Mona Lisa

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who was she . . . that picture that we cherish and adore . . . who was she. . . we look on her everyday, but yet no history of her comes to mind . . . who was she, the Mona Lisa?

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Submitted: November 11, 2006

“What’s yours?” I faltered at this question. Again I was presented with the fact that I still didn’t want anyone to know who I was and I once again ran through a list of names in my head. Which one? I thought desperately, which one? He looked at me as if to prod my thoughts along.
“Well . . . “
“Mona Lisa!” I blurted.
“Mona Lisa?” My face burned, what kind of name was that? But my deeds had already been done and so I had to go along with it, accept the consequences.
“Yes, odd isn’t it?”
“No,” he said thoughtfully. “I think it has a nice sound to it a sort of flow. Mona Lisa . . .” he said the name as if to taste it, to see how it flowed of his tongue and he nodded to confirm his hypothesis. “It indeed has a flow.” Breathlessly I smiled and tried to act as if it really was my name.
“Really? I always thought it sounded odd and different . . .”
“Well it’s certainly a good kind of different wouldn’t you say?” I nodded lethargically at that statement and started to examine the city walls before us. My name is Mona Lisa, I thought. My past seems erased from this earth and my name is . . . Mona Lisa.

This is what I believe the past of the woman, Mona Lisa's life was like. It has many twists and turns and things you might not expect. What was the past behind those mysterious eyes, who was she . . .

Note: This is in a way, a rough draft. I will be correcting it soon, but please pardon grammatical errors and such, thank you! Read Chapter


Submitted: November 11, 2006

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Submitted: November 12, 2006

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