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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Society will hurt you
Just like they crushed me

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



I’m hiding

From the pain and hurt

Life is notorious for

I’m hiding

From the idiots and jerks

That roam this world

I’m hiding

From all of those who never cared

And never will


And people

The persons that fill society

They’re callous and rough

Hard and tough

Sharp on all edges

Intelligence of a genius


And overtaking

The kindness

And gentleness

That once was there


There once was a young girl

Who was as bright as the sun

As cool as the wind

Known for her smartness

Known for her spirit

But then the waves

Of society came crashing down

And when they cleared

Her character and her joy

Were nowhere to be found



A word filled with hope and potential

Yet full of disappointment and cruelty

A term to describe something great

Is actually a word for those to hate

The trials are tilted

The judges biased

All the people

Fighting with one another


Over love

And desire

Over others


But you

You’re different

You’re special

You care

Maybe you can save me

From this life of solitude

From this life of cowardness


Our eyes

They meet

Our hearts

They jump

And for a moment

One precious moment

We are connected


But yet again

Society trumps the spirit

So you look away

And you pass on by

You’re just as bad as them, now

No one special, anymore

Just another being

Battling one another

For an empty prize


I’m still hiding

From the false joys

Fake relationships give

I’m still hiding

From the stupid idiots

Who’ll break your fragile heart

I’m still hiding

From the cracks that’ll never heal

And since society

Will never change

I guess I’ll just stay



© Copyright 2019 Avery White. All rights reserved.

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