Love the way it is? Part 1

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Its a love story !

Submitted: April 06, 2012

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Submitted: April 06, 2012




They lay there in the bed not touching each other nor talking.It had been an unexpected night. Both of them had flown in that night for the conference. She had been expecting that he would come to meet her. And he had.They had shared a very different relationship since they met, and they had kept it despite what each felt. He had checked into his room and called the reception desk for her room no.He had taken a quick bath and had set off to see her. She had opened the door with a smile. A smile that never reached her eyes. Her eyes, a beautiful shade of brown, never shone the way they had like the time they first met, apart from the time she was with Chris. Her reaction was not what he had expected it to be- extremely careful and controlled. He knew he was the one who had to start the conversation.

It always happened like that. But this time he noticed something was different. He could see her resolve had faltered. She had fought for long, unnecessarily though. She was there standing silently in front of him, but screaming on the inside. He closed the space in between them with two long steps and took her into his arms. And she stayed there.He could feel her crumbling. He wished he could take her pain away. Pain which she unecessarily burdened herself with. An idiot that she was. Yet he loved her. He loved her like he had never loved anybody before.And he had never told her this before.

She thought of him as a very good friend, though he surprised her in many ways and even if she did think of him as something else she never allowed it to surface. He understood her more than anybody else in this world. She knew she had been in that embrace for way too long and that she should step back, but something in her said that this was probably the place where she would be most sane, if there was a bit of sanity left in her.

She had guarded her heart very carefully before, especially from him. She knew she had fallen for him, the day they had gone sightseeing in London. It had been effortless, falling in love with him,the perfect gentleman. She had run away from her own wedding for him,had’nt she? He had been there for her when she had taken the first flight to London on her wedding day. Her heart had probably lost half its beats the day she had runaway, hurting her parents in a way she could never have imagined.She still hated to reminisce that day, she had had her reasons though for her actions.It was the next day in London when Anahita had walked in his room to declare her love for him. He had said a yes that day.That was when her heart stopped beating completely. He loved Anahita. She knew love played cruel games with people and love had done the same with her. And she had run from his house too, albeit in a more sophisticated way.She had told him about her new job in Alberbuque.

He had invited her to Anahita and his wedding later that March.She knew she had to go. Not for him but for her heart. She had to let it watch his wedding to Anahita, so that it would never ever feel again.

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