A First

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An interesting idea i had. Not a lot of fantasy in the beginning but will be in later chapters. Shoujo ai warning.
Hope you like=)

Submitted: February 10, 2008

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Submitted: February 10, 2008



The rain pored down on me, slowly but surely soaking my thin clothes. I didn't care though, I had shut down by now, everything seemed surreal around me. I just couldn’t take it in.
My mind was still trying to cope with the things that had happened over this one, horribly unrealistic day.


After running though the night for hours I had now no clue to were I was, I could only hope my pursuers didn't either. Even though my mind was numb with pain and fear, some part of it was still trying to fight for survival.
Looking over my situation though, the odds available were not to my advantage. I had no food and no place to stay. I was alone in London. No, I was alone in the world...
The realization hit me like a punch in the face. I had no one to turn to, no one at all.


I felt my hope drain away like water in a cupped hand. What hope did I have now?
Every possibility of a future had been ripped away from me. I tried to fight the sinking feeling but it was hopeless, everything was just hopeless now.

I knew I had to find some kind of shelter to protect me from the rain, but I couldn’t summon up the will to do so.

After a while I just ignored the part of my mind that still wanted to fight for its survival. Wanting nothing more than to sleep and forget everything that had happened I pulled my knees up against my chest. Hugging them for what little warmth they gave me and gave in to sleep.


The dreams that hunted me were unfriendly and unclear. Strangers hunting me were ever I went. I saw grandma, and that gave me some peace. But she was fading, leaving me behind again. I tried to keep up but she told me it would be fine this time. I told her I didn’t want to be alone anymore. At that she just smiled and continued to fade. A strange noise caught my attention and Granma pointed behind me. As I turned around I felt myself falling...


“Uh, excuse me..?”


My eyes sprung open and I smashed my head against the wall behind me as my reflexes told me to get away from the girl that was standing only a few feet in front of me.
Wincing in pain and trying to get the rain out of my eyes I peered towards the spot were she’d been standing just a second ago. But the alley was empty.

 Just a dream? no way. She’d been standing there right in front of me, and even though I couldn’t remember exactly what she’d looked like I knew it had been a small girl. I tried to get my breathing and pulse under control as I kept watch over the small alley. But exertion was once more creeping over me and i found it excitingly difficult to keep any kind of focus.
As was just about to once again slip in to oblivion, maybe for the last time, movement caught my eyes from one of the roofs. A head was all I could see but it was no question that it was the same girl as before.


She looked very cautious. Scared even, and it hit me that it was me she was frightened of. However, her curiosity must have gotten the better of her because she was climbing down towards me. With an agility that was surprising for such a small girl, she climbed her way down and stopped as she reached the ground.


The girl that now stood before me was very small, but even so I could tell by her figure and facial features she was not as much of a child as I had thought originally.

She had a worn, way to large, sweater on that hanged down on her shoulders leaving them bare but hid her hands because of the length of the thing. Her shorts was of equal age but seemed to fit a lot better. The only thing she was wearing that appeared new was the belt that she had round her waist, keeping the sweater somewhat in place.

There was something odd about the belt but I couldn’t really place it.


We looked at each other for a long time. She was the one who broke the tension, albeit timidly.


"Are you alone miss...? you seemed so sad, I..."


She had just reminded me of the one thing I didn’t want to think of. But when I looked at her face i saw nothing but concern, for me?  I didn’t make any sense, but what had I got to lose.


“Yeah, I’m pretty much alone” I even surprised myself by giving the girl one of my rare smiles.

She looked relieved and gave me a quick smile before she turned around and rounded a corner.

I barely had time to wonder where she went before she came back proudly carrying an umbrella. After a brief struggle she managed to get it working and held out her other hand towards me. My complete dumbfoundness over this situasion must have shown in my face because she giggled tapped me playfully on my shin.

I snapped out of it and looked in to her eyes, she had beautiful eyes. I realized that they actually had two different colours.


“Come with me” she said with a smile.


So I did. We walked in silence though London’s dark alleys. She didn’t say anything more, but she turned towards me every once in a while and just looked at me with a smile playing on her lips. I couldn’t say for how long we walked. Maybe an hour maybe a day, my mind and thoughts were only a blur.


When she finally stopped in front of me I was so tired I could barely see. She led me in under a roof, sat down next to me and covered us both with a blanket.


“Now sleep” she said with quiet soothing voice. “Everything’s going to be ok”

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