From the Start (Points of View)

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This is the third short story in the 'over the rainbow' series....... right after his son's birth, this is Matt Tanner's point of view until his son's death.....

Submitted: April 13, 2008

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Submitted: April 13, 2008



"This is Matt Tanner. Ever since my son was born, i've hated his guts. He was always crying and pooping and crying. Then when he got older he was sassy and rude. When he was born his mother spoiled him, as i watched from the sidelines. I didn't mind she spoiled him, except that it was with my money. So then as he got older i started to ignore him more and more. As he got older his mom became more and more emo every month. The reason why she hated life was because when she would come home from work when Brad was at school, i would sexually harass Britanny. I would rape her and while she was in the shower I would lock the door shut, and only I had the key. I did this because i wanted to have a couple more children to torture. But then Britanny signed us up to go see a marrige counsouler. I didn't like it one bit. After one meeting with the Counseler, I thretened to kill Britanny. She was terrified. Instead of having me kill her, she decided to do it herself. She took my gun one day, and while I went to work, and shot herself right through the heart. When I got home Brad was laying down right next to her body crying. I turned her on her back and there was a who right through her heart.

I talked to Cassie (her best friend)about what i should do." She said "go to the police and say someone broke into your house and killed your wife." "So that is what i did. and they had to try and find the person that supposedly 'killed' Britanny. They havent found the person yet, becuase of course it was herself. When my wife died, I started beating my son. Whenever Brad did one little thing wrong, or told a little white lie, I would spank him, swear multiple times at him or slap him with a belt. I didn't regret it, becuase of course i hated him. When Brad got to 10th grade that is when he got sick and tired of my beating him, that he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. When I found out he killed himself, i move to LA in search of a hott new model wife. I have a model wife now, I have three kids, I treat them all with respect and i love them all. I spoil them, becuase then i'm afraid that my wife will divorce me, and i love her, and the fortune we share. I admit that I had some great times with Brad like beating him, or slapping him, I told that to my wife, and apparently she was video taping the conversation. She turned the video tape into the Police, and now i'm sentenced to 10 years in jail, for raping my wife and abusing my kid."

"I know that the way my husband in jail had treated his other kid was terrible, that’s why I visited him in jail and divorced him. I have 3 glorious children at the ages of 13, 10 and 6 and I know my husband never like them. He just spoiled them around me and when I wasn’t around he beat them just like Bradley.”

Sincerely Yours.

The former Aaliyah Tanner (Aaliyah Joyfields)

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