The Man on The Motorcycle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
A lady is on her way to work only to find out that there has been an accident

Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



Tracy stepped out of her house. The sun shone bright and she squinted. She wasn’t expecting her life to change dramatically today. But then, no one ever is. She hurried down the steps to her car. She was late to work for the eighth time this month. Mitchell, her boss, would probably yell at her but, hey, she could handle yelling. As long as he didn’t fire her, he could yell all he wanted. As Tracy shut the door to her car, her cell phone rang. She picked it up and noticed that Mitchell was calling her.After debating the issue, she decided to answer it.


“Tracy?” She could tell already that he was upset.

“Yes, this is Tracy.”

“You are late AGAIN!”

“Hi, Mitchell, how are you?”

“Where are you?”

“I’m on my way. I’ll be pulling into the parking lot in five minutes,” Tracy lied to him.

“You better be.” The call ended and Tracy started up her car.

Driving down the road Tracy fished around for something to listen to.Being unable to locate her CD’s in the untidy car forced her to switch on the radio. She surfed the channels.

“Boring, boring, boring, stupid, boring, boring, annoying, boring, bor…hey!” Tracy stopped switching the channels. Something had caught her ear.

“…… Norsen’s Dentistry and completely smashed in the front window! This is breaking news, it only just happened so we have not heard yet whether or not anyone was injured. The strange thing about all this is, though, that the person who caused this to happen to the building has disappeared! While many witnessed the accident, no one knows where the one who caused the impact has fled to or when he left. There is no trace of the man on the motorcycle…”

Tracy switched off the radio and shuddered. The announcer was wrong. The weird thing was not that the motorcycle man had gone! The weird was that this had all taken place at Norsen’s Dentistry! The place she was on her way to at this very second! The place that Mitchell had called her from! That was her place of employment! Nothing exciting ever happened there and now something had and she had missed it!

“See Tracy?” she said to herself, “this is why it’s bad to be late. You miss all the good stuff.”

She then promptly slapped herself.

“Not good! I didn’t mean good! I meant out of the ordinary.”

In just twenty more minutes, Tracy arrived at Norsen’s Dentistry and was shocked at the sight. Of course, she had already known that some guy had crashed into the front window on his motorcycle, but seeing the aftermath was jaw dropping. There were glass and people everywhere. Some she recognized from the dentist’s office because they were either regular customers or fellow employees. Others had just crowded around to see what was going on.

There was an ambulance there and emergency workers were carrying someone out on a stretcher. There were injuries, then. Three or four police cars were crowded around and Mitchell was talking with four policemen. Tracy parked her car and made it over to the wreckage as fast as she could.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” an officer stopped her.

“Yes officer?”

“I can’t let you over here. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“No. I mean, I work here.”



“You did work here.”

“Am I fired?”

The policeman burst into laughter and some turned to stare. When he calmed down the officer told, “Obviously this place is going to be closed down for a few months. No one is going to be working here.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I am serious. I’m surprised you are! How could you think it would stay open?” The policeman walked off chuckling to himself and shaking his head.

Tracy stood there, speechless. In the snap of a finger, she was out of a job. She should send that man and his stupid little motorcycle a thank you note. Where had he gone to anyway?

Fuming she stood there, not knowing what on earth she would do next, when she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned and saw David, one of her co-workers, standing beside her.

“Isn’t this weird?” he asked her. Of all the dumb questions.

“Yeah, it’s weird,” Tracy replied in a very unconvincing tone.

“I mean, we’re out of a job.”

“I know!” Tracy didn’t realized she had yelled until she looked at David. He looked quite taken aback and like a dog that had just been punished by his master…but then, he always looked like that.

Other people were staring at her also, and before she knew it, Mitchell was standing next to her, pouting.

“Hi Mitchell,” she said.

“Tracy….please keep your voice down.”

“Hey, you’re not my boss anymore.”

Mitchell’s face sank even lower and Tracy realized that she was being rather heartless but she was hurting, too!

“David, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell.”

David’s face lit up instantly. “It’s alright Tracy. That’s understandable. I do things I never meant to do, too. Like, this one time, I was hiking with my father and sister and, I didn’t mean to, but I tripped over a rock. Isn’t it weird how things we do all the time are things we never meant to do in the first place?”

Tracy tried not to roll her eyes. Talking to David was like talking to the world’s shallowest person for which she hadn’t quite ruled him out as a candidate.

“Well, David, I’ve got to go search for this…this…man on the motorcycle,” Tracy said thinking fast of an excuse to leave him.

“Oh…are you going to find him? Don’t you think it’s weird how he just disappeared?”

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s pretty weird,” she quietly muttered as she walked away from him.

Tracy slipped away down a nearby alley and wasn’t too sure she hadn’t just disappeared herself from the scene of the accident. It felt good to disappear. Perhaps she would do it more often. She silently walked down the alley forcing herself to face reality. A guy that rode on a motorcycle had crashed into the dentist’s office where she worked as a receptionist, terminated her job and disappeared without a trace. So like a man. And so like reality. Who was she kidding? Her life was ruined….or maybe it was just beginning. This ‘man on the motorcycle’, which seemed to be the name he had adopted, had, in a single instant, destroyed the life she used to know and given her a new one. A more exciting one. There was a demon in her life now and she was going to find it. This was a mystery and Tracy thought back to all the mystery novels she had read in eighth grade. She had loved them and dreamed of being a detective one day. Now a mystery was staring her in the face and her entire income depended on it.

“Where do I begin?’ she wondered. The answer struck her before she finished the question. “The scene of the crime!”

She headed back to the small plaza where one of the tiny buildings there was named Norsen’s Dentistry and had a big hole in the window with lots of people standing around.

“Well, I’m not going to pretend this isn’t the busiest we’ve ever been.”

Tracy walked up right behind a policeman and lifted her hand to tap him on the shoulder but then stopped. What was she going to do? Ask him how it all happened? She already knew the answer to that. Besides, he would probably tell her not to worry her little head about it.

Changing her mind, she walked back down the alley and out the other side. She looked both ways before she crossed the street and headed to the left. The day was so beautiful she almost forgot what she was doing out there.

“Why would anyone want to spend such a beautiful day running into buildings?” she wondered aloud and gathered a few strange looks from passerby’s. She didn’t care. Then, as if an electric shock had been sent through her, Tracy came to a complete stop. There, just a few feet ahead of her was a man. A man on a motorcycle. He was parked in front of a coffee shop. Whether or not he was the same man that had crashed through the window, she didn’t know. But still, she couldn’t stop staring at him. His leather jacket shone bright in the sun and she couldn’t see his face because his back was facing her.

He was sipping a cup of coffee and flipping through a magazine. Why he was doing it outside on a motorcycle, she didn’t know. Then, without warning, he put on his helmet, started up his motor and drove away. Tracy stared after him. Maybe he had crashed through a window that morning, maybe he hadn’t. She stood there and thought about her possibilities. She could run after him and drag him to the police and they could spend a hundred more days on the case. Or, she could let him go and make her way back to Norsen’s Dentistry and let the police slowly forget about it. They could repair the building and she could get back to work. Why ruin his life, too? Why not let him remain The Man on the Motorcycle forever? Tracy smiled, turned in the other direction and headed back to Norsen’s Dentistry. The Man on the Motorcycle should send her a thank you note.

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