Cruel Motives

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A couple traveling to a new great house to purchase. When they arrive i wonder if the ride there was worth it.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012






4 Hours spent on the highway driving from Memphis to Nashville. Eric and Angelia following up on a house they seen for sale online. Angelia names the house unbelievable. The 2 story unbelievable house that includes a front door and back door patio, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and an attic.  “I honestly think its all one big old scam. From the views online the house sounds so amazing,” said Eric calmly  “Why would somebody sell a house that low unless it’s in a bad condition,” Thought Eric. “Hush, you just mad you didn’t find this great of a deal. Why you urge to go if you think its forgery!” Angelia scream! Eric turns his head slowly towards Angelia. “I have two reasons why I wanted to go! “One reason I like to travel I never been to Nashville and another — Angelia leans over out the passenger seat of the car and punches Eric in his left arm. Keep your eyes to the road!” Angelia Demanded.

Erick chuckles with his devilish grin while turning the radio down. “Is that all you got baby?” Erica asked in his best personation of Tony Montana. “Punch pug can’t punch back!” shouted Angelia enthusiastically. Eric look towards Angelia disappointedly nods his head at his girlfriend. Places his right hand smoothly on her knee and begin to rub gently. She brushed his hand off with aggression while she smirks. “What are you nodding your head about?” Angelia asked humorously.

 You never follow the rules to any games we play. For the 50th time you can’t call out a color that’s been said previously. Why are you so ethical on punch bug? It’s a freaking highway game that was invented by some guy or girl years ago. To come and think about it how do you even know the appropriate way to play?

From Angelia question Eric drives their 1995 grey Honda Accord down the interstate with a confuse look upon his face.

Well…—Look theirs I-65 Nashville exit merge off here baby!

The couple turns off at I-65 made a right into West End Avenue. On the directions said take West End Avenue all the way out for 12 miles and make a left on Hedrick Street. Before you see Hedrick Street on the left after the 9th red light you’ll see a huge 5 floor Regions Bank on the right, right before you come to the red light. Once they turn on Hedrick Street they pass five houses on the left, and there was the “Amazing house.” Angelia face bloom like a flower when she seen the house. She opens the car door quickly and leaves Eric behind while sprinting towards the house. Angelia couldn’t help but notice the pretty bright chandelier hanging above her on the high white tile block ceiling. She walks upstairs and rubs her hand on the black gloss pattern wall with an astonishing look on her face. Just before she went up the entire staircase she hears a voice in one bedroom. The front door opens and Eric yells, “Baby.” Angelia runs down the stairs as fast as she can she slips on the 3rd to last step but Eric saves her fall. Angelia falls directly into Eric arms. “Somebody is up —hush I hear them talking.” Sounds like a woman I’m bout to go up, go to the kitchen dial for help.” Eric walks slightly ballerina style up the stairs. When Eric reaches halfway the women appeared on the top of the stairs. “Eric and Angelia right, I wasn’t expecting yawl to arrive this early.” Jennifer asked. “You must been Jennifer then. “Thank god!” “You had my girlfriend petrified down stairs here.” Eric is relieved. Jennifer laughs because she frighten the guest begins to walk downstairs. “Well since yawl here I can show you around this gorgeous house.” Jennifer the realtor presented every room to the couple very adequately. Angelia was already sold before she even seen the entire house.

Angelia forgets to disable her alarm clock on her Sprint Samsung Smartphone. Due to the matter, the alarm had woken Eric out his sleep. Is hard for him to go back to sleep after he’s being woken. After 30 to 40 minutes from build up frustration of not able to go back to sleep Eric decides to get a beverage. Sauntering through the living room half sleep he trips over something on the floor. “What the heck is that,” Eric screamed! The fall wakens up Eric. He immediately rises up and turns on the living room light. “What the…baby, come down here!” Eric yells at the top of his lungs. Angelia rises up rapidly from her sleep and walk downstairs. “What the hell is this?” Eric asked. “I don’t know… it look likes a reel-to-reel tape player.” “Where this player comes from?” Eric Asked. “The last owners must have forgot to take it.” Angelia confusedly answers. He looks down at the tape player with a “why not” look on his face than looks up at his girlfriend then ask, yeah I guess so do you want to keep it?” “I always wanted one of these day and night I travel around the earth searching,” Angelia Sarcastically Speaking.  “Oh, yeah I didn’t know that!” “No not really silly but I do want to show my moms when she come next weekend!” Angelia excited knowing this will be an awesome gift. The next day Angelia and Eric were in the living room hypnotized by the tape player. Angelia sat up off the floor and walked into the kitchen and Eric followed her leads. Angelia open the silverware drawer and grabs a huge knife similar to Michael Myers serial killer knives and she slits her throat ear to ear. Eric watches over here for about two minutes looking like he’s posses by a demon. Then he bends over grab the knife out his girlfriend hand and proceeds to do the same. When Eric beheaded himself the tape player stop playing and Jennifer opens the front door and came to collect the tape player, shut and lock the front door and removed the “Sold” off the sigh in the front yard.  

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