I Don't Know Why I'm Not Happy

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i like you. and you like me. i just don't know why im not happy...........

Submitted: April 17, 2010

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Submitted: April 17, 2010



We like eachother, but dating isn't in the picture

We are just good friends

and it will stay that way until the end

everytime i see you in the halls

i either get chills or i can barely breath

you're one of my best friends and i don't want to wreck that

but when i sleep i think of us in a relationship

i don't like these dreams that i have, and i want them to stop

but they won't and i can barely hold it in my feelings

i control myself when i see you and talk to you

i'm venting now on this writing website

this might seem lame and i think it kind of is

but this is the only way i can feel even just a little bit better

even though you aren't in any of my classes, you used to be and that still counts

we talk sometimes in the library, we never actualy do homework just talk

we never talk about us dating, which i'm glad of

i don't want our friendship to be awkward like that

i try not to talk to you all the time, because i don't want to be a stalker or annoying to you

but someday i hope it will work out with us

but i highly suspect that will never happen

i hope someday you change your mind about us, and if you do someday let me know

i might still be waiting, or i might have moved on

but tell me sooner and there is a better chance of my wish happening

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