The open window

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BURGLAR ON THE LOOSE!! WHAT WILL WE DO!!! this is different from what i usually write people!

Submitted: June 10, 2008

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Submitted: June 10, 2008



I woke up with a cold breeze going down my back. And opened my eyes to realize the window was open. I thought to myself “I don’t remember leaving the window open. Oh gosh. What if someone broke in”? The person in the bed next to me woke up

“Why on earth is that window open Mary Jane?” Claire asked.“I don’t know and I really would not like to find out”, I responded.

“Hey Claire,” I asked “Have you ever heard or seen anything around the orphanage lately?”

“Now that you mention it, yea; I heard something weird last night right before I went to bed. It came from outside our room. I opened the window, stuck my out and looked around but didn’t see anything. Right after I closed the window and got back into bed I heard it again. I thought it might be the wind. But then when I looked over at the window I saw a strange black figure run right in front of the window, and it looked like it was heading for the front door.”

“Bazaar,” I said.

“Yes I know Mary Jane,” Claire said. Sister Alice came in and turned on the light.

“What on earth are you two talking about at Seven o’clock in the morning!!!!!!!? You are supposed to wake up at Nine o’clock sharp!!!!!!” Sister Alice yelled at us. “Ugh. Who is yelling” said the other girls in the room. Claire and I went back to bed and woke back up at 9:01 with a loud bullhorn in our ears. It was Sister Alice.

“You girls woke up one minute late!!!!!! No breakfast for you!” She screamed. For breakfast we missed delicious pancakes and oatmeal. For lunch we had slump which is tomatoes mashed with mashed potatoes and raw beef mixed with a lot of gravy while everyone else had ham sandwich just because we woke up one minute late and the cook purposely made two less sandwiches just for the same reason. For the rest of the day Sister Alice gave us double the homework in the same amount of time so we were up all night doing homework and right when we got into bed already with our clothes on that we were going to where and then the horn blew so we raced to the mess hall and Annie and Ashley were late (F.Y.I. they’re the popular orphans). So they had to go through what we went through yesterday. After today everyone was laughing at them. But when the week was over everything went back to normal. During a cold Tuesday night Claire and I went outside to try and investigate our mystery. We sat outside all night staring at our window. At about 3:00am I saw something look in there when Claire was asleep. This time it looked straight at me after it figured out I wasn’t in there. He started walking towards me. I looked away for a second or two closed my eyes and found Claire waking me up at 6:00am. Just five minutes before she saw the black figure and told me what happened. We ran inside so Sister Alice would see us sleeping and wake us up. We talked through breakfast lunch and periods. This is what she told me: “I woke up at 5:55 am and saw something staring at our window. He looked over at me and started walking towards me. I didn’t know what to do so I yelled for help. Everyone was asleep so nobody heard me. He came closer and closer so I panicked. I started to run away. But that didn’t help much. He was catching up to me and he kept following me. I ran into our room woke up Grace and she ran outside and saw nothing. She told me I was probably dreaming. But I swore on my mother’s life I wasn’t but she still didn’t believe me. That’s when I ran back to wake you up. And then it’s now.” After classes we went outside and stared at the window to see if he will appear during the day and guess what. HE DID!!!!!! We found out that it was the janitor and he wanted to tell us that we shouldn’t keep the window open because of wolves. We didn’t believe him but we still closed the window right before we went to bed every night. About a month later, we had a new mystery on our hands. One day I was reading the paper and it said there was a robber who robbed the bank just down the street from the orphanage and there was a 10,000 dollar reward for whoever caught him. It was time to investigate. We went down the street to search for clues. We found a couple. We took out my junior detective kit and found some finger prints on a case that had a huge diamond for 500 Karats. We took out my laptop and looked on the internet and scanned to see who had finger prints just like that. And I found out who it was. I found out he was one of the top 10 on F.B.I.’s most wanted list. His nickname is the Bank buddy.

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