. “You don’t have to be a flower to be great.” One of her friends said to her one day. “You’re already a great flower, even though you’re not in full bloom yet.” She was trying to comfort her. But she just made Aleria angry. “You just pity me, don’t you?” She accused. “’hey let’s make Aleria feel better like she’s worth something.’ You act like you care because that’s what pretty flowers do.” Her friends were about to defend them but a strong and sudden gust of wind blew Aleria away from the garden. She felt weak and fell unconscious When she woke up, she found herself alone. At first she was relieved, even happy, that she didn’t have to listen to the pretty flowers gloating or her friend’s attempts at comforting her. Then she felt sad and lonely. Before she could stop herself, she started to cry and as soon as her tears reached the ground, she bloomed. She looked down at herself in awe. She was beautiful. She looked up to tell her friends but saw no one. She was beautiful but all alone. What more could she do but cry. She cried for days, waiting, because whenever she cried before her friends came and comforted her. But no one came. One day a little girl came by and saw her crying. “Why are you crying, miss pretty flower?” The little girl asked. Aleria told the little girl her story and ended it by saying, “I’m alone in this meadow and I miss my friends. I want to go home.” The little girl smiled and said, “My family owns a garden.” She stared to do Aleria out of the ground. “I’ll take you there.” When they got there, Aleria saw that the garden that the little girl spoke of, was her garden! The little girl planted her in the exact spot she was before. As the little girl ran off, Aleria saw her friends and called out to them. At first they didn’t recognize her, after a moment they knew it was her. “Aleria, you’ve become the most beautiful flower in the garden!” One said, excepting her to start gloating. Instead she smiled and hugged them all. “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I’m the most beautiful flower ever. All that matters is that we’re friends.” “What happened to the selfish, obsessed Aleria who got blown away” They asked. Aleria smiled and replied. “She realized what was really important. I realized what was important and finally bloomed.

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